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MySQL SSL Enable Replication

This blog post illustrates ” How to setup SSL enabled replication”

By default, mysql package installation creates SSL file in the data directory at the time of installation. If you would like to use different self-signed certificates then create them as described here.

Add SSL setting to my.cnf on all servers.


Restart mysql server and verify the settings.

Example: client connections using SSL

#mysql -urpluser -p -P22403 --host --ssl-cert=/etc/sslcerts/client-cert.pem --ssl-key=/etc/sslcerts/client-key.pem -e '\s'
Enter password:

Connection id: 5
Current database:
Current user: rpluser@localhost
SSL: Cipher in use is DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA
Current …
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MySQL Group Replication and its Memory consumption (troubleshooting).

This blog is about one of the issues encountered by our Remote DBA Team in one of the production servers. We have a setup of MySQL 5.7 Single Primary (Writer) GR with cluster size of  3 . Due to OOM, the MySQL process in the primary node got killed, this repeated over the course of the time.

We all know about the OOM (out of memory), theoretically, it is a process that the Linux kernel employs when the system is critically low on memory.

In a dedicated DB server, when the OOM triggers the direct impact will be on mysqld process since it will be the most memory consuming one.

Going forward will look into the detailed analysis made to tackle the issue of OOM.

DB Environment:-

  • Service – Group Replication Cluster
  • Cluster Nodes – 3
  • GR mode – Single Primary …
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My post-FOSDEM detox has started - despite preparing by reading some survival guides, I hadn't really fathomed the variety and quantity (and quality) of beer that would flow over four days.  On reflection however, the beer flow has been far exceeded by the flow of tech content and conversation.

On Thursday and Friday I attended the pre-FOSDEM MySQL Days fringe event, where there were two tracks of talks and tutorials on MySQL including sessions on :
 - MySQL Server simplification
 - MySQL replication tooling improvements
 - Configuring group replication
 - Troubleshooting group replication
 - Using DNS for loadbalancing and failover
 - Upgrading to MySQL 8.0 …

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A Legacy Behavior of MySQL Corrupting Restored Backups (replicate-same-server-id = OFF)

In my previous post (Puzzled by MySQL Replication), I describe a weird, but completely documented, behavior of replication that had me scratching my head for hours because it was causing data corruption.  I did not give too many details then as I also wanted allowing you to scratch your head if you wished.  In this post, I describe this behavior in more details.

But first I need to apologize to

Debezium MySQL Snapshot For CloudSQL(MySQL) From Replica

The snapshot in Debezium will do a historical data load from the source database to the Kafka topics. But generally its not a good practice to this if you have a huge data in your tables. Recently I have published many blog posts to perform this snapshot from Read Replica(with/without GTID, AWS Aurora). One guy commented that, in GCP the MySQL managed service is called CloudSQL. There we don’t have much control to stop replication, perform the modifications that we want. So how can we avoid snapshots in CloudSQL and take debezium snapshots from CloudSQL Read Replica? I have spent some time today and figured out a way to do this.

The Approach:

We can’t enable binlogs on read replica. So we have to setup an external read replica for this. If the external replica is a VM, then we can enable the log-slave-updates with GTID. Then we can …

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Restrict MySQL replication to row based events

In a follow-up to the work presented on MySQL 8.0.18  where we introduced privilege checks for slave applier threads, in this post we present a new feature to further increase your ability to securely replicate your data: you can now restrict replication streams to row based events only.…

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MySQL 8.0.19 Replication Enhancements

Here comes another MySQL release, and together with it, a set of new replication features. As usual, we would like to summarize them. And, also as usual, follow up blogs will provide further details.

  • Configure Replication Applier to Require Row-based Replication only.

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Puzzled by MySQL Replication (War Story)

Recently, I was puzzled by MySQL replication !  Some weird, but completely documented, behavior of replication had me scratching my head for hours.  I am sharing this war story so you can avoid losing time like me (and also maybe avoid corrupting your data when restoring a backup).  The exact justification will come in a follow-up post, so you can also scratch your head trying to understand what

Debezium MySQL Snapshot From Read Replica And Resume From Master

In my previous post, I have shown you how to take the snapshot from Read Replica with GTID for Debezium MySQL connector. GTID concept is awesome, but still many of us using the replication without GTID. For these cases, we can take a snapshot from Read replica and then manually push the Master binlog information to the offsets topic. Injecting manual entry for offsets topic is already documented in Debezium. I’m just guiding you the way to take snapshot from Read replica without GTID.


  • Setup master slave replication.
  • The slave must have log-slave-updates=ON else connector will fail to read from beginning onwards.
  • Debezium connector should be able to …
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preFOSDEM 2020 MySQL Days: the schedule

The schedule of the preFOSDEM Day is now available !

We had a lot of proposals to deal with. Also this is a MySQL event where we, the MySQL Team has the possibility to show to you, our Community, all what we have working on to improve MySQL but also new stuff. We also invite some of our friends from the MySQL Community to talk about their experience.

I think we did a good selection and propose you new content. We are extremely happy to have Saverio Miroddi from TicketSolve talking about MySQL 8.0, Uber talking about InnoDB Cluster, and Facebook about Binlog.

As you can see, we will have 2 rooms, where one will be dedicated mostly to SQL and Optimizer topics but also tutorials.

You can also see that this year we also want to put some spot lights to MySQL NDB Cluster. You will see what is it, how is it used and what’s new. We will also have 2 community speakers sharing their MySQL NDB knowledge: Giuseppe Maxia, …

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