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Can We Set up a Replicate Filter Within the Percona XtraDB Cluster?

If you were to ask me the question, “Would it be possible to set up a replicate filter within the Percona XtraDB Cluster?” my immediate response would be to question you right back. Why would you even want the cluster nodes to have different data when you’re using a synchronous replication cluster? That’s because, instinctively, […]

Seamless Table Modifications: Leveraging pt-online-schema-change for Online Alterations

Table modifications are a routine task for database administrators. The blog post Using Percona Toolkit to Alter Database Tables Online: A Controlled Approach provides insights into the process of altering tables online in a controlled manner, ensuring uninterrupted access for application users and preventing application downtime. We will focus here on utilizing the powerful “pt-online-schema-change” […]

MySQL 8.4 First Peek

MySQL 8.4 has now been officially released, and this is a quick review of what is in the release notes. This is momentous as it is designated a Long-Term Support (LTS) release. Various 8.0 releases introduced material changes that impacted speed and stability, causing hair-pulling and swearing among those affected. Please note this is a […]

Did MyDumper LIKE Triggers?

Yes, but now it likes them more, and here is why.IntroUsing the LIKE clause to filter triggers or views from a specific table is common. However, it can play a trick on you, especially if you don’t get to see the output (i.e., in a non-interactive session). Let’s take a look at a simple example […]

A Guide to Better Understanding MySQL Charset Levels

We usually receive and see some questions regarding the charset levels in MySQL, especially after the deprecation of utf8mb3 and the new default uf8mb4. If you understand how the charset works on MySQL but have some questions regarding this change, please check out Migrating to utf8mb4: Things to Consider by Sveta Smirnova.Some of the questions […]

Ask Me Anything About MySQL 5.7 to 8.0 Post EOL

We met with Vinicius Grippa, a Senior Support Engineer at Percona. He is also active in the open source community and was recognized as a MySQL Rock Star in 2023.In the previous interview with Vinicius, we discussed the upcoming End of Life (EOL) for MySQL 5.7. Now that MySQL 5.7 has reached EOL, MySQL 8 […]

MySQL Performance Monitoring and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) With PMM

This blog was originally published in June of 2023 and updated in April of 2024.As a MySQL database administrator, keeping a close eye on the performance of your MySQL server is crucial to ensure optimal database operations. A monitoring tool like Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a popular choice among open source options for […]

caching_sha2_password Support for ProxySQL Is Finally Available!

ProxySQL recently released version 2.6.0, and going through the release notes, I focused on the following:Added support for caching_sha2_password!This is great news for the community! The caching_sha2_password authentication method for frontend connections is now available. This has been a long-awaited feature …Why?Because in MySQL 8, caching_sha2_password has been the default authentication method. Starting from MySQL […]

How Missing Primary Keys Break Your Galera Cluster

Any Galera documentation about limitations will state that tables must have primary keys. They state that DELETEs are unsupported and other DMLs could have unwanted side-effects such as inconsistent ordering: rows can appear in different order on different nodes in your cluster.If you are not actively relying on row orders, this could seem acceptable. Deletes […]

Help Us Improve MySQL Usability and Double Win!

What makes a great user experience? There are probably as many answers to this question as there are users because we are talking about very subjective and personal feelings and observations.While there are multiple experts at Percona, we also believe that one should not be forced to become a database expert to be able to […]

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