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Considering Alternatives for Your MySQL Migration? Why Percona Should Be Your First Choice

You know about MySQL; we know about MySQL. After all, it’s been the most popular database system for years now. And now that we have that out of the way, on to the more important stuff!Because MySQL is so popular, you might be considering migrating your database to MySQL Community Edition or MySQL Enterprise. If […]

Can Disk Space Be Saved in MySQL by Adding a Primary Key?

Historically, MySQL does not require explicit primary key defined on tables, and it’s like that by default till this day (MySQL version 8.3.0). Such a requirement is imposed through two replication methods, though: Group Replication and Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC), where using tables without a primary key is not allowed by default. There are many […]

MySQL 8.2.0 Community vs. Enterprise; Is There a Winner?

To be honest, the comparison between the two MySQL distributions is not something that excited me a lot. Mainly because from my MySQL memories, I knew that there is not a real difference between the two distributions when talking about the code base.To my knowledge the differences in the enterprise version are in the additional […]

Are Your MySQL Users Using ‘password’ or ‘thebossisajerk’ as Passwords?

Are your MySQL users using ‘password’, ‘s3cr3t’, or ‘thebossisajerk’ as their passwords? Easy-to-guess passwords can be disastrous to the security of your data, but there is a way to exclude inappropriate words or phrases from being used. The first step is to compile a list of words and phrases you want to exclude, and that […]

In Search of Transparency at FOSDEM

FOSDEM is for sure one of the most respected free and open source software-focused conferences in Europe, which is loved by many, myself included. It is from the point of love I am raising concerns about transparency, which seems to be lacking in regard to some processes at FOSDEM.For many years, as long as I […]

MySQL Table Size Is Way Bigger After Adding a Simple Index; Why?

It is a known good practice to keep only necessary indexes to reduce the write performance and disk space overhead. This simple rule is mentioned briefly in the official MySQL Documentation:, in some cases, the overhead from adding a new index can be way above the expectations! Recently, I’ve been analyzing a customer case like […]

Syscalls Analysis in MySQL When Using innodb_flush_method and innodb_use_fdatasync

In this blog post, we will discuss how to validate at the operating system level the effects of changing the innodb_flush_method to variations other than the default (particularly for O_DIRECT which is most commonly used) and the use of innodb_use_fdatasync.IntroductionFirst, let’s define what the innodb_flush_method parameter does. It dictates how InnoDB manages the flushing of data […]

Quick Peek: MySQL 8.0.36 and 8.3

Oracle recently released MySQL 8.0.36 and MySQL 8.3, and this is a perusal of the release notes to determine what is new, what is in the seventy-three bugs fixed, and what has changed in the three months since the last releases. Comments in italics are my own and do not reflect the view of anyone […]

Can’t We Assign a Default Value to the BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY, and JSON Data Types?

One of our customers wants to create a table having a column of data type TEXT with the default value, but they encountered an error: [crayon-65d6b8b444a93474255653-i/]. It seems reasonable at first glimpse, as we know that each BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY, or JSON value is represented internally by a separately allocated object. This is in contrast […]

Is MySQL Router 8.2 Any Better?

In my previous article, Comparisons of Proxies for MySQL, I showed how MySQL Router was the lesser performing Proxy in the comparison. From that time to now, we had several MySQL releases and, of course, also some new MySQL Router ones.Most importantly, we also had MySQL Router going back to being a level 7 proxy […]

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