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Do Not Upgrade to Any Version of MySQL After 8.0.37

Warning! Recently, Jean-François Gagné opened a bug on #115517; unfortunately, the bug is now private. However, the bug looks quite serious. We at Percona have performed several tests and opened the issue PS-9306 to investigate the problem. In short, what happens is that if you create a large number of tables, like 10000, the […]

MyLoader Is Now Importing at Full Speed

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of importing a single file with multiple connections. Why? Simply because we have scenarios where we end up importing a big file with a single loader thread. Well, I have good news: since the release of 0.16.3-1, we are able to do it. There are […]

MySQL 9.0 Community Edition: A Quick Peek

MySQL 9.0 was released on July 1, 2024. This is an ‘Innovation’ release, which means it provides access to the latest features and improvements in MySQL technologies. Innovation releases are the opposite of the Long Term Support (LTS) releases, where stability is the top priority, and only needed security and other fixes are available. This […]

Why Are Queries with Many IN Values More Expensive After Upgrading to MySQL 8.x?

Some of our Percona Support customers report performance degradation after a major MySQL upgrade, and there can be many different reasons for this. These days, the most common major upgrade is from MySQL 5.7 (which recently reached EOL) to 8.0, and I am going to emphasize one important case that affects many database instances. Range […]

MySQL Replication: How To Deal With the ‘Got Fatal Error 1236’ or MY-013114 Error

Replication has been the core functionality, allowing high availability in MySQL for decades already. However, you may still encounter replication errors that keep you awake at night. One of the most common and challenging to deal with starts with: “Got fatal error 1236 from source when reading data from binary log“. This blog post is […]

Understanding Basic Flow Control Activity in MySQL Group Replication: Part One

Flow control is not a new term, and we have already heard it a lot of times in Percona XtraDB Cluster/Galera-based environments.  In very simple terms, it means the cluster node can’t keep up with the cluster write pace. The write rate is too high, or the nodes are oversaturated. Flow control helps avoid excessive […]

Can Oracle Save MySQL?

I got quite a response to my article on whether Oracle is Killing MySQL, including a couple of great write-ups on The Register (1, 2)  on the topic.  There are a few questions in this discussion that I think are worth addressing.  AWS and other cloud vendors compete, without giving anything back, what else would […]

Sakila, Where Are You Going?

At Percona, we monitor our users’ needs and try to accommodate them. One aspect we monitor is the MySQL version distribution/utilization. Observing that, we identified a very interesting trend: the lack of migration from 5.7 to 8.x, or better yet, the need of many to remain on 5.7.  That observation has triggered several actions from […]

GCache and Record-Set Cache Encryption in Percona XtraDB Cluster – Part Two

Keeping Your Data Safe: An Introduction to Data-at-Rest Encryption in Percona XtraDB Cluster. In the first part of this blog post, we learned how to enable GCache and Record-Set cache encryption in Percona XtraDB Cluster. This part will explore the details of the implementation to understand what happens behind the scenes. How does it work […]

Is Oracle Finally Killing MySQL?

Some 15 years ago, when Oracle acquired Sun, and hence MySQL, there was a lot of talk on the internet over when Oracle was going to “Kill MySQL”.  Multiple theories were circled around, ranging from killing MySQL altogether, so there is less competition to proprietary Oracle, or just killing it as an open source project, […]

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