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MySQL InnoDB Cluster – Controlling data consistency and expel timeouts

This blog post follows the series that we have been composing to detail every single new feature added in the latest MySQL InnoDB Cluster release. As listed in the release announcement of 8.0.14, we’re very happy with new features that greatly enhance the whole experience and capabilities of InnoDB cluster!…

Math Equation Typesetting With Latex

For nearly two decades, I’ve routinely needed to enter math equations into computer programs for display. I’ve used a lot of markup languages to describe these equations, but I’ve found nothing is as easy, beautiful, reliable, or comprehensive as LaTeX. And even though you might not know LaTeX yourself, I’m pretty sure that nothing approaches its ubiquity either. This article is a love poem to LaTeX, and a collection of resources to help you learn more about it. If you don’t know LaTeX, and you ever put math equations into documents on a computer, I encourage you to indulge your curiosity!

What is LaTeX?

LaTeX (I pronounce it lay-tek) LaTeX is free software for computer typesetting. It is also a syntax—a plain-text markup language. It’s based on the TeX typesetting language. It can produce beautiful mathematical equations, but it’s also great at many other things, including typesetting books. For decades it has …

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HeidiSQL 10.0 released

This is a new release with quite a few new features, some enhancements and many bugfixes.

Grab it from the download page

Most noticable new features and enhancements:

  • Basic support for high DPI scaling on modern screens with 4K resolutions (work in progress)
  • Theme support: many stylish themes selectable, dark and light ones, and even one user contributed dark Material theme
  • Predefined color presets for data types and SQL code in preferences dialog
  • Support for connecting to MySQL 8 servers, with the help of caching_sha2_password plugin from MariaDB
  • Portable version downloads now have a portable.lock file, and do no longer overwrite your …
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Group Replication: Preventing stale reads on primary fail-over!

This is a follow up post about the new consistency option of Group Replication group_replication_consistency. We recommend that you first read this post to get an overview of scenarios that can be addressed with this solution.

A group replication cluster will automatically detect failures and adjust the view of the members that are active, i.e., the membership configuration.…

Group Replication – Consistency Levels

The MySQL Group Replication (GR) feature is a multi-primary update anywhere or single-primary replication plugin for MySQL with built-in conflict detection and resolution, automatic distributed recovery, and group membership.

Its goal it is to make high-availability (HA) simple with off-the-shelf hardware, not only to new applications but also existing ones – that was one of the motivations of the single-primary mode.…

How to Install Vanilla Forum on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Vanilla Forum on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using Nginx as a web server, MySQL as a database server, and optionally you can secure transport layer by using client and Let's Encrypt certificate authority to add SSL support.

MySQL InnoDB Cluster – Changing cluster options “live”

As listed in the release announcement of the latest MySQL InnoDB Cluster release, 8.0.14 brings exciting new features! This blog post integrates a series detailing every single new feature added. We’ll follow up now with two very desired and useful features: Checking current cluster configuration options” and “Changing cluster members or global cluster options ‘live'”.


The newest release of MySQL 8.0.14 includes the ability to control the number and location of UNDO tablespaces using SQL. Users can now manage UNDO tablespaces using SQL from the MySQL client.


More undo tablespaces help busy systems handle a larger number of read-write concurrent transactions by having more rollback segments available to provide undo logs to those transactions. …

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.14 has been released

The MySQL Enterprise Tools Development Team is pleased to announce the maintenance release of MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.14 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. It will also be available for download via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in a few days.

If you are not familiar with MySQL Enterprise Monitor, it is the best-in-class tool for monitoring and management of your MySQL assets and is part of MySQL Enterprise Edition and MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition subscriptions. You are invited to give it a try using our 30-day free customer trial. Go to, or contact Sales at …

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How to manually decrypt an encrypted binary log file

The encrypted binary log file format introduced in MySQL version 8.0.14 was designed to allow a “manual” decryption of the file data when the value of the key that encrypted its file password is known.

Each encrypted binary (or relay) log file is composed by an encrypted binary log file header and the encrypted binary log content (the file data).…

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