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MySQL Shell for VS Code – Bastion Host & Invalid fingerprint detected

If you use MySQL Shell for Visual Studio Code, using a bastion host is the easiest method to connect to a MySQL HeatWave DB Instance on OCI.

If you already have a connection setup using a bastion to host, you may experience the same problem as me, MySQL Shell complains about an invalid fingerprint detected:

This error has nothing to do with the fingerprint of your user OCI Key. The problem is related to the key of your bastion host as you can see in the output window:

This happens if you have changed your bastion host for example.

To resolve the problem, remove the current ssh host key for the bastion host stored in your know_hosts:

$ ssh-keygen -R ""

Use the name of your bastion host of course.

When done, it’s already fixed, you can connect back to your MySQL HeatWave DB Instance using MySQL Shell …

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Backing up and Restoring to AWS S3 With Percona Kubernetes Operators

In our last post, we looked into the lifecycle of applications in Kubernetes. We see that Kubernetes doesn’t handle database backups itself. This is where Kubernetes Operators come into action. They add additional functions to Kubernetes, enabling it to set up, configure, and manage complex applications like databases within a Kubernetes environment for the user.In […]

MySQL HeatWave Day in Zurich

MySQL Day in Zurich

Where can you find MySQL during March - May 2024

List of Events Mar-May 2024

Exploring the Kubernetes Application Lifecycle With Percona

This post was originally published on the Percona Community blog.If you are in the world of application development, you know that every application has a lifecycle. An application lifecycle refers to the stages that our application goes through, from initial planning, building, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance in different environments where our application can be executed.On […]

MySQL HeatWave User Camp back in Bangalore

MySQL HeatWave User Camp Bangalore

Installing Galera Cluster 4 with MySQL on Ubuntu 22.04

We have in the past covered Installing Galera Cluster 4 with MySQL 8 on Ubuntu 18.04 and also Installing Galera 4 with MySQL 8 on Ubuntu 20.04, and it would seem appropriate to also cover Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish). We do have excellent documentation and we also have the ability for you to automate all of this via the GUI tool, Galera Manager.


  • All 3 nodes have to have Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installed. The current version at the time of this writing is Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS.
  • Firewall (if setup) needs to …
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Using the Oracle Cloud TypeScript SDK Part 2 - Managing MySQL HeatWave Instances

In this post we will discuss how to use the OCI TypeScript/JavaScript SDK to retrieve information about a specific MySQL HeatWave instance and how to start/stop that instance programatically.

MySQL InnoDB: Primary Key always included in secondary indexes as the right-most columns… or not

Recently during the Swedish MySQL User Group (SMUG), I presented a session dedicated to MySQL InnoDB Primary Keys.

I forgot to mention a detail that many people are not aware, but Jeremy Cole has pointed out.

Primary Key always included in secondary indexes at the right-most column

When we define a secondary index, the secondary index includes the Primary Key as the right-most column of the index. It’s silently added, meaning that it’s not visible but it’s used to point back to the record in the clustered index.

This is an example with a table having a Primary Key composed of multiple columns:

`a` int NOT NULL,
`b` int NOT NULL, 
`c` int NOT NULL,
`d` int NOT NULL,
`e` int …
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MySQL Shorts - Episode #56 Released

Episode #56 of MySQL Shorts in now available!

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