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MySQL Memory Consumption and Open Prepare Statements

Today I read the nice post of Bhuvanesh on the memory leak issue they experienced with MySQL. In fact when you read the post, you realize that MySQL was just following the parameters that were setup (the default of max_prepare_stmt_count is 16382 even on 5.6).

I’m still convinced that the problem should be resolved in the application even if the use of ProxySQL for multiplexing is great.

In MySQL 8.0, we have enabled the …

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Review of TRIAD: Creating Synergies Between Memory, Disk and Log in Log Structured Key-Value Stores

This is review of TRIAD which was published in USENIX ATC 2017. It explains how to reduce write amplification for RocksDB leveled compaction although the ideas are useful for many LSM implementations. I share a review here because the paper has good ideas. It isn't easy to keep up with all of the LSM research, even when limiting the search to papers that reference RocksDB, and I didn't notice this paper until recently.

TRIAD reduces write amplification for an LSM with leveled compaction and with a variety of workloads gets up to 193% more throughput, up to 4X less write amplification and spends up to 77% less time doing compaction and flush. Per the …

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Updated: Doctrine and MySQL 8 - An Odd Connection Refused Error

I am currently working my way through the many PHP Frameworks to see how they get on with MySQL 8.  The Frameworks that can take advantage of the MySQL Improved Extension or mysqli can take advantage of the SHA256 Caching Authentication method. But those that are PDO based need to use the older MySQL Native Authentication method.

I wanted to check the PDO based frameworks and today I just happened to be wearing the very nice Symfony shirt I received as part of my presentation at Symfony USA.  So I started with a fresh install of Symfony.  All was going well until it came time to get it to work with MySQL 8 through Doctrine.

Symfony uses Doctrine as an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and DBAL  (Database Abstraction Layer) as an intermediary to the database.  While I myself am not a big fan of ORMs …

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5 Ways to Convert React Class Components to Functional Components w/ React Hooks

In the latest alpha release of React, a new concept was introduced, it is called Hooks. Hooks were introduced to React to solve many problems as explained in the introduction to Hooks session however, it primarily serves as an alternative for classes. With Hooks, we can create functional components that uses state and lifecycle methods.

Related Reading:

Hooks are relatively new, as matter of fact, it is still a feature proposal. However, it is available for use at …

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Migrating to Amazon Aurora: Design for Flexibility

In this Checklist for Success series, we will discuss reducing unknowns when hosting in the cloud using and migrating to Amazon Aurora. These tips might also apply to other database as a service (DBaaS) offerings.

Previous blogs in the migrating to Amazon Aurora series:

The whole premise of a database as a service offering is that you do not need to worry about the operating the service, you just …

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Design A Highly Available MySQL Clusters With Orchestrator And ProxySQL In GCP — Part 2

Design A Highly Available MySQL Clusters With Orchestrator And ProxySQL In GCP — Part 2

In part1, we explained how we are going to approach the HA setup. Here we can see how to install and configure Orchestrator and ProxySQL, then do the failover testing.

Install and configure MySQL Replication:

We need a MySQL with 4 Read replica and the 4'th replica will have a replica for it. And we must have to use GTID replication. Because once the master failover done, the remaining replicas will start replicating from the new master. Without GTID its not possible, but as an alternate Orchestrator provides Pseudo-GTID.

VM Details: …

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Design A Highly Available MySQL Clusters With Orchestrator And ProxySQL In GCP — Part 1

Design A Highly Available MySQL Clusters With Orchestrator And ProxySQL In GCP — Part 1

Recently we have migrated one of our customer's infra to GCP and post the migration we published some adventures on ProxySQL which we implemented for them.

  1. Reduce MySQL Memory Utilization With ProxySQL Multiplexing
  2. How max_prepared_stmt_count can bring down production

Now, we are going to implement an HA solution with customer filter for failover. We have done a PoC and the blog is about this PoC configurations. And again the whole setup has been implemented in GCP. You can follow the same steps for AWS …

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Fun with Bugs #72 - On MySQL Bug Reports I am Subscribed to, Part IX

I've subscribed to more than 60 new bug reports since my previous post in this series. It means that I'd need 4-5 posts to cover all new subscriptions and reasons behind them. I still plan to write about most of the bug reports I was interested in recently, but for this post I decided to pick up only MySQL 8.0 regression bugs and pay special attention to those that could be handled better or faster by Oracle engineers, as well as those handled perfectly.

The initial reason for this special attention originally was Bug #93085 - "Stall when concurrently execute create/alter user with flush privilege", that caused a lot of interesting Twitter …

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Vue Laravel CRUD Example Tutorial From Scratch

Vue Laravel CRUD Example Tutorial From Scratch is today’s leading topic.  Laravel is the PHP’s fastest growing Framework with scalability and flexibility. VueJS is the fastest growing Front end Library in the Javascript community. Laravel is providing VueJS support out of the box.  For this demo, we will not create separate projects for the frontend because Laravel provides the best support for Vue.js. So, we will build the Vue components inside the Laravel’s assets folder.

We will create a Single Page Application(SPA) using the Laravel and Vue.js. In this SPA, you can create a post, edit the post, read the post and delete the post. We will create Laravel API Backend.

Vue Laravel CRUD Example …

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Visualizing the MySQL Bug Tide (2018 edition)

I've updated the bug tide graph I made in 2016 with today's data. The source code and details are here.

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