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Driving Innovation with MySQL 8.0 and Docker

When I worked at Borland on InterBase (one of the first MVCC relational databases), the saxophone-playing founder of Borland, Philippe Kahn, would talk about the ‘forehead install’ at nearly every meeting that I attended. Installs should be easy, he would say. As easy as hitting your forehead to the space bar. In fact, Kahn claimed that installing software with another product “could be equivalent to a heart transplant”.

Although MySQL installs are not complex, there is one tool that can make installs and test driving new software more palatable – Docker.

There are two advantages of testing MySQL 8.0 with Docker: (1) installing and starting MySQL 8.0 is even simplier with Docker and (2) changing my.cnf values with the SET PERSIST option can also help you navigate the Docker environment.

Installing Docker, Starting MySQL, and Connecting to MySQL

First, you grab Docker:  …

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MariaDB 10.2.18 and MariaDB Connector/Node.js 2.0.0 now available

The MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB 10.2.18, the latest stable release in the MariaDB 10.2 series, as well as MariaDB Connector/Node.js 2.0.0, the second alpha release of the new 100% JavaScript non-blocking MariaDB client for Node.js, compatible with Node.js 6+. See the release notes and changelogs for details. Download MariaDB […]

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Why Optimization derived_merge can Break Your Queries

Lately, I worked on several queries which started returning wrong results after upgrading MySQL Server to version 5.7 The reason for the failure was derived merge optimization which is one of the default


  options. Issues were solved, though at the price of performance, when we turned it


 . But, more importantly, we could not predict if any other query would start returning incorrect data, to allow us to fix the application before it was too late. Therefore I tried to find reasons why


  can fail. Analyzing the problem

In the first run, we turned SQL Mode


on, and this removed most of the problematic queries. That said, few of the queries that were successfully working with


  were affected.

A quick search in the …

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MariaDB Server 10.2.18 now available

MariaDB Server 10.2.18 now available dbart Tue, 09/25/2018 - 08:59

The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Server 10.2.18 and MariaDB Connector/Node.js 2.0.0 Alpha. See the release notes and changelogs for details and visit to download.


Download MariaDB Server 10.2.18

Release Notes Changelog What is …

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On becoming a MySQL Teenager

Thirteen years ago today (September 25th, 2005) I joined MySQL AB.

At the time they were just about hitting 10 years old themselves, celebrated at the first conference I attended for MySQL – The Open Source Database Conference, in Frankfurt in November 2005. That was around the time “Free as in Free Beer” was popular (and we drank lots of it).

I was introduced to Salmiakki at that time too – still don’t like it.

Less than a couple of weeks later on October 7th 2005 Oracle announced it was buying InnoDB. I remember thinking at the time how my new job could be cut short so quickly, and the tumultuous times we went through before we got to where we are today. I never imagined I’d reach 13 years at the time.

I joined as a regular Support Engineer, recruited by Dean Ellis, who at the …

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Vitess Weekly Digest Sep 24, 2018

This week, we continue the digest from the Slack discussions for Sep 1 2018 to Sep 21 2018. As of this post, we are fully caught up on our backlogs.
Tracking progress of resharding
jk [Sep 5th] In the  SplitClone Stage of resharding, how can i get the percent of process ?  Or Could I estimate the time left ?
sougou I don't know of a formal way, but you can look at the database size. It should be a good indicator hopefully.
jk Alright. I'll check the mysql data size and compare. It is almost 400G in the source shard. So I'm not sure how long it will take. Thank you.
xuhaihua @jk just check the row size of the destination shard and the source shard in vtctld. Proposal to reduce vitess CPU usage sougou [Sep 9th] Whoever is concerned about CPU: SHOW FULL …

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How to Backup MySQL Binary logs

MySQL binary logs make possible to implement point-in-time recovery and greatly reduce Recovery Point Objective. In this post I will show how to copy MySQL binary logs with TwinDB Backup. MySQL binary logs was an easy way to implement replication. Whenever the server executes a DML query it also writes the query to a local […]

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Backing up Percona Server for MySQL with keyring_vault plugin enabled

To use Percona XtraBackup with keyring_vault plugin enabled you need to take some special measures to secure a working backup. This post addresses how to backup Percona Server for MySQL with keyring_vault plugin enabled. We also run through the steps needed to restore the backup from the master to a slave.

This is the second of a two-part series on setting up Hashicorp Vault with Percona Server for MySQL with the keyring_vault plugin. First part is Using the keyring_vault plugin with Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.

Backing up from the master

First you need to install the latest Percona XtraBackup 2.4 package, in this tutorial I used this version:

[root@mysql1 ~]# xtrabackup --version
xtrabackup: recognized server arguments: --datadir=/var/lib/mysql --log_bin=mysqld-bin …
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Minimize MySQL Deadlocks with 3 Steps

MySQL has locking capabilities, for example table and row level locking, and such locks are needed to control data integrity in multi-user concurrency. Deadlocks—where two or more transactions are waiting for one another to give up locks before the transactions can proceed successfully—are an unwanted situation. It is a classic problem for all databases including MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle etc. By default, MySQL detects the deadlock condition and to break the deadlock it rolls back one of the transactions.

For a deadlock example, see InnoDB deadlocks

Some misconceptions

There are some misconceptions about deadlocks:

a) Transaction isolation levels are responsible for deadlocks. The possibility of deadlocks is not affected by isolation level. Isolation level changes the behavior of read …

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MySQL for Entity Framework

The tutorial guides you through MySQL Database connectivity with Entity Framework
We are facing entity framework database provider compatible with version could not be found for your data connection issue while connecting with MySQL 5.7 and 8.0. Problem with MySql.Data.Entity.EF6.dll missing and not able to connect with Entity framework
As per my requirements, the customer wants to migrate MSSQL to MySQL server. So I want to use any version of MySQL, installed with below configurations and achieve the connectivity  1.MySQL Server : 5.6.41
2.MySQL Connector/Net : 6.9.12
3.Entity Framework : 6.2.0
4.Visual Studio : Professional 2017 Configuration steps are below,
1. Download required versions,
Visual Studio -
2. Once downloaded, …

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