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Deploying Joomla! on OCI and MDS

The easiest way to deploy Joomla! on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and MySQL Database Service, is to use OCI Resource Manager’s stack.

Let’s see how easy it’s to deploy such solution.

If you don’t have already an OCI account, you can get Free Tier at

The easiest way to deploy all the required resources (vcn, subnets, gateways, compute and MySQL instances, security lists, …) is to use a stack for Resource Manager. It consists in Terraform modules and information to easily deploy the architecture on OCI.

To deploy Joomla! and a MDS instance, we go then on this GitHub repo and click on button to deploy on OCI:

The Oracle Cloud Dashboard will be open and the stack creation form will be loaded like …

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The BBC ensures world-class broadcasting services with MySQL Enterprise Edition

The BBC delivers resilience of broadcasting services across TV, radio, and digital platforms using MySQL InnoDB Cluster.

Kim Cassells, Senior Database Systems Engineer, BBC said, “MySQL InnoDB Cluster provides us with the high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability that are critical for delivering modern broadcasting services. We also get advice directly from the MySQL engineers and can monitor our applications proactively.”  

She also concluded,“Our success in deploying MySQL InnoDB Cluster at the BBC is extremely encouraging. We can offer this high availability solution now to other broadcast-critical operations within the BBC, such as the automation of the program-making galleries and studios in the BBC Broadcasting House in London.  It's an exciting time ahead for us.”


Watch the full BBC session at our latest MySQL Day - UK Video


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Sysbench evaluation of RonDB



Sysbench is a tool to benchmark to test open source databases. We have integrated Sysbench into the RonDB installation. This makes it extremely easy to run benchmarks with RonDB. This paper will describe the use of these benchmarks in RonDB. These benchmarks were executed with 1 cluster connection per MySQL Server. This limited the scalability per MySQL Server to about 12 VCPUs. Since we executed those benchmarks we have increased the number of cluster connections per MySQL Server to 4 providing scalability to at least 32 VCPUs per MySQL Server.

As preparation to run those benchmarks we have created a RonDB cluster using the Hopsworks framework that is currently used to create …

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Migrate from Amazon Aurora to MySQL Database Service and Start Saving

You’ve been using Amazon Aurora to manage your data but recently found out that you could manage the same data on Oracle cloud for a ⅓ your cost on Amazon.  

You also learned that you could run your queries 1100x faster than on Amazon Aurora, including Analytics queries with no need for ETL.

You can just use the same MySQL Database Service for your OLTP and OLAP queries.  

Most importantly, MySQL Database Service is the only database service for MySQL that requires no ETL for OLAP.


Watch the full webinar on how to migrate from Amazon Aurora to MySQL Database Service

Download the Powerpoint presentation (login required)


See the benchmarks MySQL Database Service vs Amazon Aurora

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MySQL Disaster Recovery — Are You Feeling Lucky?

Disasters are waiting to happen. Like OVH data center fire on March 9, 2021. Do you have a solid MySQL Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place to activate when the time inevitably comes?

If not, Continuent is happy to review your current MySQL HA/DR deployment and to recommend possible changes that might be recommended. Naturally, free of charge.

Tags: data center fireovh firemysql disaster recovery (dr)multi-site mysql

InnoDB File Growth Weirdness

There is a common pattern in life, you often discover or understand things by accident. Many scientific discoveries fit such a description. In our database world, I was looking to see how BLOB/TEXT columns are allocated using overlay pages and I stumbled upon something interesting and unexpected. Let me present to you my findings, along with my attempt at explaining what is happening.

InnoDB Tablespaces

The first oddity I found is a bunch of free pages in each tablespace it is skipping. Here’s an example from a simple table with only an integer primary key and a char(32) column:

root@LabPS8_1:~/1btr# innodb_space -f /var/lib/mysql/test/t1.ibd space-extents
start_page  page_used_bitmap
0               #####################################........................... <--- free pages
64              ################################################################
128 …
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Online DDL with Group Replication Percona Server 8.0.22 (and MySQL 8.0.23)

While I was working on my grFailOver POC, I have also done some additional parallel testing. One of them was to see how online DDL are executed inside a Group Replication cluster.

The online DDL feature provides support for instant and in-place table alterations and concurrent DML. Checking the Group Replication (GR) official documentation I was trying to identify if any limitation exists, but the only thing I have found was:

"Concurrent DDL versus DML Operations.  Concurrent data definition statements and data manipulation statements executing against the same object but on different servers is not supported when using multi-primary mode. During execution of Data Definition Language (DDL) statements on an object, executing concurrent Data Manipulation Language (DML) on the same object but on a different server instance has the risk of conflicting DDL executing on different instances not being detected."

This …

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Inconsistent voting in PXC

AKA Cluster Error Voting

What is Cluster Error Voting (CEV)?

“Cluster Error Voting is a new feature implemented by Alexey Yurchenko, and it is a protocol for nodes to decide how the cluster will react to problems in replication. When one or several nodes have an issue to apply an incoming transaction(s) (e.g. suspected inconsistency), this new feature helps. In a 5-node cluster, if 2-nodes fail to apply the transaction, they get removed and a DBA can go in to fix what went wrong so that the nodes can rejoin the cluster. (Seppo Jaakola)”

This feature was ported to Percona PXC in version 8.0.21, and as indicated above, it is about increasing the resilience of the cluster especially when TWO nodes fail to operate and may drop from the cluster abruptly. The protocol is activated in a cluster with any number of nodes.  

Before CEV if a node has a problem/error during a transaction, …

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#WDILTW – Functions with options

In the late 1990s I learned MySQL and Java at approximately the same time. How did I teach myself? For MySQL I read the online MySQL manual cover to cover. For Java it was the Java Language Specification or Java Programming Language book, again cover to cover. Then for record I read Effective Java, and I was totally lost. I read it three or four years later and then it made sense.

At that time, with MySQL 3.22/3.23 the scope of the product was smaller, so was Java 1.2. I am confident I have forgotten as much as I retain, however it does marvel me when sometimes the most simplest of functionality I do not recall, or perhaps never learned. Today’s What Did I Learn This Week.

In MySQL, there is a TRIM() function, as the name suggests it trims whitespace, or so I thought. It actually does a lot more as the current MySQL 8.0 manual …

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MySQL Shell : send SQL statements to syslog

From MySQL Shell 8.0.24, it’s possible to log all the SQL statements issued in MySQL Shell.

Everything is well documented in the dedicated manual section: System Logging for SQL Statements.

Let’s see it in action. We will first start MySQL Shell with --syslog option:

$ mysqlsh --syslog --sql root@localhost

We enter a statement:

MySQL  localhost:33060+   2021-04-30 09:18:39 
SQL  show databases;
| Database                      |
| bookstore                     |
| clusterdemo                   |

And we can verify in syslog if something has been logged. I use Systemd and Journald therefor I …

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