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Introducing new MySQL HeatWave features for lower cost and better performance

Introducing new MySQL HeatWave features for lower cost and better performance

Time Series Forecasting with MySQL HeatWave

Machine learning in MySQL HeartWave (aka HeatWave AutoML) offers a fully automated forecasting pipeline that can automatically preprocess, select the best algorithm, and tune its hyperparameters for a given time-series dataset resulting is unmatched model training performance and high forecasting accuracy. There is no additional cost for using machine learning in MySQL HeatWave.

A Workaround for The “RELOAD/FLUSH_TABLES privilege required” Problem When Using Oracle mysqldump 8.0.32

In MySQL Server 8.0.32, Oracle fixed Bug #105761:

“mysqldump make a non-consistent backup with ‐‐single-transaction option” (this commit)

which caused a wave of complaints from users who could no longer do backups with the mysqldump utility because of the lack of the required privileges.

  • Bug #109701 “Fix for #33630199 in 8.0.32 introduces regression when ‐‐set-gtid-purged=OFF”
  • Bug #109685 “mysqldump has incompatible change in MySQL 8.0.32″

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Replication Issues and Binlog Compressor

You might want to use binlog compression with MySQL/Percona Server for MySQL, but it can come with drawbacks. This article discusses the need for using binlog compression and the potential issues it may cause.

Binlog compression is a technique used to reduce the size of binary log files, which can become quite large over time. This can be especially important in situations where disk space is limited. However, it’s important to be aware that using binlog compression can also cause issues with replication.

Consider the following scenario: you have restored a backup that was taken from a replica node using Percona XtraBackup. Once the restoration is complete, you want to set up replication using the information from the xtrabackup_slave_info …

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How to upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to 8.0

Learn what you should look out for when upgrading an existing database from MySQL 5.7 to 8 and how to change your database to be compatible with the new version.

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Interactive console for machine learning in MySQL HeatWave

Interactive console for MySQL HeatWave is an integrated environment which provides users the ability to manage the database schema objects, run interactive queries, monitor performance, and use machine learning capabilities such that a business analyst can easily develop applications, manage data objects, and machine learning models.

Increase the Ability to Securely Replicate Your Data and Restrict Replication To Row-based Events in MySQL

In this blog, I’ll discuss the use case for replication. We want to improve our ability to replicate your data and limit replication to row-based events securely, wherein we do not have control over the source(s).

The replica doesn’t have checking capabilities when processing replicated transactions as of MySQL 8.0.18. It does this to carry out all instructions from its upstream. The replica must impose data access limitations on the replicated stream because changes may get past the security barrier separating the source and replica in some configurations. In that situation, implementing the upstream changes in a more constrained security context is beneficial to organizations needing privilege-controlled aggregate data from multiple separate databases.

In MySQL 8.0.18, a new feature PRIVILEGE_CHECKS_USER is introduced in replication channels. When a PRIVILEGE CHECKS USER account is used, a replication channel is more protected …

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MySQL Database Service – find the info: part 2 – disk space utilization

This article is the second of the new series dedicated on how a DBA can find the info he needs with MySQL Database Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The first article was dedicated on Backups, this one is about Disk Space Utilization.

This time we have two options to retrieve useful information related to disk space:

  1. Metrics
  2. Performance_Schema


In the OCI Web Console, there is a dedicated metric for the disk usage:

As for the backup, we can create Alarms for …

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MySQL Database Service - find the info: part 2 - disk space utilization

New series of articles about how to find useful information when using MySQL Database Service

MySQL - determine transaction size

Running MySQL InnoDB Cluster / Group Replication, there is a transaction size limit (

The default value of "group_replication_transaction_size_limit"  is about 143 MB (150000000 bytes)

How can we determine the size of a batch job (single transaction) in MySQL?

Setting a small value with variable group_replication_transaction_size_limit and running the transaction produces the error message in error log. 

For example :

Assuming there is primary node on port 3310

mysql -uroot -p -h127.0.0.1 -P3310  -e "  set global group_replication_transaction_size_limit=1024;" …

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