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Explore the new MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification Features

The post explains how to use MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification Features.

Avoiding a STOP SLAVE Crash with MTR in Percona Server older than 5.7.37-40

I am finalizing my Percona Live talk MySQL and Vitess (and Kubernetes) at HubSpot.  In this talk, I mentioned that I like that Percona is providing better MySQL with Percona Server.  This comes with a little inconvenience though: with improvements, sometimes comes regression.  This post is about such regression and a workaround I implemented some time ago (I should have shared it earlier).  This

OpenLampTech issue #79 – Substack Repost

Welcome to the OpenLampTech developer newsletter. Thank you so much for reading each week. I am bringing you the media source for PHP, MySQL, and the LAMP stack you can depend on.

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I am sharing so many good articles this week in OpenLampTech issue #79. Visit those …

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Multithreaded Data Dumps With MySQL Shell

MySQL Shell offers an upgrade over legacy MySQL CLI tools. One set of features that gets a boost is dumping and loading data. MySQL Shell allows users to load and dump data using a multithreaded process and to be more granular in what data is dumped and loaded than when using mysqldump. In this post we discuss how to use these utilities to dump specific tables in a schema, specific data in specific tables in a schema, one or more schemas simultaneously, and an entire MySQL instance.

Exploring Aurora serverlessV2 for MySQL Part 3

Explore the powerful features of Aurora Serverless V2 for MySQL in this informative blog series. Learn about read-only scaling, parameter support, and cost performance. Compare costs between Provisioned Aurora and Aurora Serverless V2. Discover key takeaways for optimizing your MySQL deployment on the cloud. Read now!

  1. Read-only Scaling
    1. Failover replicas
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Character sets and collations in MySQL

Understanding the differences between character sets and collations in MySQL.

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MySQL UNION Explained: A Tutorial with Practical Examples for All Skill Levels

The SQL language provides a lot of effective operators for retrieving and presenting data from databases. One popular tool is the UNION clause. In this article, we will delve into what the UNION clause is, its benefits, and how to use it effectively in MySQL.

The post MySQL UNION Explained: A Tutorial with Practical Examples for All Skill Levels appeared first on Devart Blog.

MySQL Connection Security With Connection Control Plugins

As a database administrator, have you ever been in a situation when your database confronted a brute force attack? A brute force attack can be launched against a user account in MySQL. MySQL replies with success or error based on supplied credentials, and the time required for the verification is almost the same in either case. Hence, an attacker can launch a brute force attack against a MySQL user account at a rapid rate and can try many different passwords.

According to cryptography, a brute-force attack consists of an attacker trying many passwords or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly. The attacker systematically checks all possible passwords and passphrases until the correct one is found.

It’s not just brute force attacks going on; the IT industry has recently seen a steady increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Have you also been targeted in such a type of connection flow on port …

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Backup and Restore with MyDumper on Docker

At the end of 2021, I pushed the first Docker image to This was the first official image and since then, we have been improving our testing and packaging procedures based on Docker, CircleCI, and GitHub Actions. However, when I’m coding,  I’m not testing in Docker. But a couple of weeks ago, when I was reviewing an issue, I realized some interesting Docker use cases that I want to share.

Common use case

First, we are going to review how to take a simple backup with MyDumper to warm you up:

docker run --name mydumper 
     -v ${backups}:/backups  
     sh -c "rm -rf /backups/data; 
          mydumper -h 
               -o /backups/data 
               -B test 
               -v 3 
               -r 1000 
               -L /backups/mydumper.log"

You will find the …

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MySQL at PerconaLive, DOAG-DB and OpenSource Nagoya in May 2023

PL, DOAG-DB & OSC Nagoya 2023

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