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New MySQL HeatWave capabilities released in 8.0.32

New MySQL HeatWave capabilities released in 8.0.32

Announcing MySQL Server 8.0.32

Announcing MySQL Server 8.0.32

Planet for the MySQL Community Graduating from Beta

In May 2020, I published a Planet for the MySQL Community Pluto Beta.  I was satisfied with the result and was considering it done, but I did not invest the time to promote it to release (a non-beta site was running for a few months without being advertised).  I finally came to it, and today I am happy to deprecate the beta and announce the release of Planet for the MySQL Community.  In this post

Working of MySQL Replication Filters When Using Statement-based and Row-based Replication

A couple of days ago I was creating an index on the source and when I checked the replica side it was not replicated, so I just wanted to explain how the replication filter may increase the complexity of your DBA operations.

Replication occurs by reading events from the binary log of the source and then executing them on the replica. The events in the binary log are recorded in different formats, depending on the type of event. These formats are determined by the binary logging format used when the events were initially recorded on the source. The relationship between the binary logging formats and the terminology used during replication is as follows:

When using statement-based binary logging, the source writes SQL statements to the binary log. Replication of the source to the replica is performed by executing these SQL statements on the replica. This is known as statement-based replication (SBR), and it …

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[BUG] Stopping Purge/Resuming Purge in Error Logs After Upgrade to MySQL 5.7.40

We had a couple of cases where clients reported that the MySQL error log was flooded with the below note:

2023-01-18T13:07:56.946323Z 2 [Note] InnoDB: Stopping purge
2023-01-18T13:07:56.948621Z 2 [Note] InnoDB: Resuming purge
2023-01-18T13:08:27.229703Z 2 [Note] InnoDB: Stopping purge
2023-01-18T13:08:27.231552Z 2 [Note] InnoDB: Resuming purge
2023-01-18T13:08:28.581674Z 2 [Note] InnoDB: Stopping purge

One of my colleagues Sami Ahlroos found that whenever we trigger a truncate on any table, the function is stopping the purge and then resuming it once it has found it stopped.

Below are the steps to reproduce.

  1. Log verbosity needs to be set to 3 (the default value)
mysql> show variables like 'log_error_verbosity%';
| Variable_name       | Value |
| …
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Substring in MySQL – Syntax and Examples

In this article, we are going to talk about the MySQL SUBSTRING() function with its variations. Here, you will find a detailed guide with the basic syntax and examples of how to use this function. Moreover, we will demonstrate the benefits of MySQL coding in a handy IDE – dbForge Studio for MySQL that will […]

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OpenLampTech issue #62 – Substack Repost

Welcome back to this week’s OpenLampTech developer newsletter. I appreciate your interest and reading. Thank you! Get ready for more PHP, MySQL, and LAMP stack content.

The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

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In OpenLampTech issue #62, we have content covering:

  • WordPress certification
  • SQL constraints
  • WooCommerce customizations
  • Contact form 7 blocks
  • And much much more

Your continued support for the OpenLampTech publication means so much. Show your support with a …

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What should be monitored on a busy Database/MysQL server?

On a busy MySQL server, some key metrics that should be actively monitored include:

preFOSDEM MySQL Days 2023 – the Agenda

Just before FOSDEM, the MySQL Team is organizing a 2 days conferences for and with the MySQL Community. Here is the agenda.

Help! I Am Out of Disk Space!

How can we fix a nasty out-of-space issue leveraging the flexibility of Percona Operator for MySQL?

When planning a database deployment, one of the most challenging factors to consider is the amount of space we need to dedicate to data on disk.

This is even more cumbersome when working on bare metal, as it is more difficult to add space when using this kind of solution with respect to the cloud.

When using cloud storage like EBS or similar, it is normally easy(er) to extend volumes, which gives us the luxury to plan the space to allocate for data with a good grade of relaxation. 

Is this also true when using a solution based on Kubernetes like Percona Operator for MySQL? Well, it depends on where you run it. However, if the platform you choose supports the option to extend volumes, K8s per se gives you the …

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