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Running External Scripts in MySQL Shell

MySQl Shell offer many features to make life easier for DBAs and developers. In this post we talk about how to execute external JavaScript, Python, or SQL files indie MySQL Shell.

Where can you find MySQL during June - August 2024

Where is MySQL, 6-9, 2024

Making my MySQL InnoDB Cluster safe from naughtiness

TL;DR: Make sure to run “SET persist_only disabled_storage_engines=’MyISAM’, persist sql_generate_invisible_primary_key=ON;” on all instances and restart each one in your MySQL InnoDB Cluster.

Ok, what does “safe from naughtiness” mean?:
– Anyone creating tables that aren’t InnoDB, as this doesn’t make sense, after all, it is an “InnoDB” cluster.
– Making sure all tables have a Primary Key (invisible or not).
– Making sure that my (invisible) primary keys are visible to the cluster as it will rightfully complain if they aren’t!

This basically means that once you’ve got it all up and running you won’t run into those horrible situations whereby someone, somewhere, creates a MyISAM table that didn’t have a Primary Key and thus leave you with a broken cluster.


MySQL rtnode-01:3306 ssl JS > vlc.status()
 "clusterName": "VLC",
 "clusterRole": "PRIMARY", …
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Using Oracle Analytics Cloud with MySQL HeatWave

In this article, we will see how to connect OAC to MySQL HeatWave in OCI.

Using Oracle Analytics Cloud with MySQL HeatWave

MySQL HeatWave is the MySQL DBaaS provided by Oracle in OCI and some other clouds. Compared to the vanilla MySQL, one of the key features of the service is that it allows you to run analytics queries (aka OLAP) very quickly using the HeatWave cluster. You can also run such queries on files using LakeHouse.

When we talk about analytics, we also think about data visualization solutions. In OCI, you can use Oracle Analytics Cloud.

In this article, we explore the procedure to establish a connection between Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and a MySQL HeatWave DB instance within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Deploying OAC

We consider that you already have a DB System up and running in OCI. The first step is then to deploy an Analytics …

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Debugging JavaScript Stored Functions in MySQL

MySQL Enterprise and MySQL HeatWave now support writing stored functions and procedures using JavaScript. In this post we show how to debug JavaScript code used to create stored functions.

Can We Set up a Replicate Filter Within the Percona XtraDB Cluster?

If you were to ask me the question, “Would it be possible to set up a replicate filter within the Percona XtraDB Cluster?” my immediate response would be to question you right back. Why would you even want the cluster nodes to have different data when you’re using a synchronous replication cluster? That’s because, instinctively, […]

MySQL NDB Cluster replication: Circular replication for active-active clusters

Learn about the two different strategies for setting up multi-primary bidirectional replication between MySQL NDB clusters. This functionality is commonly used for highly available (HA) clusters that requires continuous online operation and disaster protection.

Outbound Replication from MySQL HeatWave DB System to On-premises MySQL Server

This blog demonstrates how to replicate your data from your MySQL HeatWave DB system to your on-premises MySQL Server.

Replicating from One MySQL HeatWave DB System to Another

This blog demonstrates how to replicate data from one DB system to another using the built-in replication channel feature.

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