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Adding a New Node to MySQL Group Replication from a Backup: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to seamlessly add a new node to MySQL Group Replication from a backup. Scale your cluster, save time, and efficiently manage data updates and recoveries.

  1. Hot Physical backup approach
  2. Clone plugin approach
  3. Logical backup approach

We highly recommend checking out our previous blog post on …

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WordPress with MySQL on OCI always Free

I already wrote on how to deploy WordPress on OCI using MySQL HeatWave, the MySQL Database Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

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WordPress with MySQL on OCI always Free

Fastest and easiest method to deploy WordPress and MySQL 8.0 on OCI with an always free tier.

Vitess Security Audit Results

The Vitess Maintainer team is pleased to announce the results of a recent third-party security audit of the Vitess code base. Vitess had previously been audited in 2019. Given the amount of time that has passed, and the magnitude of change during that time, the maintainer team decided to request a fresh audit. Starting in March 2023, an independent team from Ada Logics performed a full security audit of Vitess with a special focus on VTAdmin, which is a relatively new addition to Vitess.

How to MySQL Replication setup, Master GTID & SSL Encryption

Setting up replication in MySQL is a common DBA task. The replication could be traditional binary log replication or based on GTID replication. This blog is a work log and…

The post How to MySQL Replication setup, Master GTID & SSL Encryption first appeared on Change Is Inevitable.

How to Install a Load Balancing MySQL Server with ProxySQL on Debian 11

ProxySQL is a high-performance MySQL proxy with a small footprint that can be installed in multiple environments such as VM, K8s, bare-metal, and Docker containers. In this guide, you will install and set up load balancing of MySQL Cluster via ProxySQL on a Debian 11 server.

How to modify Time Zone system variable for running MySQL database service(MDS) instance ?

This blog walk through an easy way to change global system variable time_zone using OCI dashboard

Enhancing Performance with Parallel Index Rebuild in MySQL 8.0.31

Learn how the parallel index rebuild feature in MySQL 8.0.31 improves performance by optimizing index and column additions. Explore the multithreaded insert phase, sort index build process, and system configurations for enhanced efficiency.

  1. Understanding Sorted Index Build
    1. When does InnoDB use a sort index build approach?
  2. Phases of Sort …
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Node.js and MySQL Connection Pool Example

Node and MySQL are a go-to combination for a quick prototype build and in various cases for production build as well. In this tutorial, we will learn how to connect Node with MySQL and how to pool the connections for better performance and optimization of resources. You need Node and MySQL installed in your system before proceeding towards the tutorial. Click here to read a comprehensive guide on the installation and setup of Node.js. And if you want to know how to run and connect to a MySQL server, check out: NodeJS Create MySQL Connection. Node MySQL Connection To begin…

Where you can find MySQL during June - August 2023

List of shows 6-8/2023

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