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Oracle Live: MySQL & HeatWave

On December 2, Edward Screven, Oracle’s chief corporate architect revealed the Oracle MySQL Database Service with Analytics Engine known as HeatWave.

During Oracle Live on August 10th, 9AM PST, 12 noon ET / 1 PM BRT / 6 PM CEST, Edward Screven will share our latest MySQL innovations, along with the latest benchmarks, that show the speed and cost savings gained with MySQL HeatWave.

HeatWave, in-memory query accelerator for the Oracle MySQL Database Service, allows customers to run very fast analytics queries directly against their MySQL databases entirely avoiding the step of data ETL into a …

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HeatWave – A MySQL cloud feature to speed up your queries

If you have (too) long running select queries it is probably because of lack of relevant indexes, problematic schema that lead to poor queries or inadequate hardware.

That said, sometime even if you doing it right, the query execution time could be too long regarding of what the application or your users expect. It is often true for reporting, real time analytics or BI queries.

At Oracle we have developed Heatwave, that allow you to easily run high performance analytics against your MySQL database.

To be more precise, Heatwave is a massively-scalable integrated analytics engine for MySQL Database Service (MDS), the MySQL DBaaS in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Some key points of Heatwave:

- Single MySQL database for OLTP & analytics applications
- All existing applications work without any changes
- Extreme performance:
+ 400x faster than MySQL, scales to thousands of cores …

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