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Iris Data Set with MySQL HeatWave Machine Learning & Zeppelin

During the last 20 years MySQL has democratized the usage of transactional databases.
Now with MySQL HeatWave we are in the process of democratizing Analytics and Machine Learning.

With MySQL HeatWave,
valorizing your data has never been so easy!

In this article I will show you how easy it is to use the Machine Learning capabilities of MySQL HeatWave. We will use the famous Iris dataset and we’re going to build, train, deploy and explain a machine learning model within MySQL HeatWave using Apache Zeppelin.

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Percona Live ONLINE: Anti-cheating tools for massive multiplayer games using Amazon Aurora and Amazon ML services

Would you play a multiplayer game if you discovered other people are cheating? According to a survey by Irdeto, 60% of online games were negatively impacted by cheaters, and 77% of players said they would stop playing a multiplayer game if they think opponents are cheating. Player churn grows as cheating grows.

Stopping this is therefore essential if you want to build and develop your community, which is essential to success for today’s gaming companies. This session at Percona Live ONLINE was presented by Yahav Biran, specialist solutions architect, gaming technologies at Amazon Web Services, and Yoav Eilat, Senior Product Manager at Amazon Web Services, presented a talk and demonstration about anti-cheating tools in gaming based on using automation and machine learning (ML).

Yoav notes that while people might think of ML in terms of text or images, but: …

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