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Help! I am out of disk space!

How we could  fix a nasty out of space issue leveraging the flexibility of Percona MySQL operator (PMO)  

When planning a database deployment, one of the most challenging factors to consider is the amount of space we need to dedicate for Data on disk.

This is even more cumbersome when working on bare metal. Given it is definitely more difficult to add space when using this kind of solution in respect to the cloud. 

This is it, when using cloud storage like EBS or similar it is normally easy(er) to extend volumes, which gives us the luxury to plan the space to allocate for data with a good grade of relaxation. 

Is this also true when using a solution based on Kubernetes like Percona Operator for MySQL? Well it depends on where you run it, however if the platform you choose supports the option to extend volumes K8s per se is giving you the possibility to do so as well.

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A Quick Peek at MySQL 8.0.32

Recently Oracle released new versions of their software and there are some things of note. MySQL 8.032 is not a major change but you do need to be aware of some changes just in case they have the potential to send you into the court of Murphy’s Law. So let’s look through the release notes to see what is new, changed, and deprecated.

My own comments are in italics and reflect the views of neither Percona nor anyone else. Percona’s release of ‘32 is in the works as we have to add the features Percona provides such as enterprise features (data masking, connection pooling, RocksDB, and much more).

The following items caught my eye as either interesting or ‘I need to add this to my to-do list’.

No more leading dollar signs for table names

> CREATE TABLE $Dollar (i int);
Query OK, 0 rows affected, 1 warning (0.0192 sec)
Warning (code 1681): '$ as the first character of an unquoted identifier' is …
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Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate with MySQL Databases

OCI GoldenGate is a fully managed service providing a real-time data mesh platform, which uses replication to keep data highly available and enable real-time analysis. OCI GoldenGate supports several sources and targets, including MySQL and OCI MySQL HeatWave Database Service. In this article, we will find out how the MySQL deployment and connection types make it easier than ever to integrate with MySQL databases.

Fast query performance with MySQL Hypergraph Optimizer for HeatWave

Fast query performance with MySQL Hypergraph Optimizer for HeatWave

How To Fix Corrupted Tables in MySQL

In this blog post, we are going to show you how to fix corrupted tables in MySQL. MySQL is an ...

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OpenLampTech issue #61 – Substack Repost

OpenLampTech is your media source for original and curated MySQL, PHP, and LAMP stack-related content. This week’s newsletter has many many great reads. Thank you for reading and making the publication a success. Please share with others!

The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

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This week in OpenLampTech issue #61, we have articles covering:

  • Harsh realities of using Linux
  • WooCommerce before and after add-to-cart hooks
  • MySQL table name case
  • Common PHP design patterns
  • And a whole lot more

Want to …

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MySQL HeatWave Report – December 2022 update

- Read Replicas with Load Balancer
- Replication Filters
- Replication Sources Without GTIDs
- MySQL HeatWave for AWS

This presentation is just a summary of new features in MySQL HeatWave.

For a more thorough and exhaustive view please read the following:



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pt-online-schema-change resulted in missing MySQL triggers ?

Recently, while doing a test process to examine resource usage and the time required to alter the table using pt-osc, it leads to a loss of triggers even though the –preserve-triggers option is specified. I made the decision to recreate the identical circumstance so that everyone could see it.

Test environment : 

OS: Amazon Linux 2

MySQL version: 5.7.40

pt-online-schema-change version: 3.1.0

Before digging deeper, we must first obtain the whole picture. Here is an illustration of the table’s structure.

Table structure:

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Updating SQL_MODE

This is an update for MySQL 8 Stored PSM to add the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode to the global SQL_MODE variable when it’s not set during a session. Here’s the code:

/* Drop procedure conditionally on whether it exists already. */
DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS set_full_group_by;

/* Reset delimter to allow semicolons to terminate statements. */

/* Create a procedure to verify and set connection parameter. */
CREATE PROCEDURE set_full_group_by()
  COMMENT 'Set connection parameter when not set.'

  /* Check whether full group by is set in the connection and
     if unset, set it in the scope of the connection. */

/* Reset the default delimiter. */

You can call the …

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Knex (with MySQL) had a very scary SQL injection

Knex recently released a new version this week (2.4.0). Before this version, Knex had a pretty scary SQL injection. Knex currently has 1.3 million weekly downloads and is quite popular.

The security bug is probably one of the worst SQL injections I’ve seen in recent memory, especially considering the scope and popularity.

If you want to get straight to the details:

My understanding of this bug

If I understand the vulnerability correctly, I …

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