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Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.24-26 Is Now Available

Percona announces the release of Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.24-26 on December 4, 2018 (downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories). This release merges changes of MySQL 5.7.24, including all the bug fixes in it. Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.24-26 is now the current GA release in the 5.7 series. All of Percona’s software is open-source and free.

This release includes fixes to the following upstream CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures): CVE-2016-9843, CVE-2018-3155, …

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pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day 2019

For the third year in a row, we will take advantage of the mass presence of our MySQL Engineers during FOSDEM to organize the pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day.

The program of this 3rd edition is already on track, thank you to all the speakers who already confirmed their participation.

Start End Event Speaker Company Topic
Friday 1st February
09:30 10:00 MySQL Community Team Welcome
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Laravel Cashier Braintree Payment Gateway Tutorial With Example

In this tutorial, we will see Laravel Cashier Braintree Payment Gateway Tutorial With Example We will build a Subscription based Platform in which the user can choose a plan, and according to that, he will be charged. We use Braintree for this demo, and we will discuss the stripe in the next tutorial. So, we will build a simple payment gateway in which a user can charge according to their selected plan. It is a straightforward system to work with, and for that, we need to create a developer account at Braintree. So, if you have not created yet, then please go to this link.

Laravel Cashier Braintree Payment Gateway

Integrate payment gateway in any web application used to be a very tough task. But nowadays, there are lots of SDKs available to work with that is why it is effortless to integrate any payment gateway to any web application. Now, you can …

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Percona Live 2019 Call for Papers is Now Open!

Announcing the opening of the Percona Live 2019 Open Source Database Conference call for papers. It will be open from now until January 20, 2019. The Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019 takes place May 28-30 in Austin, Texas.

Our theme this year is CONNECT. ACCELERATE. INNOVATE.

As a speaker at Percona Live, you’ll have the opportunity to CONNECT with your peers—open source database experts and enthusiasts who share your commitment to improving knowledge and exchanging ideas. ACCELERATE your projects and career by presenting at the premier open source database event, a great way to build your personal and company brands. And …

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FOSDEM MySQL, MariaDB and Friends 2019 Schedule

The MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom was once again flooded with submissions. The committee, consisting of community members Daniël van Eeden, Art van Scheppingen, Giuseppe Maxia and Aurélien Lequoy, as well as Tom de Cooman for Percona, Vicentiu Ciorbaru for MariaDB and Nuno Carvalho for MySQL/Oracle, had the difficult job of whittling down 67 submissions into the final 17.

The following sessions were selected:

Session Speaker Start End
Welcome Frédéric Descamps and Ian Gilfillan 10h00 10h30
Patterns and anti-patterns in OSS participation – Lessons from MySQL AB, the MariaDB Foundation, and others Zak Greant 10h40
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Fun with Bugs #74 - On MySQL Bug Reports I am Subscribed to, Part XI

For some reason the Committee of FOSDEM 2019 MySQL, MariaDB & Friends Devroom of all my talks submitted picked up the one on how to create a useful MySQL bug report, so I have no options but continue to write about MySQL bugs, as long and MySQL Community wants and even prefers to listen and read about them... That's what I do, with pleasure.

Today I'll continue my series of posts about community bug reports I am subscribed to with the review of bugs reported since October 1, 2018, starting from the oldest and skipping those MySQL 8 regression ones I've already commented on:

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MySQL 8: Drop Several Stored Events, Procedures, or Functions


Maybe the biggest new feature in MySQL 8 is the new transaction data dictionary that improves the consistency of schema objects among other things. To further protect the data in the data dictionary, the data dictionary tables are hidden and their content only exposed through the Information Schema. (One exception is when you use the debug binary, then it is possible to get direct access to the data dictionary tables. This is not recommended at all on production systems!)

A side effect of the data dictionary tables being hidden is that those that have had a habit of manipulating the tables directly in MySQL 5.7 and earlier (I will not recommend doing that) will no longer be able to do so. Examples of manipulating the tables include …

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Using AI and satellite imagery for disaster insights


A framework for using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) on satellite imagery to identify the areas most severely affected by a disaster. This new method has the potential to produce more accurate information in far less time than current manual methods. Ultimately, the goal of this research is to allow rescue workers to quickly identify where aid is needed most, without relying on manually annotated, disaster-specific data sets.


Researchers from Facebook and CrowdAI train models on CNNs to detect human-made features, such as roads. Existing approaches for disaster impact analysis require data sets that can be expensive to produce because they require time-consuming manual annotation (for instance, annotating buildings damaged by fire as a new class) to train on. This new method only uses general road and building data sets. These are readily available and can be scalable to other, …

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How To Install October CMS on Mac

How To Install October CMS on Mac is today’s leading topic. October CMS is built on Laravel  Framework, the best existing PHP framework. Laravel framework includes all of the tools and classes that are necessary for making the quality websites and applications. OctoberCMS adds even more power to Laravel with the collection of simple and flexible features. Development with October can easily be adapted to any existing team workflow. Use your favorite version control system for storing and deploying website themes and plugins. You can build any websites or web apps with OctoberCMS from simple promotional sites to high load social networks.

October CMS Features

There are many features of October CMS. I will be showing you one by one.

The simple modern templating engine

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Database Backup Encryption - Best Practices

Offsite backup storage should be a critical part of any organisation’s disaster recovery plan. The ability to store data in a separate physical location, where it could survive a catastrophic event which destroys all the data in your primary data center, ensures your data survival and continuity of your organisation. A Cloud storage service is quite a good method to store offsite backups. No matter if you are using a cloud provider or if you are just copying data to an external data center, the backup encryption is a must in such cases. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed several methods of encrypting your backups. Today we will focus on some best practices around backup encryption.

Ensure that your secrets are safe …

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