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Importing Data by Mask

Introduction In this article, we will show how to perform routine data export from multiple files by a certain mask with help of the Data Import functionality of dbForge Studio for MySQL and how to schedule the recurring execution of the import with Microsoft Task Scheduler. Scenario Suppose, we need to simultaneously import multiple daily […]

How To: Import Data to MySQL from Text File

When working with databases it is always necessary to import data or schemas. In this article we describe the process of importing data from a text file into a MySQL database, and also we discuss questions concerning problems with MySQL import and the ways of solving these problems. We will give a detailed description of the Data Import tool of dbForge Studio for MySQL, describe the capabilities of this tool and illustrate its usage. What problems can be experienced when importing data from a text file?

To specify all problems one can experience when importing data from a text file it’s necessary to remember the specificity of storing text data:

  • data in text files is always formatted, and formatting is free;
  • tabular data in text files can be presented together with its header, i.e. with column names and certain formatting;
  • the type of data in text files can not be distinguished, that’s why there …
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