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How to Troubleshoot a MySQL Replica IO Thread that is Stuck in a Connecting State

Discover how to troubleshoot a MySQL replica IO thread stuck in a connecting state. Learn about the replication architecture, security group rules for AWS EC2 instances, and how to address common issues like network restrictions and bind address configuration.

MySQL is a powerful database management and a widely used cloud database service. One of its key features is the ability to create replicas of a master database to improve its availability and scalability. However, at times the IO thread in a MySQL replica may get stuck in a connecting state, which can cause replication issues and affect the overall data consistency …

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Spinning the Wheel of Protocols

Wheel of protocol, turn turn turn.
Tell us the lesson that we should learn.
(with apologies to the original source)

Writing a book comes with many challenges. For me, writing a MySQL book for MySQL beginners, who may or may not be database beginners, has fed my compulsion to research and test bizarre interactions.

Today’s lesson is on what protocol is used when connecting to a local mysqld instance on a non-Windows machine. The TCP/IP protocol is used by default when connecting on a Windows machine, and connecting from any operating system to a non-local mysqld instance. I am assuming the connections are being made by a command line client such as mysql, mysqladmin or mysqldump. Connections made via …

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How To – Resolve Unable to Retrieve MSN Address Book using Pidgin

Background Knowledge

Today (2008-01-12) I loaded Pidgin and discovered that I was no longer able to connect to MSN. It appears either Microsoft is blocking the connection or a new version has been release. What the cause of the matter is I have not been able to verify with certainty at this time.

UPDATE: Pidgin v2.5.4 has been released that temporarily fixes the problem.

Error Message

“Unable to Retrieve MSN Address Book using Pidgin”. See screen shot of the error message below.


  1. Close Pidgin application.
  2. Download and install “msn-pecan“.
  3. Run Pidgin application.
  4. In Pidgin “Show Buddy List” and go to the menu “Accounts” -> “Manage Accounts”.
  5. Modify your MSN account, ensure the protocol shows “MSN”.
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