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How To – Resolve Unable to Retrieve MSN Address Book using Pidgin

Background Knowledge

Today (2008-01-12) I loaded Pidgin and discovered that I was no longer able to connect to MSN. It appears either Microsoft is blocking the connection or a new version has been release. What the cause of the matter is I have not been able to verify with certainty at this time.

UPDATE: Pidgin v2.5.4 has been released that temporarily fixes the problem.

Error Message

“Unable to Retrieve MSN Address Book using Pidgin”. See screen shot of the error message below.


  1. Close Pidgin application.
  2. Download and install “msn-pecan“.
  3. Run Pidgin application.
  4. In Pidgin “Show Buddy List” and go to the menu “Accounts” -> “Manage Accounts”.
  5. Modify your MSN account, ensure the protocol shows “MSN”.
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Top 10 Reasons Why Digsby ROCKS

If you haven't heard of Digsby yet, you have probably been living in some kind of a virtual cave or have no friends. Digsby is a multi-network instant messenger application, similar to Trillian, Pidgin (GAIM), or Miranda. I said 'similar', so what makes Digsy special? Reviews I read so far don't give the real reasons and don't dive into the features in depth. Instead, you get a standard load of marketing BS and in the end to you, the user, Digsby may end up being "yet another IM program." Some reviews describe certain features, but so far I haven't seen one that highlighted THE MAIN REASON why Digsby is different. And may I preface it with: finally somebody got a clue. I never before wanted to write about any other IM client, which already indicates that on the "this is the most awesome meter ever" meter, Digsby is floating somewhere at the top. …

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Meeting with Patrik today

I met with my boss, Patrik today. We discussed some of the work I've been doing the last quarter, the direction we're planning on going and some of the expectations for the next quarter. I also completed my expense report for the trip to Germany in September. Finally.

I feel pretty special that someone would travel from Finland to Seattle in order to see me. Even if it's a stop-off on the way to Cupertino :)

We had lunch at the space needle after our meeting. Very good (and expensive) food there. As the restaurant rotated, I gave him the sitting tour of the layout of the city.

Afterwards, we drove over 520 and did a drive-through tour of Redmond and the Microsoft campus. …

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