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Updates to Code for MySQL Concurrency – v1.1 and v1.2


When I wrote the book MySQL Concurrency I included a Python module for MySQL Shell that would help reproducing the examples in the book. Since things change, it has been necessary to update the code. In this blog I will explain what the changes are which also give me a chance to say thanks to those that have submitted pull requests.

MySQL Concurrency

Version v1.1 was mostly about correcting the directory structure of the repository which was not as it was meant to be – and different from the instructions in the book. Additionally some files with code listings and images were missing. …

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New Book: MySQL Concurrency


In March 2020, my book MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning (Apress) was released. That book with its more than 900 pages in 27 chapters covered a wide range of topics from executing benchmarks with sysbench over indexes and the optimizer to query rewriting, replication, and caching. Some time later my editor Jonathan Gennick suggested to take a limited set of the topics and go into more detail. We settled on locks and transactions which together have become MySQL Concurrency.

If you have already read MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning, you may wonder what the new book offers compared to the previous one. In some way, you can think of MySQL …

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Apress Blog: MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices


To celebrate the publishing of my new book MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning, the Apress team invited me (thanks Jonathan and Liz) to write a post for the Apress blog. I decided to write about my top six best practices:

  • Be wary of best practices
  • Monitor
  • Work methodically
  • Consider the full stack
  • Make small, incremental changes
  • Understand the change

Yes, my first best practice is to be wary of best practices. Read why I added that and the other best practices at …

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New Book: MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning


I have over the last few years been fortunate to have two books published through Apress, Pro MySQL NDB Cluster which I wrote together with Mikiya Okuno and MySQL Connector/Python Revealed. With the release of MySQL 8 around a year ago, I started to think of how many changes there has been in the last few MySQL versions. Since MySQL 5.6 was released as GA in early 2013, some of the major features related to performance tuning includes the Performance Schema which was greatly changed in 5.6, histograms, EXPLAIN ANALYZE, hash …

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New Book: MySQL Connector/Python Revealed


When you write programs that uses a database backend, it is necessary to use a connector/API to submit the queries and retrieve the result. If you are writing Python programs that used MySQL, you can use MySQL Connector/Python – the connector developered by Oracle Corporation.

Now there is a new book dedicated to the usage of the connector: MySQL Connector/Python Revealed, which is published by Apress. It is available in a softcover edition as well as an eBook (PDF, ePub, Mobi).

The book is divided into four parts spanning from the installation to error handling and troubleshooting. …

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Plenty of new MySQL books

In the old days, when we wanted to strengthen our skills the only option was to buy a good book. Nowadays one can find a lot of resources on the Internet, however quality is often poor. Fortunately there are still some great people who are brave enough to write new books that will help a new generation of women and men to build modern applications with MySQL the world's most popular open source database. Let me introduce you 3 MySQL books : Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store / MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide / Pro MySQL NDB Cluster

MySQL and JSON - A Practical Programming Guide is now available!

My book MySQL and JSON - A Practical Programming Guide is now available! My promotional copies have arrived and I will be bringing them to PHP Tek, SyntaxCon, and Southeast Linuxfest in the next two weeks.

This is a book on discovering how to use JSON with MySQL with lots of examples, samples programs, and more.  Please order your copy today. Order From Amazon

Book Review – High Performance MySQL (3rd edition)

Introduction I either have time for reading or writing, but not both. Now that the first edition of High-Performance Java Persistence is done, I can catch up on the many books I planned on reading but didn’t have time to do so. In this post, I’m going to review High Performance MySQL by Baron Schwartz, … Continue reading Book Review – High Performance MySQL (3rd edition) →

Four MariaDB books available now

It’s quite exciting to see the amount of MariaDB books out there (first GA release of software: February 2010).

From left-to-right:

  1. MariaDB Crash Course (August 2011)
  2. Getting Started with MariaDB (October 2013)
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Book in Korean: Real MariaDB

For some months now, there have been some back & forth emails with Matt, one of the senior DBAs behind the popular messaging service, KakaoTalk (yes, they are powered by MariaDB). Today I got some positive information: the book published entirely in the Korean language, titled Real MariaDB is now available.

It covers MariaDB 10.0. Where appropriate, there are also notes on MySQL 5.6 (especially with regards to differences). This is Matt’s fourth MySQL-related book, and there’s a community around it …

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