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Is MySQL in the Cloud the End of the DBA?

No, I don’t think so. But it is does change our profession and have important implications for software engineers using (not managing) MySQL.

Why I Started Part-Time Freelancing Again On Upwork

I stopped freelancing on upwork in 2011. I used to be a part-time freelancer on upwork (previously known as oDesk) from 2008 to 2011 besides my full-time job. Since 2011, I have been developing my own Indie mobile apps which is a great success for me and in my career.

I am still earning very good passive income from my own portfolio apps, today I will discuss why I have started freelancing again.

1. Indie Developing

There is a saying:

If you walk alone you can go faster
If you walk in group you can go further

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Hark: The Software Paradox

Stephen O'Grady at RedMonk has launched a new Podcast called Hark. In his second episode, he and Agile programming guru Kent Beck have a thoughtful discussion around the ideas in O'Grady's book "The Software Paradox."  Even though software is "eating the world" and become more widespread and strategic, its economic value appears to be declining rapidly. Certainly, we've seen a shift in the …

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School of Herring

My former boss, Marten Mickos, has created an excellent new resources for early stage founders, managers and execs called Each post has a short write up and often a 2-3 minute video covering a topic such as giving feedback, Peter Drucker's principles of good management, what it takes to build an effective team, hiring for strength etc. Some of these topics are very practical, like how to send good email, others are more thought-provoking, such as the notion that …

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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2015!

We would like to wish you a happy holidays on behalf of the team. May all your dreams come true in 2015!

Photograph taken at the Christmas market of Valencia (Spain) in December 2014.

May your MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_reads be low and your Uptime high in 2015.

Pythian Acquires

Today, we officially announced the fact that has been acquired by Pythian.  I first met its founder, Paul Vallee, in 2007. Paul reached out to me about joining Pythian to found a San Francisco presence.  At the time, I was one year into PalominoDB, and was having such a good time being my own boss and building a business that I politely declined.  Since then, Paul and I have caught up at PerconaLive (O’Reilly’s MySQL conf for you old schoolers) regularly - using the time to catch up, share successes (and failures), and discuss the marketplace at large.  We’ve also competed, healthily and as good sports.  

Over those 6 years since that first contact, I’ve also fallen in love with the world of open-source data, both big and small.  I’ve enjoyed working on the IOUG mysql conference, presenting at Percona Live, Kaleidoscope, Velocity and more.  I’ve …

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How To Lower Churn

Dealing with churn, is one of the most important elements of building a subscription business.  While some churn is inevitable over time, too much churn indicates a more fundamental problem: customers aren't finding value in your product.  

I wrote an article over at GigaOm on this subject including some examples about how to reduce churn from my experience at MySQL and Zendesk.

Having churn is like rowing a leaky boat. After a while, you spend more time bailing water than moving forward. By contrast, organizations that focus on reducing churn will find that their revenue grows every quarter.

To accurately measure what’s going on, you should begin by breaking out churn (customer cancellation) from …

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Discovering the WebScale-treasure chest

Yesterday’s WebScaleSQL announcement marks yet another win for collaboration and openness.

It opens up a treasure chest of database innovations built by the Internet leaders in order to scale their services to hundreds of millions of users. While some code was available earlier, the commitments made now ensure higher levels of quality and greater ease of access. These innovations increase significantly the diversity of contributions in the MySQL and MariaDB community.

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OurSQL Episode 178: License to Use

This week we discuss more software licenses, concluding our 3-part series on licenses. Ear Candy is what happens when ALTER TABLE crashes, and At the Movies is Jon Day of SkySQL presenting MaxScale.

Percona Live

DB Hangops - every other Wednesay at noon Pacific time

Upcoming MySQL events

SkySQL Trainings
Tungsten University trainings

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MariaDB outfit SkySQL takes on former HP public cloud manager as product chief

Gigaom published today the news of the latest addition to the SkySQL Management Team. I'd like to share a couple of snippets from the news:

“Roger Levy says SkySQL will move into a relational database innovation phase now, rather than just trying to provide an alternative to Oracle’s MySQL.” - that’s how Giagom’s article today summary’s the latest news from SkySQL.

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