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Steven Sinofsky on Disruption

There is a good article over at Re-Code by ex-Microsoft VP Steven Sinofsky called "The Four Stages of Disruption".  It describes the evolution of products and markets through disruption, drawing from Sinofsky's own insights and also building on the work of Everett Rogers ("The Diffusion of Innovations") and Clayton Christensen ("The …

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Using Amazon Web Services for MySQL at Scale Presentation

PalominoDB CEO Laine Campbell presented this class at the O'Reilly Velocity Conference, NYC Oct 2013. The class is broken into two videos and is a total of 85 minutes.

Click here for Part 1 - Click here for Part 2

Laine will explain the options for running MySQL at high volumes at Amazon Web Services, exploring options around database as a service, hosted instances/storages and all appropriate availability, performance and provisioning considerations using real-world examples from Call of Duty, Obama for America and many more.

Laine will show how to build highly available, manageable and performant MySQL environments that scale in AWS—how to maintain then, grow them and deal with failure. Some of the specific topics covered are:

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PalominoDB announces new Vice President of International Operations, Shiv Iyer.

Shiv is the Vice President of International Operations at PalominoDB. He has been a database operations strategist for companies such as; LinkedIn, Microsoft, SUN, National Iran Oil Co. and

He has taught and been a keynote speaker for database technology conferences globally, speaking on; Database Architecture, High Performance, Database Health Check, 24*7*365 DBA Operations, High Availability and Managed Database Service Operations.

He is a Database Architect specialist in PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server and passionate about DBA process automation and maximum return on investment from database infrastructure. He is the founder and CEO for Ask DB Experts, a boutique private label Database Architect Consulting Practice & Remote DBA services company based out of Bangalore, India.

He is a marathon runner and very active in supporting NGOs in fund raising marathon events.

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NPR on Software Patents

A few years back, along with some folks at MySQL and in the open source community, we helped kick off a campaign against software patents in Europe.  This was a hot topic and surprisingly, it seemed no large companies were willing to step up the fight.  As a relatively young company, MySQL had a lot to lose if someone went on the attack against us using patents.  While we had a very small number of patents in our portfolio (mostly through acquisitions), we help them only for defensive purposes.  

It's been interesting to see some stories come out from NPR's Planet Money and This American Life shows that shed more light on software patents.  The …

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David Axmark & Monty Widenius will be Berliners on June 18th - SkySQL & MariaDB Roadshow

Join us at the next MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day hosted by SkySQL & MariaDB in Berlin on June 18th

It’s a beautiful day in Berlin today and we’re putting the final touches to next week’s MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day, which takes place on Tuesday June 18th in the facilities provided by Bitkom in Berlin Mitte.

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High Availability for Drupal Part 2 - The Contenders

When looking at high availability for any CMS, and particularly for Drupal, the list of contenders for part or all of the solution is growing and can be daunting. We'll take a look at the various parts of a solution and what options we have.

Go Cloud?

It seems nearly every answer to every problem in IT these days is "The Cloud", but is it?

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SkySQL Merges With MariaDB Developers To Create ‘Next Generation Open Source’ Database Company

SkySQL today announced that it has signed a merger agreement with Monty Program Ab, creators of the fastest growing open source database technology: MariaDB.  This merger reunites key members of the original MySQL AB developer and services teams. Their aim is to develop MariaDB into a truly interoperable, NewSQL open source database in collaboration with its customers, partners and the community. The company also pledges to further evolve its offering for users of the MySQL database.

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SkySQL named 2013 Top 100 Europe winner, more dates added for MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day

We were delighted last week to find out that we’d been named one of the ‘2013 Top 100 Europe’ winning companies by the Red Herring editorial team. Congratulations to all companies involved!

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Latest Addition to MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day: Calpont CTO Jim Tommaney joins as guest speaker

Join us next Friday in Santa Clara for a free day of learning and fun from the SkySQL & MariaDB gang & their partners

We’re proud to announce that Jim Tommaney, CTO of Calpont, has just signed on to speak at the MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day, hosted by SkySQL and MariaDB - taking place next Friday, April 26, directly after Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo.

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Speaker Details For MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day, hosted by SkySQL & MariaDB, in Santa Clara

Check out who’s talking, and about what, at our annual event on all things MySQL, MariaDB and Cloud - straight after Percona Live!

As we mentioned earlier this week, we’re gearing up for Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo in a few weeks.

But of course, we’re getting particularly excited as we prep for the 2nd annual SkySQL and MariaDB MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day, which takes place on the day (Friday, April 26) right after Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo.

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