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Book review: Instant InnoDB

Instant Innodb, by Matt Reid

This book does a good job of explaining the InnoDB internals. I have found particularly useful the section where it describe in detail all the server variables affecting InnoDB. Although these variables are also in the MySQL manual, some of them have never been explained to me as thoroughly as this book as done.

The title claims that it is a InnoDB reference. If is more than that, as the reference part id covered in three chapters. The rest of the book gives useful advice on maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Our Effective MySQL Books

At Effective MySQL we provide resources for the DBA, Developer and Architect to best use MySQL. This includes currently three books in our series, available in print, PDF and Kindle formats.

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Replication Techniques in depth

The third book of the Effective MySQL series provides the reader with the tools, knowledge and tips for managing a scalable MySQL Replication environment.


  1. The Five Minute DBA
  2. Diagnosing Common Replication Problems
  3. Improving Standard Replication Features
  4. Understanding Multi-Master Replication
  5. MySQL Replication Tools
  6. Extending Replication for Practical Needs
  7. MySQL Configuration Options
  8. Monitoring Replication

You can find the code examples from this book at

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This title is available in print, PDF and Kindle formats from these retailers.

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Backup and Recovery

The second book of the Effective MySQL series provides the reader with the tools, knowledge and tips necessary for a successful MySQL Backup and Recovery Schedule. Included in this book are examples of mysqldump, LVM snapshots, mylvmbackup, MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB), Xtrabackup and mydumper. Advanced options including compression, incremental backups, partial backups and remote capabilities are discussed and examples provided with an example 5GB database.


  1. The Five Minute DBA – Download Sample Chapter (PDF)
  2. Understanding Backup Options
  3. Understanding Business Requirements
  4. Using Replication
  5. Understanding Recovery Options
  6. MySQL Configuration Options
  7. Disaster Scenarios
  8. Optimizing Backup & Recovery
  9. MySQL …
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Optimizing SQL Statements

The first book of the Effective MySQL series provides the reader with the tools, knowledge and tips necessary for optimizing SQL Statements in MySQL.

Written by Oracle ACE Director and MySQL expert Ronald Bradford, Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements is filled with detailed explanations and practical examples that can be applied immediately to improve database and application performances. Featuring a step-by-step approach to SQL optimization, this Oracle Press book helps you to analyze and tune problematic SQL statements.

  • Identify the essential analysis commands for gathering and diagnosing issues
  • Learn how different index theories are applied and represented in MySQL
  • Plan and execute informed SQL optimizations
  • Create MySQL indexes to improve query performance
  • much more…


  1. The Five Minute DBA – …
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MariaDB Crash Course

Ben Forta, the author of MySQL Crash Course and Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes, has written what I believe is the first MariaDB-specific book: MariaDB Crash Course. I just received word from Ben that the book is now shipping.

Most MySQL books can, of course, be used to learn almost everything you need to know about using MariaDB. But with all of the features and abilities MariaDB has gained in the MariaDB 5.2 and MariaDB 5.3 releases, it’s nice there is now a book specific to MariaDB.

You don’t need to know anything about MariaDB or MySQL in order to get the most …

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MariaDB Crash Course released

I am happy to announce that the first MariaDB book is released!

The book is called MariaDB Crash Course and is written by Ben Forta, who also wrote the MySQL Crash Course book.

Quoting the book description:

"This book will teach you all you need to know to be immediately productive with MySQL. By working through 30 highly focused hands-on lessons, your MySQL Crash Course will be both easier and more effective than you'd have thought possible"

This is great news for new users to SQL and to MariaDB as it makes it easier for them to get things going quickly!

You can find a link to this book and other recommended MariaDB / MySQL books …

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Book: MariaDB Crash Course

Exciting news – MariaDB gets its first book!

Many years ago I read Ben Forta’s MySQL Crash Course . It is a book targeted at beginners of MySQL. Ben has now written another book, titled: MariaDB Crash Course.

Its still targeted at beginners, and covers many of the new features that are available in MariaDB up to version 5.2. I had the pleasure of pre-reading it, and did send in lots of comments to Ben, and if implemented we’ll see some stuff in there that is current even for MariaDB 5.3, like dynamic columns and …

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SQL-99 Complete, Really

You can now enjoy  SQL-99 Complete, Really by Peter Gulutzan and Trudy Pelzer aka. “The Definitive Door Stopper” online in our Knowledgebase at

Thanks to our technical writer and system administrator at Monty Program Ab Daniel Bartholomew we now have a complete description of the SQL-99 standard for syntax, data structures, and retrieval processes of SQL databases. As an example-based reference manual it includes all of the CLI functions, information, schema tables, and status codes.

Please make sure to check out our commenting system. You can add your …

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Book review: MySQL 5.1 plugin development
MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development,
by Sergei Golubchik and Andrew Hutchings.
Packt Publishing, 2010.
Executive summary: Highly recommended. If you want to develop MySQL extensions, buy this book. It's a must, written by two expert professionals who probably know more than anyone else on this matter. The book is full of practical examples explained with the theoretical information necessary to make it stick.

This book fills a gap in the world of MySQL documentation. Although the MySQL docs are extensive and thorough, to the point that sometimes you wished that the writers were less verbose and stick more to the topic, when …
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