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LinuxCon North America in Seattle

I’m excited to be at LinuxCon North America in Seattle next week (August 17-19 2015). I’ve spoken at many LinuxCon events, and this one won’t be any different. Part of the appeal of the conference is being able to visit a new place every year.

MariaDB Corporation will have a booth, so you’ll always be able to see friendly Rod Allen camped there. In between talks and meetings, there will also be Max Mether and quite possibly all the other folk that live in Seattle (Kolbe Kegel, Patrick Crews, Gerry Narvaja).

For those in the database space, don’t forget to come attend some of our talks (represented by …

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Drizzle Meeting Photos

I didn’t take many photos at the Drizzle Meeting, although I did take a couple at the end at the Hopvine (just down the road from Brian’s place).

A good read is Brian’s wrap up of the meeting.

But we have (courtesy of Brian):

and a couple I took at the Hopvine:

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Meeting with Patrik today

I met with my boss, Patrik today. We discussed some of the work I've been doing the last quarter, the direction we're planning on going and some of the expectations for the next quarter. I also completed my expense report for the trip to Germany in September. Finally.

I feel pretty special that someone would travel from Finland to Seattle in order to see me. Even if it's a stop-off on the way to Cupertino :)

We had lunch at the space needle after our meeting. Very good (and expensive) food there. As the restaurant rotated, I gave him the sitting tour of the layout of the city.

Afterwards, we drove over 520 and did a drive-through tour of Redmond and the Microsoft campus. …

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