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Docker MySQL Replication 101

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the basics regarding Docker MySQL replication. Docker has gained widespread popularity in recent years as a lightweight alternative to virtualization. It is ideal for building virtual development and testing environments. The solution is flexible and seamlessly integrates with popular CI tools.


This post walks through the setup of MySQL replication with Docker using Percona Server 5.6 images. To keep things simple we’ll configure a pair of instances and override only the most important variables for replication. You can add whatever other variables you want to override in the configuration files for each instance.

Note: the configuration described here is suitable for development or testing. We’ve also used the …

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Installing MySQL in Solaris 10 zones / containers

Now that installing MySQL in Solaris zones is even officially supported by the MySQL support group (see, the question is: What is the right way of installing MySQL in a zone. Of course this depends on what you want to achieve. The following description is based on Solaris 10. On Opensolaris this is different (somewhat easier, as there are no more sparse root zones.)
If you run a local zone as a whole root zone, you can easily install MySQL from tarball or the package installer.
If you run a local zone as a sparse root zone, there are different options:
First you cannot use the package installer, as this procedure will copy binaries to /usr/bin. But /usr/bin is inherited from the global zone and write protected. You have to use the tarball installation. …

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Cloning zones


Creating a datacenter in one Solaris machine

There is a big event coming: Cebit!And with that I took the task to implement a demo for MySQL Enterprise Monitor to show at the Sun booth. So I need a machine for the enterprise monitor and some machines to run MySQL databases. After all I need something to monitor.So the setup will be an Ultra 24 desktop machine installed with OpenSolaris 2008.11 . For every machine I will install a zone to run a separate database and one zone to run the enterprise monitor.
So here is my first round of experiences: Installing a template container on OpenSolaris and cloning …

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