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MySQL User Camp, Bangalore

We are happy to announce upcoming “MySQL User Camp, Bangalore” on 27thApril 2018. This time with following presentations:

  • MySQL Docker with Demo
  • What’s new in MySQL 8.0
  • Customer Experience: InnoDB Cluster Implementation.

Explore the opportunity to get to know more about MySQL by networking with other MySQLers.

Date/Time: Friday 27th Apr 2018, 3 pm – 5:30 pm

Venue details:

  • OC001, Block1, B wing,
  • Kalyani Magnum Infotech Park,
  • J.P. Nagar, 7th Phase Bangalore – 76

Registration: Free (FCFS)                     

Registration: Please send an email to 

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List of Conferences & Events w/ MySQL, April - June 2018!

We are happy to announce a list of events which we - MySQL &/or MySQL Community Team - are attending and speaking at during the period of time of April to June 2018. Please be aware that the list does not have to be final, during the time more events could be added or some of them removed. 

April 2018:

  • PHP Yorkshire, Yorkshire, UK, April 13-Workshop, April 14-Conference, 2018

    • Same as last year we are sponsoring and attending this conference as Silver sponsor. You can find us at MySQL booth in expo area.
  • Darkmira PHP Tour, Brasilia/DF, April 14-15, 2018
    • Do not miss the Keynote given by Sheeri K. Cabral, who is the leader of MySQL Community.  Sheeri will …
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dbdeployer GA and semantic versioning

dbdeployer went into release candidate status a few weeks ago. Since then, I added no new features, but a lot of tests. The test suite now runs 3,000+ tests on MacOS and a bit more on Linux, for a grand total of 6,000+ tests that need to run at least twice: once with concurrency enabled and once without. I know that testing can't prove the absence of bugs, but I am satisfied with the results, since all this grinding has allowed me to find several bugs and fix them.

In this framework, I felt that dbdeployer could exit candidate status and get to version 1.0. This happened on March 26th. An immediate side effect of this change is that from this point on, dbdeployer must adhere to the semantic versioning principles:

A version number is made of Major, Minor, and Revision. When changes are applied, the following happens:

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MySQL Yum repo setups for commercial and community use cases

MySQL Package Management Options In this blog we will explore some interesting ways to install MySQL Community and Enterprise Edition binaries using your associated Linux package manager.  In this case we’ll look mostly at the Yum package manager on Oracle Linux.  The benefit of these package managers is that you can install software packages easily,… Read More »


MySQL is again a part of the FOSSASIA - Free Open Source Summit Asia  2018 which will be hold on March 22-25, 2018 in Singapore. Do not miss to come to our booth in exhibition area as well as do not miss MySQL related talks in Database track... See some of them below and at Fossasia schedule:

Saturday, March 24, 2018:

  • 10:00-11:00 MySQL Community Gathering - come to join to the MySQL meetup or other community! Come to Lounge area of the Summit to meet Ricky Setyawan.
  • 11:30-11:55 Database Lightning Talk by Ricky Setyawan, the Principal Sales Consultant
  • 17:00-17:25 Breaking through with MySQL 8.0, by Ricky Setyawan, the Principal Sales Consultant

Sunday, March 25, 2018:

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MySQL security for real users

Security features overview

One of Oracle's tenets is the focus on security. For this reason, when it took over the stewardship of MySQL, it started addressing the most common issues. It was not quick acting, but we have seen real progress:

  1. MySQL 5.7 has removed the anonymous accounts, which was the greatest threat to security. Because of those accounts, and the default privileges granted to them, users without any privileges could access the "test" database and do serious damage. Additionally, because of the way the privilege engine evaluates accounts, anonymous users could hijack legitimate users, by preventing them to work properly.
  2. The "root" account now comes with a password defined during …
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The confusing strategy for MySQL shell

Where the hell is it?

The MySQL shell is a potentially useful tool that has been intentionally made difficult to use properly.

It was introduced, with much fanfare, with the MySQL Document Store, as THE tool to bridge the SQL and no-SQL worlds. The release was less than satisfactory, though: MySQL 5.7.12 introduced a new feature (the X-protocol plugin) bundled with the server. The maturity of the plugin was unclear, as it popped out of the unknown into a GA release, without any public testing. It was allegedly GA quality, although the quantity of bug reports that were filed soon after the release proved otherwise. The maturity of the shell was known as "development preview", and so we had a supposedly GA feature that could only be used with an alpha …

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MySQL 8.0.4, OpenSSL, and MySQL Community Edition

Starting with the MySQL Community 8.0.4-RC we are unifying on OpenSSL as the default TLS/SSL library for both MySQL Enterprise Edition and MySQL Community Edition. Previously, MySQL Community Edition used YaSSL.

Why make this change?

  • Community Requests – Supporting OpenSSL in the MySQL Community Edition has been one of the most frequently requested features.

List of Conferences & Events w/ MySQL, January - March 2018!

As a tradition (and follow up of the previous announcement posted on Oct 23, & Sep 15, 2017) we would like to inform you about a conferences & events we - MySQL Community Team - are attending together with MySQL experts in the first quarter of 2018. Please be aware that the list does not have to be final, during the time more events could be added or some of them removed.  

January 2018:  

  • OpenSource Conference (OSC) Osaka, Japan, January 26-27, 2018

    • We are happy to announce MySQL attendance and MySQL session at the OSC event in Osaka, Japan. Please do not miss …
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MySQL event by Romanian Oracle User Group (RoOUG) & MySQL Community team

Our pleasure to announce that MySQL Community team is present at the RoOUG event with two MySQL talks. Please find the details below:

  • Date: December 12, 2017
  • Place: Bucharest, Romania (Oracle Romania, Floreasca Park, ground floor GF13)
  • Agenda:
    • 18:30 – 18:40 – Registration
    • 18:40 – 19:30 – MySQL InnoDB Cluster – speaker Frédéric Descamps, MySQL Community Manager
    • 19:30 – 19:45 – Coffee Break
    • 19:45 – 20:35 – MySQL Document Store – speaker Frédéric Descamps, MySQL Community Manager
    • 20:35 – 21:00 – Q&A, networking
  • URL (more information and registration):  …
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