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The Story of our Sea Lion

Why a sea lion? That’s a question we get every now and then, most recently at FOSDEM. Here is the story: Our Founder Monty likes animals in the sea. For MySQL, he picked a dolphin, after swimming with them in the Florida Keys. For the MariaDB sea lion, there was a similar encounter. It happened […]

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FOSDEM Reflections / MySQL – MariaDB DevRoom

What a great place for informal interactions, strengthening the network, and hearing the latest news from the grapevine! Last weekend 1.-3. Feb 2019, over 8000 developers met in Brussels for FOSDEM 2019. For the overall atmosphere, take a look at this 1:05 long video by Sofia Ek. MariaDB Foundation was present with six staff people […]

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Invitation to the upcoming MySQL User Camp Bangalore!
MySQL Meetup in Dubai

We are happy to invite you to the upcoming MySQL Meetup in Dubai. Please find details below:

  • Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019
  • Time: 7:30-9:30 pm
  • Place: Oracle Office Building 6 Internet City, Room Jumeirah (map)
  • Agenda: MySQL Clustering and how to make the database "High Available" -> with focusing on MySQL InnoDB Cluster (8.0) and MySQL NDB Cluster (7.6), speaker: Ted Wennmark, the MySQL Cluster Specialist
  • More information

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Where you can find MySQL in February & March 2019!

We continue with announcing the upcoming shows & conferences where you can find MySQL Community or MySQL Experts at. Please find the list of events with details below. 

February 2019:

  • FOSDEM 2019, Brussels, Belgium, February 1& 2-3, 2019

    • MySQL is again part of FOSDEM. Again this year with a MySQL booth & the whole day of MySQL dedicated talks in the MySQL track, see schedule here. There is also MySQL Pre-Fosdem Day followed by MySQL Pre-Fosdem Dinner, both planned for February 1, 2019. See more details in Fred Descamps' blog.
    • We are really looking to meeting you at this biggest OS …
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Where you can find MySQL in January 2019!

We would like to continue with announcing the shows where you can find & meet MySQL Community members or MySQL experts. Please find the list below (this time only for January 2019). Further events will come up later on.

  • Oracle OpenWorld UK/EMEA, London, UK, Jan 16-17, 2019

    • MySQL team is going to be part of this Oracle show in London. You can visit Oracle/MySQL booth in the Zone 2-O and you can attend a talk given by Mark Swarbrick, the MySQL Principle Presales Consultant as follows:
      • MySQL 8.0: Top 10 Features for DBAs and Developers scheduled for Wed, Jan 16, 2019, 15:10-15:55, @Arena 6 (level 3) - ExCeL London
    • We are really looking forward to talking to you there!
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On Percona Community Blog

I liked Percona Community Blog from the beginning. First of all, the idea is great. There is no other community blog for the MySQL ecosystem.

Well, Oracle has its own – and I have to say, they are correct: as far as I know, they never censored posts about MariaDB and Percona Server, nor opinions that they don’t like. I wrote heavy criticism about Oracle, sometimes using strong terms (“another dirty trick”), but they never censored me. I like to be fair regardless who/what I’m talking about, so this is a good time to spend some good words about them. Not the first time, anyway. That said, their blogroll only advertises a very small number of blogs. Very good ones of course (except for mine?), but this has the inevitable side effect of obfuscating the rest of the world. If John Doe writes an …

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OpenSource Conference Tokyo w/ MySQL

As announce on Oct 18, 2018 we would like to just remind about the Open Source Conference in Tokyo, Japan which will be hold tomorrow, December 14, 2018. Please come to hear the MySQL talk on "State of Dolphin" by Yoshiaki Yamasaki, the MySQL Senior Sales Consultant Asia Pacific and Japan region. During his talk the general product updates will be covered. You can also find our team at the MySQL booth in the expo area.

We are looking forward to seeing and talking to you at this show!


Where you can find MySQL this week

Just a friendly reminder for another two shows where you can find MySQL team at this week. 

  • Feira do Conhecimento Brazil is a unique event with more than 10.000 attendees. There will be about 200 exhibitors on 9000m2 of expo space presenting technological solutions to improve key areas for society such as health, education, cities, agriculture, water resources, renewable energies, inclusion and diversity. The show will bring together academia, business, government and community to show how science and technology can help reduce inequalities. We are happy to be part of this show with our talk and MySQL representative!

    • Place: Fortaleza, Brazil
    • Date: November 21-24, 2018
    • Approved Talk: "Innovation, Business & Technology"  …
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Another shows this week with MySQL!!!

We are happy to confirm that we are ready for another two shows which will take place this week. One in the US second in Europe. Please find details below:

  • PHP[World]

    • Place: Washington DC, US
    • Date: November 14-15, 2018
    • MySQL Community team is a Workshop sponsor here with David Stokes, the MySQL Community Manager as MySQL representative on site. 
    • Place: Pravets, Bulgaria
    • Date: November 16, 2018
    • MySQL sponsors & attends this show for years. This year Georgi Kodinov, the Senior Software Developer Manager for MySQL will have a talk on "Data Masking in MySQL Enterprise 5.7 and …
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