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Where you can find MySQL in June-July 2019

As continue of our previous announcement from March 14, please find below a list of shows & conferences where you can find MySQL team at:

  • June 2019:

    • OpenSource Conference, Hokkaido, Japan, May 31-June 1, 2019

      • As we already announced MySQL is a Gold sponsor of this OS show. Our MySQL local team is going to staff the MySQL booth in the expo area as well having a MySQL talks as follows:
        • "MySQL Update + MySQL InnoDB Cluster" given by Daisuke Inagaki, the MySQL Principal Solutions Engineer. His talk is being hold on May 31 @13:55.
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Where you can find MySQL this week...

It's our pleasure to mention 2 shows we are supporting & attending this week. They are: PHPTek19, May 21-23, 2019, Atlanta, US. MySQL Community team is again a proud sponsor of this great event. 

The second show is OpenSUSE, May 24-26, 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany where MySQL is a Silver sponsor with a MySQL booth in the expo area. We will be happy to hear feedback, answer your questions and have discussion with you @OpenSUSE.

MySQL @OSD Poland on May 14

We would like to remind that you can find MySQL at OpenSource Day, Poland in Warsaw next Tuesday, May 14. Please find details below:

  • Name: OpenSource Day
  • Date: Tue, May 14, 2019
  • Place: Warsaw, Poland
  • MySQL Session: "MySQL InnoDB Cluster: High Availability with no stress!" given by Vittorio Cioe, the MySQL Senior Sales Consultant

This year we are sharing our resources with our friends from Oracle Linux team. You can find the Linux session just after MySQL one in the online agenda. We are also going to share the booth in expo area, so if you have any queries for either MySQL or Linux products, do not hesitate to come to talk to us to our booth in expo area! We are looking forward to talking to you in Warsaw!

Summary – Mydbops Database Meetup (Apr-2019)

Conglomeration, Collaboration and Celebration of Database Administrators

Founders of Mydbops envisioned contributing knowledge back to the community. This vision is shaping up in its 3rd edition of the Meetup held on Saturday the 27th of April, 2019. This meetup edition had drawn a good amount of members from the Open Source Database Administrative Community, to the venue.  The core agenda was set on “High Availability concepts in ProxySQL and Maxscale”. There were also presentations in MongoDB Internals along with MySQL Orchestrator and its implementation excellence at Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

The participants from various organisations like MariaDB, TeleDNA, CTS, OLA, Infosys, …

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Shows w/ MySQL this week

Just a friendly reminder for the busy week we have ahead of us... Please find below the shows you can find our MySQL staff at:

  • First show where you can fid us at is the Oracle Code in Shenzen, China 2019, April 16, 2019 

    • ​JSON is one of the flexible data for data exchange and storage today. MySQL X-DevAPI introduces a new modern and easy-to-learn way to work with JSON and Relational data. 
    • Do not miss the MySQL session scheduled for 4:05pm - 4:50pm as follows:
      • "NoSQL @ MySQL - Managing JSON Data with reliable and secured MySQL Database" by Ivan Ma, from Oracle MySQL Team & Zhou Yin Wei - Oracle MySQL ACE Director
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dbdeployer community: Part 3 - MySQL Cluster (NDB)

I remember wanting to create MySQL Cluster sandboxes several years ago. By then, however, MySQL-Sandbox technology was not flexible enough to allow an easy inclusion, and the cluster software itself was not as easy to install as it is today. Thus, I kept postponing the implementation, until I started working with dbdeployer.

I included the skeleton of support for MySQL Cluster since the beginning (by keeping a range of ports dedicated for this technology, but I didn’t do anything until June 2018, when I made public my intentions to add support for NDB in dbdeployer with issue #20 (Add support for MySQL Cluster)). The issue had just a bare idea, but I needed help from someone, as my expertise with …

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Where you can find MySQL in April & May 2019
  • .As a continue of the blog post submitted on Jan 31, we would like to share with you the list of events & conferences where you can find MySQL Community team and/or MySQL experts at. Please find below the list with all known details we have right now. 
  • April 2019:
    • Oracle Code, Rome, Italy, April 4, 2019
      • A MySQL talk was accepted for this Oracle show. Please find a talk on "NoSQL+SQL=MySQL" given by Frederick Descamps, the MySQL Community Manager.
    • DrupalCon, Seattle, US, April 8-10, 2019
      • This …
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FOSSASIA Summit 2019 with MySQL

MySQL Community with an APAC MySQL team are going to be part of the FOSSASIA Summit this week. We are a Bronze sponsor with a MySQL booth in the exhibition area. We are also having several talks in the Database track on Saturday, March 16, please see some of them below together with the details about the show:

  • Name: FOSSASIA Summit 2019
  • Place: Singapore
  • Date: March 14-17, 2019
  • MySQL talks in Database Track on Mar 16 in Training Room 2-1:
    • "Replication: What's New in MySQL 8.0" by Narendra S Chauhan, the Principal Technical Staff @Replication Development team. The talk is scheduled for 10:55-11:20.
    • "Upgrading to MySQL 8.0+, a more automated experience" by Nisha Gopalakrishnan, the Principal Technical Staff @MySQL Server Development team. The talk is scheduled for …
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dbdeployer community - Part 2: Percona XtraDB Cluster

This was not on the radar. I have never been proficient in Galera clusters and related technologies, and thus I hadn’t given much thought to Percona Xtradb Cluster (PXC), until Alkin approached me at FOSDEM, and proposed to extend dbdeployer features to support PXC. He mentioned that many support engineers at Percona use dbdeployer) on a daily basis and that the addition of PXC would be welcome.

I could not follow up much during the conference, but we agreed on making a proof-of-concept in an indirect way: if several nodes of PXC can run in the same host …

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dbdeployer community - Part 1: TiDB

After a conference, when I take stock of what I have learned, I usually realise that the best achievements are the result of interacting with other attendees during the breaks, rather than simply listening to the lectures. It might be because I follow closely the blogosphere and thus the lectures have few surprises in store for me, or perhaps because many geeks take the conference as an excuse to refresh dormant friendships, catch up with technical gossip, and ask their friends some questions that were too sensitive to be discussed over Twitter and have been waiting for a chance of an in-person meeting to see the light of the day.

I surely had some of such questions, and I took advantage of the conference to ask them. As it often happens, I got satisfactory …

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