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InnoDB Cluster with MySQL Server 5.7 & MySQL-Shell & Router 8.0

Below I will show you how to build the solution + manage your capabilities & compared against having MySQL 8.0 Server’s usage. This post will also demonstrate using MySQL’s Pluggable Password Store and the API-CLI for all password and cluster commands. These are MySQL 8.0 Features in the MySQL-Shell 8.0, of course. Understanding & Building the Solution The… Read More »

InnoDB Cluster, Managing Async Integration

In MySQL 8.0.17 there have been a lot of updates to the MySQL set of offerings. We’ve introduced Cloning into InnoDB Cluster 8.0.17, advances with the MySQL-Router in 8.0.17 and MySQL continues to expand its collection of automation managed features. When Group Replication was first introduced in MySQL 5.7.17, there was considerably less to manage right away compared… Read More »

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