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Java with K8S using MySQL MDS

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the Oracle Cloud Platform where the tutorial leverages 3 services – namely the MySQL Database Service (MDS), Kubernetes Container (K8s) under Developer Services and Compute VM services.

This article is written to provide the steps to provision MDS, K8s and Compute VM services.   It also provides the steps to create a docker image from Image:java:latest as tar for local node image repository import (loading).  

2 Java Client sources are used with the tutorial.

  • – it is a simple hello world output java source
  • – it is multi-threaded java application with Runnable Thread to pump Data into MySQL Database Service.   It uses the Connect/J (MySQL JDBC Driver) to connect to MySQL MDS.

MySQL Shell is …

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MySQL Database Service Now Available in Frankfurt, London, Phoenix and Sao Paulo

MySQL Database Service is expanding to more Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Regions. In addition to the US East (Ashburn), we are rolling out the Service to the United Kingdom (London), Germany (Frankfurt), Brazil (Sao Paulo), and the US West (Phoenix).

Go to and get access to a wide range of Oracle Cloud services for 30 days, including MySQL Database Service in Ashburn and Frankfurt Regions. Check the documentation for the quick steps to create your MySQL databases.

We will be rolling out even more Regions soon. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to register for the live MySQL Database Service webinar series:

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Migrate from on premise MySQL to MySQL Database Service

If you are running MySQL on premise, it's maybe the right time to think about migrating your lovely MySQL database somewhere where the MySQL Team prepared a comfortable place for it to stay running and safe.

This awesome place is MySQL Database Service in OCI. For more information about what MDS is and what it provides, please check this blog from my colleague Airton Lastori.

One important word that should come to your mind when we talk about MDS is SECURITY !

Therefore, MDS endpoint can only be a private IP in OCI. This means you won't be able to expose your MySQL database publicly on the Internet.

Now that we are aware of this, if we want to migrate an existing database to the MDS, we need to take care of that.

What is my case …

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MySQL Database Service - Webinar Series

We have scheduled a series of several live webinars about MySQL Database Service, the only service 100% developed, managed and supported by the MySQL Team.  

Our webinars will cover a full introduction to the new service.  We will discuss the business benefits of using the MySQL Database Service compared to on-premises and vs services of “forked” cloud versions of MySQL.  We will show you how to migrate your existing database from on-premises directly into the new service.  We will demonstrate how to migrate data from RDS to the MySQL Database Service.  And if you happen to use WordPress, we will also show you how to run WordPress with the MySQL Database Service. 


Date: 9/9/2020 @9AM PST
Title: Introduction to MySQL …

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Introducing the MySQL Database Service

The MySQL team is thrilled to introduce the MySQL Database Service in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the only service 100% developed, managed, and supported by the MySQL Team.

For those not familiar with MySQL Database Service, it is the same MySQL you know and use, now available in the cloud as a fully-managed service running on Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure. It automates time-consuming tasks such as MySQL instances provisioning, patches and upgrades, and backups and restores. Users can easily scale MySQL, monitor cloud resources, and implement security best practices to meet regulatory requirements. Customer applications simply access the MySQL databases via standard MySQL protocols. The typical administrative tasks are automated, integrated, and accessible via the OCI web console, REST API, CLI, or DevOps tools.

The MySQL Database Service is available in multiple OCI Regions and quickly expanding to meet your …

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