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Percona Monitoring and Management a Trend Setting Product for 2018

…but don’t just take our word for it… DBTA Trend-Setting Products for 2018

The online industry news magazine Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) has included Percona Monitoring and Management in its roundup of Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018.

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MySQL Community Awards: Community Contributor of the Year 2014

As one decompresses from the active month that April brings to the MySQL ecosystem, its worth noting that I received a MySQL Community Award – Community Contributor of the Year 2014 award at the Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2014 in Santa Clara. I was extremely happy and thankful to receive such an award and I still am. Thank you MySQL Community.

My reason for winning, now immortalised:

Colin’s list of service to the MySQL Community goes back almost 10 years. He was a community engineer starting in 2005, chaired some of the O’Reilly MySQL conferences, ran the MySQL projects for Google Summer of Code. As a partner and …

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A great day! MySQL Sandbox and Continuent get a MySQL Community Award

It was a busy day at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2013. After the regular sessions, there were the traditional MySQL Community Awards, and two entities close to me were among the winners.

  • My company, Continuent won the award as Corporate Contributor of the year;
  • My pet project of the last 7 years, MySQL Sandbox, won the award as Application of the year 2013.

Thanks to the MySQL community for these awards. They give me (and my colleagues) a goos feeling of appreciation.

The day was even more successful for four major occurrences that contributed to my wellness:

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Thanks to Community for Selecting Tokutek for Prestigious MySQL Award

We wanted to thank everyone for naming Tokutek the Corporate Contributor of the Year 2013 for ongoing contribution to the MySQL community.

The MySQL Community Awards are given annually to the people and companies that support the MySQL ecosystem. The MySQL Community Award for Corporate Contributor of the Year recognizes a company or other organization or entity that has made valuable contributions to the MySQL ecosystem either in terms of open source code, knowledge, funding or other resources or sponsorship. The winners are selected by an independent community panel.

“Open Source is about collaborating and contributing to build …

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Oracle "Technologist of the Year: Developer" Award

I am honored to receive Oracle's Technologist of the Year: Developer award, formerly Oracle Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards.

Technologist of the Year Award is given for individuals for their technical achievements with regard to Oracle products.

As opposed to community based awards, to win this award one must be nominated by himself or his company. There are several award categories: Developer, DBA, IT Manager etc., and many nominations per category. I have been nominated by my company and am happy to have won the award in the …

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Oracle ACE

I am honored to have been nominated for, and to have received the Oracle ACE award.

Nomination for this award is made by Oracle community members, and in this case those being Oracle employees Keith Larson and Dave Stokes. The award is given by Oracle for my involvement in the Oracle/MySQL community and for my contributions.

While open source involvement is generally done in the mere purpose of sharing knowledge and solutions, recognition plays a role in it. For the most part, one who writes blogs wants them to be read, and one who writes code wants it to be downloaded and tested, which is an elemental type of recognition, and what I aim for.

The recognition given by the Oracle ACE award makes for a wonderful complement, being given by the corporate with whose products I'm involved. It is great to get a surprising "Hey, …

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MySQL Wins the php|architect Impact Award for Data Management

MySQL was voted as the winner in the Database Management category in 2011 Impact Awards!

Selected by the subscribers of php|architect magazine, the winners represent the projects that have had the most impact on the day-to-day lives of PHP developers.

Thank you, PHP developers!

Best Start-up: Severalnines - at EuroCloud Sweden Award

Severalnines is proud to announce that it won the Best Startup prize at the EuroCloud Sweden Award in Stockholm this week. The company was chosen out of a number of promising startups targeting the emerging cloud computing market.

The jury noted that “Severalnines have a compelling idea to cloud-enable any customer-preferred database in mission-critical setups. Together with a simple-to-use configurator they put the user in control.”

We are quite honored and proud to receive the Best Startup award. Through our flagship product ClusterControl™, it is our objective to make complex database tasks easy and even enjoyable for our users, and above all, to make sure …

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Pewter for Tungsten - Thanks, MySQL community!
After the opening keynote at the MySQL Conference, there was the usual ceremony of the MySQL community awards. Since Oracle declined to continue in the MySQL AB tradition of awarding the contributions from the community, the community itself has taken over.
I was pleasantly surprised to find my name among the recipients, and even more about the prize awarded to my company's product, the Tungsten Replicator.
The surprise comes because we have been making noise about this product for only a few months, after we finalized our plans to split the company products between open source and enterprise. Apparently, it has been the right kind of noise, …
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Video recordings from the CeBit 2009 Open Source Forum now available

At this year's CeBit 2009 trade fair, there was a dedicated exhibition area called the Open Source Forum. In addition to providing booths for various Open Source projects, they also had a stage for presentations about different topics. Every talk was recorded and available as a live stream during the show.

My dear colleague Simon Phipps spoke about "Adoption-Led: The Third Wave of Open Source" on Wednesday, I gave a presentation about "MySQL Backup and Security Best Practices" on Friday. The recording of these and all other talks as well as the Linux New Media Award ceremony are now available from the archives. Enjoy!

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