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Testing and verifying your MySQL backup strategy presentation

From the IAOUG Gold Coast OTN Day, Ronald Bradford gave a presentation on “Testing and Verifying your MySQL Backup Strategy”. Details in this presentation included:

Download PDF Presentation

  • Product options
    • mysqldump
    • mysqlpump
    • mydumper
    • Xtrabackup
    • MySQL Enterprise Backup
    • LVM/SAN Snapshot
    • Filesystem copy
  • Binary log backup …
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OOW16 talk – MySQL X protocol – Talking to MySQL directly over the Wire

Oracle Open World 2016 has just finished in San Francisco and we are now about to embark on Percona Live Europe in Amsterdam. I offered a presentation in San Francisco on the MySQL X protocol, the new protocol that Oracle is using to make the DocumentStore work. This new protocol also allow you to send … Continue reading OOW16 talk – MySQL X protocol – Talking to MySQL directly over the Wire

MySQL Role-Based Security, Data Masking and Auditing Presentation

At our September 2016 New York City MySQL Meetup was a demonstration of how to implement role-based security in MySQL using Hexatier. In addition, several other important security features demonstrated included role based dynamic data masking down to a per column level and full statement auditing.

Thanks to Scott Unrick, Lead Database Administrator at Teladoc for the great presentation. Slides are available here.

Hexatier – MySQL Role-based Security & Data Masking from

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Lightning talks at Percona Live Amsterdam: come on stage!

The schedule to Percona Live Europe 2016 is being finalized. It should be published soon, and it will include 3 hour and 6 hour tutorials, regular 50-minute talks, and shorter 25-minutes talks. It will not include, however, the lightning talks, a session comprising several 5-minute talks, and they are missing from the initial schedule for two reasons:

  • We want to offer a chance to all attendees to propose a lightning talk for some time. We would like to have more quality material to choose from.
  • They will not be in the conference venue. Instead, they will be hosted at Booking, during the community dinner.

Unlike in previous editions, though, the lightning talks will …

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Lightning talks at Percona Live Data Performance Conference

The main schedule for the Percona Live Data Performance Conference is available. Almost everything has been defined. There are tutorials and plenty of sessions waiting for conference attendees.

One thing that is still undefined is the session of lightning talks. The …

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MySQL and Docker on a Mac: networking oddity

This is a quick post only indirectly related to the series of articles about Docker that I have written recently.

Yesterday I was giving a presentation about Docker in Buenos Aires, and as usual I included a long live demo. Almost all went as expected. There was one step that I tried some time ago, and had always worked well, but when I tried to repeat it on stage, it failed miserably:

  • Step 1: run the container
$ docker run  -d --name mybox -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=secret mysql/mysql-server …
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MySQL @ Twitter NY Meetup Presentation

At our August meetup, our guest Calvin Sun gave a presentation on life @ Twitter. Some of the details of his presentation included:

Download PDF Presentation

  • Information on existing data and storage solutions in operation.
  • MySQL 5.6 performance improvements over MySQL 5.5
  • The short upgrade cadence, most servers are running 5.6.26.
  • Various patches and optimizations developed by Twitter to run at scale.
  • Cotton on Mesos
  • Best practices

Download Introduction Slides

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High Performance SQL and NoSQL Presentation

Download PDF Presentation

In this presentation on High Performance SQL and NoSQL to the New York Web Performance Meetup I use the simple analogy of applying the same techniques used in Web Performance Optimization (WPO) to your data path (SQL or NoSQL) performance.

This presentation provides examples for 5 of the most common WPO optimizations and how to apply this to your applications access to data:

  1. Gzip assets
  2. Make fewer HTTP requests
  3. Add expires headers
  4. Use a CDN
  5. Optimized Images

This presentation was recorded. A video link …

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MaxScale is now GA presentation

Download PDF Presentation

Thank you to Jon Day and Jaimee Swiderski from MariaDB for the organization and presentation of “MaxScale is now GA” to our New York MySQL meetup group.

For those that are not familiar with MaxScale in the MySQL ecosystem, from the initial slides:

What is MaxScale?

The simple answer is a classical proxy that sits between the database clients and servers forwarding requests and responses.
The more detailed answer is a proxy platform for building highly tailored and …

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MySQL Operations

Download PDF Presentation

This presentation from the MySQL/NoSQL/Cloud Conference in Latin America provides my experiences of the most common problems managing MySQL Operations in general with customers, and a number of current problems experienced recently.

Many consider the ease of installation and use of MySQL as a selling point, however MySQL installation is not install and forget. It sounds simple, however there are many important decisions that have long lasting effects. The choice of version, choice of repo, choice of variant is just the beginning.

The appropriate configuration before any application uses the MySQL instance is also …

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