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Video of my Percona Live Talk: Why would I run MySQL/MariaDB on POWER anyway?

Good news everyone! There’s video up for the talk I gave at Percona Live in April 2016 up: Why would I run MySQL/MariaDB on POWER anyway?

The talk is a general overview of POWER and why MySQL/MariaDB may be a good fit.

Lightning talks at Percona Live Data Performance Conference

The main schedule for the Percona Live Data Performance Conference is available. Almost everything has been defined. There are tutorials and plenty of sessions waiting for conference attendees.

One thing that is still undefined is the session of lightning talks. The …

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My lca2014 talk video: Past, Present and Future of MySQL and variants

On last Wednesday morning I gave my talk at 2014. You can now view and download the recording of it here:

(hopefully more free formats will come soon, the all volunteer AV team has been absolutely amazing getting things up this quickly).

Come Hear about MySQL Cluster Internals at the DOAG Conference

If you’re in Nuremberg Germany next week (November 15-17th) and have anything to do with Oracle or their products, then the DOAG (German Oracle User Group) conference is the place to be. I will be representing SkySQL Ab at the conference, giving a talk about the internal architecture of MySQL Cluster. The talk will look at the internals of MySQL Cluster and at the different processes that ensure the High Availability of MySQL Cluster. Beyond that, the talk will also look at how the data is stored on the data nodes, how different types of queries are resolved in the cluster, and how a primary key lookup is executed differs significantly from a tree index search. The talk will also look at the resources involved in resolving the queries.
So if any of the above sounds interesting come and listen to my talk in room Singapur at 13:00 on Tuesday!

Speaking on Tuesday: HailDB and Dropping ACID: Eating Data in a Web 2.0 Cloud World

I’m giving two talks tomorrow (Tuesday) at the MySQL Conference and Expo:

HailDB: A NoSQL API direct to InnoDB, 2:00pm, Ballroom D

Dropping ACID: Eating Data In A Web 2.0 Cloud World 3:05pm, Ballroom G

The HailDB talk is all about a C API to embed an InnoDB based relational database engine into your application. Awesome stuff (also nice and technical).

The second talk, “Dropping ACID: Eating Data in a Web 2.0 Cloud World” is not only a joke that only database people get, but a humorous and serious look at data integrity and reliability as promised by the current hype. This was quite well received at in January. So, if you weren’t in Australia in January this year, then certainly come along and see how you go …

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Speaking at the PHPBenelux march meetup

I'll be speaking the next PHPBenelux meetup in Amersfoort about implementing WebDAV using PHP. Joshua Thijssen will also be doing a talk about MySQL optimization. The meetups are free, so if you have some time after work, drop by and say hi. You can sign up at the PHPBenelux site.

Fixed in Drizzle: No more “GOTCHA’s”


At the upcoming MySQL Conference and Expo, I’m going to give a Thursday afternoon (2pm) session entitled Fixed in Drizzle: No more “GOTCHA’s”. I plan to have a lot of fun with this session..

If you go back to the very start of when I started submitting code to Drizzle (June 2008) – I was going and fixing some of my favourite “gotcha’s” inside the code: BUILD/ scripts that didn’t build the way releases would, wrappers on POSIX functions with different (and inconsistent) semantics, NETWARE support, a non thread safe client lib, my_errno (different to errno) etc. I won’t really be talking about internals like this – it may give me a happy but really isn’t the latest awesome in databases. …

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My presentation from OpenSourceDays2011

Here are the slides from my talk at Open Source Days 2011 on Saturday. The talk was about MariaDB and other parts of the MySQL development community outside of MySQL@Oracle.

For me, the most memorable part of the conference was the talk by Noirin Shirley titled Open Source: Saving the World. Noirin described the Open Source Ushahidi project and how it was used during the natural disaster crisis in Indonesia, New Zealand and other places.

Now, there is a long way from implementing group commit in MariaDB to rescuing injured people out of collapsed buildings, and not all use of Free Software is as …

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Speaking at OpenSourceDays2011

Again this year, I will be speaking about MariaDB and stuff at the OpenSourceDays2011 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference will take place on Saturday March 5, that's just over a week from now! The program is ready and my talk is scheduled for the afternoon at 15:30. Hope to meet a lot of people there!

(I will be sure to make the slides from my talk available here afterwards, for those of you interested but unable to attend.)

Here is the abstract for my talk:

Latest news from the MariaDB (and MySQL) community

A lot of Open Source software projects got transfered to Oracle last year as part of the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Not everybody in the affected Open Source communities have been happy with this transfer, to put it mildly, and projects like LibreOffice, Illumos, …

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MySQL Performance Tuning at PHPBenelux 2011 Conference

I’ll be giving a workshop/tutorial on MySQL Performance Tuning at the PHPBenelux 2011 Conference in Belgium. It’s 3.5 hours and I am sure I can discuss the new MySQL v5.5 release too.

Lots of stuff will be discussed, including configuration, understanding status variables, finding bad queries, schema tips, etc..

If you got particular ideas or concerns and are attending, just leave me message or just comment on this blog post. I’ll see if I can fit it in.

Maybe we can fix the …

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