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How Uber Engineering Massively Scaled Global Driver Onboarding

A behind-the-scenes look at how Uber Engineering continues to develop our virtual onboarding funnel which enables hundreds of thousands of driver-partners to get on the road and start earning money with Uber.

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The open card in the mobile game

I wrote last year about the way Google’s Android mobile operating system was serving as a more open alternative to Apple’s iOS, but not so open that it didn’t leave opportunity for an even more open alternative.

Given that we continue to see software patent-based attacks on Android, as well as swirling FUD around coverage of the attacks and never ending suits and settlements and courtroom developments, it is clear it will be a long time before any of this legal business is ever close to settled, unless ended by settlements first, which is likely.

However, I’m more interested in the technology in the meantime. I also think it’s interesting to see, if not a ‘more open’ …

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iOS Feature creep hurts usability

I have been a user of the iPod Touch from day one. With the iPhones being tied to unreasonably expensive mobile phone contracts it was never an option for me to buy one just for fun. But when the iPod Touch was announced I knew this was my device. I have been updating iOS whenever there was an update available, and usually I was pleased with what Apple had refined and added.

However, one thing has been bothering me for some time now, and I did not know if it was me getting older, or if really something had changed with the OS.

Long Audio Files

One of the main purposes the iPod has for me is listening to podcasts and audio books. With these I tend to almost enjoy my commutes. But also when doing chores around the house or at the gym my (now 4th gen) iPod Touch is a trusty companion.

Nevertheless, in recent times I got annoyed regularly when trying to pause playback and resume later from the lock screen. I am not …

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Tech Messages | 2010-12-21

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2010-12-14 through 2010-12-21:

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