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Localizing Mobile Apps

What do the acronyms I18N or L10N stand for? What do they mean for developers of mobile applications in particular?

I hosted a session about localizing mobile applications at Developer Week 2014 in Nuremberg. It covers — among other things — text, numbers, date and time, images, and other localizable resources.

See the codecentric blog for slides and some more details.

The post and the slides are also available in German.

Pseudolocalization for Cocoa Apps

Over on the codecentric blog I published an article about localizing iOS and OS X applications called "Pseudolocalization for Cocoa Apps". It is probably the first of a few, because it turned out rather long already.

SOAP web services with iOS

Fresh on the codecentric blog is my new post about using SOAP web services from an iOS client application.

It features a short comparison of the current state of frameworks and tools with the Java world, and then focusses on the sudzc open source library that takes a very interesting approach in generating web service client artifacts by transforming the service's WSDL into Objective-C classes using XSL transformations.

The post is available in German as well.

Rediscovering Programming with Python, Cocoa and PyObjC

Use PyObjC to code Python under the Mac Cocoa framework, and MySQLdb to interface with MySQL! That’s the advice I got in reply to my recent blog. The discussions were so inspiring that I spent all time when out running yesterday daydreaming about how wonderful it will be to rediscover the aesthetics of programming and regain the control over my personal IT.

So, to recap a bit of my thinking: Once a programmer, always a programmer. If you’ve learned how to code and to master your own IT life to a certain degree, you get used to it. At least I did. But then fate wrote a declaration of incapacity for me. Not only did I become a manager and got to do less and less coding. More aggravatingly, I changed operating systems. Gone …

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