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What does the MySQL mysqlsh util.checkForServerUpgrade() execute

During a recent Aurora MySQL 8 upgrade process, a number of validation checks have failed. This is an analysis of the error message “present in INFORMATION_SCHEMA’s INNODB_SYS_TABLES table but missing from TABLES table”.

Some background

During a Major Upgrade from Aurora MySQL 5.7 to Aurora MySQL 8.0 the cluster instances were left in an incompatible-parameters state. The upgrade-prechecks.log shed some more light on the situation with

            "id": "schemaInconsistencyCheck",
            "title": "Schema inconsistencies resulting from file removal or corruption",
            "status": "OK",
            "description": "Error: Following tables show signs that either table datadir directory or frm file was removed/corrupted. Please check server logs, examine datadir to detect the …
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The confusing strategy for MySQL shell

Where the hell is it?

The MySQL shell is a potentially useful tool that has been intentionally made difficult to use properly.

It was introduced, with much fanfare, with the MySQL Document Store, as THE tool to bridge the SQL and no-SQL worlds. The release was less than satisfactory, though: MySQL 5.7.12 introduced a new feature (the X-protocol plugin) bundled with the server. The maturity of the plugin was unclear, as it popped out of the unknown into a GA release, without any public testing. It was allegedly GA quality, although the quantity of bug reports that were filed soon after the release proved otherwise. The maturity of the shell was known as "development preview", and so we had a supposedly GA feature that could only be used with an alpha …

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