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Traversing larger graphs with OQGRAPH 3. Time for Bacon?

Using the IMDB data, I have loaded the actor and actress database into a few simple InnoDB tables and have performed the following test:

MariaDB [imdb]> show status like "Innodb_rows_read"; +------------------+---------+ | Variable_name | Value | +------------------+---------+ | Innodb_rows_read | 1237459 | +------------------+---------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

MariaDB [imdb]> select x.*

Time for an UPDATE using the Maria Storage Engine then...

Again, another simple test. Same basic tuning as yesterday, and the table schema is the same:
`c2` char(100) DEFAULT NULL,
The table is again filled with 1.3 million rows, but this time I'm doing an UPDATE. The update is again a simple primary key update:
UPDATE t1 SET c2 = CONCAT('xxx', RAND(), 'yyy') WHERE c1 = <random value 1 - 1000000>;
I run this on the Maria, InnoDB and MyISAM engines. The issues with the MyISAM and Maria engines here is that they lack row level locking. In MariaDB 5.1.47, the InnoDB version is 1.0.6, so it is more scalable than what it used to be. The testbench is not an incredibly hot machiine, just a 4 core AMD box.

I run the test in some different configurations, using a single thread, using 10 threads and using 100 threads. Here we can see that InnoDB Row-level locking …

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Visiting Monty HQ

On this big trip, I made particular effort to finally visit Monty at his home near Helsinki. Somehow, in all my years at MySQL AB, this never happened – a sad omission. So, I spent the Easter days with Monty, Anna and now 5yo Maria.

I’m not a fan of most meetings, and in many cases in-person meetings are not actually necessary to get things organised or done, but I think this was both most enjoyable as well as productive for our respective businesses and joint interests. Good company, discussion, food, drink, sauna… fabulous.

It’s a great pity we live on opposite sides of the planet, as we do get along very well together. We definitely don’t agree on everything, but we’re always absolutely direct with each other, and try to provide good arguments whenever we disagree, to explore things further.

OpenSQLCamp Videos online!

OpenSQLCamp was a huge success! I took videos of most of the sessions (we only had 3 video cameras, and 4 rooms, and 2 sessions were not recorded). Unfortunately, I was busy doing administrative stuff for opensqlcamp for the opening keynote and first 15 minutes of the session organizing, and when I got to the planning board, it was already full….so I was not able to give a session.

Drizzle Client Rewrite – Clark Boylan leads the requirements and design discussion for rewriting the Drizzle Client Drizzle Plugin Hacking[Read more]
Are closed-source MySQL storage engines compatible with MariaDB?

Following the launch of the Open Database Alliance some people have assumed that it is only a matter of time before MariaDB becomes the de facto replacement for MySQL.

That assumes that Oracle will allow the development of MySQL to stagnate, either deliberately or through neglect - something that we have expressed our doubts about, but even if that were the case it appears that the GPL (or more to the point MySQL’s dual licensing strategy) may restrict the potential for MariaDB.

Curt Monash recently raised the question of whether closed-source storage engines can be used with MySQL (and, by …

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Perl and Java Stored Procedures for MariaDB 5.1

I just applied the external stored procedure patch to a branch of MariaDB and uploaded it to LaunchPad.You can see the branch at that this is not in any reasonable condition to merge into MariaDB. Hopefully we can engage in dialog as to how we can bring this feature properly to MariaDB, MySQL and Drizzle, hopefully making the plugins

Understanding the various MySQL Products & Variants

The MySQL marketplace today is far more complex then simply choosing between a particular version of MySQL that Sun/MySQL produces.
The MySQL server product in general is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2, however you should carefully review the MySQL Legal Policies as a number of exceptions and different license agreements operate for companion tools such as MySQL Cluster, MySQL client libraries and documentation for example.

Looking into the MySQL ecosystem for products, I’ve produced the following categories:

  • Sun/MySQL Official Products
    • MySQL Versions
  • MySQL Variants
    • Community
    • Enterprise
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451 CAOS Links 2009.02.06

All change at Sun. A new CEO at Zend. Ingres enjoys revenue up 32%. Purple Labs raises funding. Is open source a danger to Microsoft or will Danger bring open source to Microsoft? (Not) open source food. And more.

It’s a good week for business card printers
There was a rush of new appointment and departure announcements this week. As already noted today, Sun has confirmed the departure of Marten Mickos as Sun is combining its Software Infrastructure organization with its Database Group to form a unified open source product group under the leadership of Karen Tegan Padir, vice president of MySQL & Software Infrastructure.

Earlier in the week Monty Widenius confirmed that he has left Sun, along …

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PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA, Maria and the Tokutek Challenge

As Peter Gulutzan just announced - we’re opening up a “new” worklog that we’ve been working on, Worklog #2360. PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.

In fact - it’s not “new”, it’s something that has been in the worklog system for a long time, and has had much much much discussion internally between some of the brightest engineers in the group.

The astute among you out there that read my post on the benchmark with Maria for the the tokutek challenge, may have noted this in the configure line that I used:

./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql –localstatedir=/data0/mysqldata \
–without-query-cache –with-extra-charsets=complex –with-pic …

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Maria trundles the tokutek challenge

So I saw the tokutek challenge, and wondered to myself how Maria would get along with it. I duly downloaded a 6.0 tree, and the iiBench code, tinkered with it to make it actually build, and fired things up.

I watched it closely, for about a day, then got bored and forgot about it. I remembered today that I should take a look!

CPU Usage (Quad Core)

Average rows per second inserted

Load Averages

You can …

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