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Monty speaks about Maria

Michael Widenius, commonly referred to as Monty, gave a very interesting talk on Maria at OSCON 2008. He not only had a talk in the main session, that was well attended, titled Architecture of Maria, the New Transactional Storage Engine for MySQL (slides are available in ODP there), he also gave one at the Sun booth, where we were running our own little “unconference”.

For those reading this in a feed reader, there’s a 23 minute video of Monty telling us more about Maria, a bit about its motivations, architecture, and where the team is at now. If you’re interested in grabbing the code, check out the …

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MySQL Conference and Expo 2008, Day Two

Day two of the conference was a little disappointing, as far as sessions went. There were several time blocks where I simply wasn’t interested in any of the sessions. Instead, I went to the expo hall and tried to pry straight answers out of sly salespeople. Here’s what I attended.

Paying It Forward: Harnessing the MySQL Contributory Resources

This was a talk focused on how MySQL has made it possible for community members to contribute to MySQL. There was quite a bit of talk about IRC channels, mailing lists, and the like. However, the talk gave short shrift to how MySQL plans to become truly open source (in terms of its development model, not its license). I think there was basically nothing to talk about there. I had a good conversation about some of my concerns with the speaker and some others from MySQL right afterwards.

There was basically nobody there — I didn’t count, but I’d say maybe 10 or 12 people. I …

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Liveblogging: Architecture of Maria By Monty Widenius

Architecture of Maria: A New Storage Engine with a Transactional Design

Goals of Maria:

  • ACID compliant
  • MVCC, transactional
  • default non-transactional and default transactional storage engine for MySQL
  • MyISAM replacement, including temporary table use
  • Storage engine good for data warehousing.
  • Allow any length transactions to take place
  • all indexes should have equal speed (clustered indexes are not in the plan)
  • log shipping — incremental backups just by copying the logs
  • used as a standalone library
  • fast count(*)
  • allow copying of Maria tables between different Maria servers
  • Better blob handling (than MyISAM) — no memory copying, or extra memory used for blobs on INSERT/UPDATE
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Storage Engines at the MySQL Conference

I’ll be following closely the progression of Storage Engines available in the MySQL Database server, well soon to be available when 5.1 gets to GA (hopefully by end of Q2 which is what we have been told). Tick, Tick, time is running out.

PrimeBase XT (PBXT) and Blob Streaming is obviously my clear focus, actually now working for PrimeBase Technologies, the company which I want to note for people is an Open Source company, committed at providing an open source alternative to the other commercial players. You also have at the MySQL Conference talks on the the existing InnoDB from Innobase (a subsidiary of market RDBMS leader Oracle). There is a …

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Maria (aka MyISAM++)

Monty has started blogging and has announced the Early Release of the sources and Specs for Maria (aka MyISAM++). Also check out comments from Guiseppe (the Data Charmer) and from the Performance blog.

Maria and Falcon are the two newest …

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