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Traversing larger graphs with OQGRAPH 3. Time for Bacon?

Using the IMDB data, I have loaded the actor and actress database into a few simple InnoDB tables and have performed the following test:

MariaDB [imdb]> show status like "Innodb_rows_read"; +------------------+---------+ | Variable_name | Value | +------------------+---------+ | Innodb_rows_read | 1237459 | +------------------+---------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

MariaDB [imdb]> select x.*


I had a good and lively audience at my presentation today. I was happy to give them a sneek preview of the Mk.III implementation of OQGRAPH.

Oh yeah! I guess I'm announcing the availability of the source code of the MkIII implementation.

Links are in my slides...

Btw, building the storage engine requires Boost libraries and libJudy installed. It's currently in a MariaDB

(UC2011) BOF - Setting up MySQL Cluster on EC2

Severalnines will host a BOF at 7pm in Ballroom A, Tuesday 04/12.

After a succesful cluster tutorial we will demo how to use Severalnines Configurator to deploy MySQL Cluster on EC2 on X computers using one command (, complete with monitoring and management.

See you there!

Users Conference 2011 - Cluster Tutorial

I will be at the MySQL UC representing Severalnines AB. Together with my friends at SkySQL (Max and Joffrey) we will have have a joint tutorial on MySQL Cluster. You will learn MySQL Cluster and we will do hands-on examples and present best practices to make your deployment easier. This also provides an excellent opportunity to discuss your requirements and get input and feedback on your database design.

Also, if you are in the area and want to discuss MySQL Cluster, high availability, scalability issues, email me at and we can organize a meeting.

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