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Impact of “tmpdir” change in MySQL replication

Recently we had encountered a strange issue with replication and temp directory(tmpdir) change while working for one major client.

All the servers under this were running with Percona flavor of MySQL versioned 5.6.38 hosted on a Debian 8(Jessie)

The MySQL architecture setup  is as follows one master with 5 direct slaves under it

Through this blog, we will take you through the issue we had faced and how we fixed ultimately.

Client Request:

There was a simple request from our client to add a column and index to a 16GB production table since the table had foreign keys, to avoid complications we decided to go with online DDL instead of pt-online-schema.

When we started to alter, it got failed due to insufficient space in “tmpdir”.MySQL by default would be using “/tmp” for temp table creating, sorting and other temp operation, Since we had only 5.7G left on the “/” …

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Advice on pt-stalk for connection saturated servers

Given an environment where a high volume web application is prone to opening many connections to backend resources, using a utility like pt-stalk is important.  When performance or availability affecting events like innodb lock waits or connection saturation occur, pt-stalk helps give you information you may need in troubleshooting what was happening.

The tendency may be to create multiple pt-stalks for various conditions.  This can be a poor decision when your server is dealing with both lock contention and high connections. When pt-stalk triggers, it …

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Mydbops Delighted to be part of Open Source India -2018

Mydbops has partnered with OSI days for the second consecutive year. OSI days is one of the Asia’s leading  open source conference.

Presentations on MySQL 

Topic        : Evolution of DBA’s in Cloud

Presenter : Manosh Malai ,Senior Devops / DB Consultant Mydbops

Kabilesh P R. Co-Founder / DB Consultant Mydbops


As Cloud is more widely adopted by industry now DBA’s should focus on ramping up their Skills on core optimisation and designing more scalable database. Our consultants emphasis the role of DBA in cloud environment and share their experience in handling large scale systems.

Topic : MySQL 8.0 = NoSQL + SQL

Presenter : …

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MySQL TDE: Online key store migration

So, if we’re applying GDPR to our system, and we’re already making use of MySQL Transparent Data Encryption / keyring, then here’s an example on how to migrate from filed-based keyring to the encrypted keyring. Online.

If you’re looking to go deeper into the TDE then I suggest reading the MySQL Server Team’s InnoDB Transparent Tablespace Encryption blog.

You’d already have your environment running, whereas I have to create one.. give me a minute please, 8.0.12 here we come:

mysqld --defaults-file=my_okv.cnf --initialize-insecure --user=khollman
mysqld --defaults-file=my_okv.cnf --user=khollman &

mysql …
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Running MySQL Shell 8.0 with Docker

In a previous blog, I discussed how to pull, install and run MySQL 8.0 with Docker.  I showed how to connect to the Docker daemon with MySQL.

Now I will show you how to connect to the same Docker instance using the MySQL Shell which is a tool to use Document Store and to create InnoDB Clusters.

Installing Docker, Starting MySQL, and Connecting using MySQL Shell

First, you grab Docker: .

Then, you pull and run MySQL 8.0 (Linux) by running the following.  Note that I’m not using a password which is just for testing a fleeting MySQL Docker container:

$ docker run –name mysql8 -e MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes -d mysql/mysql-server

Unable to find image ‘mysql/mysql-server:latest’ locally

Pull complete

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Driving Innovation with MySQL 8.0 and Docker

When I worked at Borland on InterBase (one of the first MVCC relational databases), the saxophone-playing founder of Borland, Philippe Kahn, would talk about the ‘forehead install’ at nearly every meeting that I attended. Installs should be easy, he would say. As easy as hitting your forehead to the space bar. In fact, Kahn claimed that installing software with another product “could be equivalent to a heart transplant”.

Although MySQL installs are not complex, there is one tool that can make installs and test driving new software more palatable – Docker.

There are two advantages of testing MySQL 8.0 with Docker: (1) installing and starting MySQL 8.0 is even simplier with Docker and (2) changing my.cnf values with the SET PERSIST option can also help you navigate the Docker environment.

Installing Docker, Starting MySQL, and Connecting to MySQL

First, you grab Docker:  …

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Using a trigger to parse non-conforming data in MySQL

In another post, I explained how to use the MySQL Query Re-write Plugin to manipulate data that didn’t exactly match SQL standards of MySQL. In this post, I am going to give you another example on how to use a trigger to parse non-conforming data so the data can be written to a MySQL database.

A customer came to me with a problem. They were using third-party software which produced multiple rows of comma-separated data (like a .csv file), but all of the data wasn’t on a single row. Instead, the data consisted of multiple rows of data, separated by commas and with line feeds after each row of data. Here …

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Press Release 2018-09-11: Open Query acquired by Catalyst IT Australia Pty Limited

We are pleased to announce that Open Query, Queensland-based provider of MySQL, MariaDB and related services which just celebrated its 11-th anniversary, has been acquired by Catalyst IT Australia.

Founded in New Zealand in 1997, Catalyst is an experienced and respected Open Source integrator.  Catalyst is looking forward to the opportunity to work with the current Open Query clients as well as with new prospects. Catalyst offers a broad suite of Enterprise services, including support and custom development for Drupal, SilverStripe CMS, Moodle, Samba and other software, as well as fully managed hosting on AWS and other platforms.

“Catalyst’s core values are very much aligned with those of Open Query, which is why we are particularly pleased with this outcome”, notes Arjen Lentz, Founder and Exec.Director of Open Query.

Catalyst IT Australia has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Manipulating queries with non-conforming data via MySQL Query Rewrite Plugin, triggers and stored procedures

The MySQL database is used in thousands of third-party applications, but what can you do when you want to use MySQL with an application, but that application’s queries or data doesn’t match MySQL’s data type or SQL format?

This post will show you three ways to alter a query or mismatched data when you don’t have control of the application’s source code. Of course, there are hundreds of different ways to do what I am about to show you. In this example, I will show you how to use the MySQL Query Rewrite Plugin along with a trigger to alter the non-conforming data. I will also show you an example of manipulating data with a stored procedure.

A customer emailed me with a problem. They wanted to use …

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MySQL Shell: Built-In Help


It can be hard to recall all the details of how a program and API work. The usual way to handle that is to look at the manual or a book. Another – and in my opinion – nice way is to have built-in help, so you can find the information without changing between the program and browser. This blog discuss how to obtain help when you use MySQL Shell.

MySQL Shell is a client that allows you to execute queries and manage MySQL through SQL commands and JavaScript and Python code. It is a second generation command-line client with additional WebOps support. If you have not installed MySQL Shell yet, then you can download it from MySQL’s community downloads, Patches & Updates in …

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