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MySQL Linux to Windows

My students want to transfer their course setup MySQL files from the Linux VM that I provide to Microsoft Windows 10. This post explains how because I found a couple small errors in the Google’d posts they would most likely see.

The first step is required because when I didn’t assign a name or domain to the the Fedora VM, which allows it to run as localhost on any student machine. In tandem, I didn’t assign a static IP address but opted for dynamic IP assignment. That means, the first step to securely copy the files requires you to find the assigned IP address. You can do that with the following Linux command:

ifconfig -a | grep 'inet[[:blank:]]' | head -1 | cut -c 14-30

It would return something like:

After you have discovered the IP address, you need to download PuTTy from their web site because includes the pscp (PuTTy …

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Why MySQL doesn’t start after changing datadir in Windows 10

Recently, I was working on one of the support ticket where customer was complaining that when he change datadir location by copying datadir from C: to F:, set mysql permissions and changing location in my.ini, he could not able to start mysql. Even no error msg in MySQL error log OR application log that why it doesn’t start.

We have checked all the required steps mentioned in documentations and blog posts but still the issue was not getting resolved. Finally, one of my colleague suggested to read this forum post.,659235,659254#msg-659254

and we found out that NETWORK SERVICE permission is required for datadir. By default, it will be given to the C:\ but not for other drives. So when we change any datadir to other drive like E:\ or F:\, we …

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