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Our 2013 Database survey is now live

451 Research’s 2013 Database survey is now live at investigating the current use of database technologies, including MySQL, NoSQL and NewSQL, as well as traditional relation and non-relational databases.

The aim of this survey is to identify trends in database usage, as well as changing attitudes to MySQL following its acquisition by Oracle, and the competitive dynamic between MySQL and other databases, including NoSQL and NewSQL technologies.

There are just 15 questions to answer, spread over five pages, and the entire survey should take less than ten minutes to complete.

All individual responses are of course confidential. The results will be published as part of a major research report due during Q2.

The full …

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The Data Day, Two days: January 7/8, 2013

SAP’s HANA – a floor wax *and* a dessert topping?

For 451 Research clients: SAP’s HANA database – a floor wax *and* a dessert topping?

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) January 8, 2013

Attivio has secured $8 million in new growth funding from General Electric Pension Trust |

— Attivio (@attivio) January 7, 2013

Why We Need To Kill “Big Data” | TechCrunch

— Mortar (@mortardata) January 5, 2013

Analyzing billions of credit card …

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The Data Day, A few days: January 2-4, 2013

Apache Cassandra and BigTop updates. And more

For 451 Research clients: Kx Systems aims to slipstream the ‘big data’ bandwagon to expanded kdb+ adoption

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) January 3, 2013

For 451 Research clients: IBM sheds light on ‘big data’ integration and governance the Big Blue way By Krishna Roy

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) January 2, 2013

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Cassandra v1.2

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) January …

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Webinar 10/11: Multi-Master, Multi-Site MySQL Databases Made Easy with Continuent Tungsten

Cross-site databases are the next challenge facing today's MySQL-based businesses. Continuent Tungsten provides multiple options for spreading data across sites, including primary/DR, multi-master, and system-of-record approaches. Join us to learn how Continuent Tungsten enables replication, failover, and routing of transactions between sites.

We cover the following topics:

Introduction to

Got open source cloud storage? Red Hat buys Gluster

Red Hat’s $136m acquisition of open source storage vendor Gluster marks Red Hat’s biggest buy since JBoss and starts the fourth quarter with a very intersting deal. The acquisition is definitely good for Red Hat since it bolsters its Cloud Forms IaaS and OpenShift PaaS technology and strategy with storage, which is often the starting point for enterprise and service provider cloud computing deployments. The acquisition also gives Red Hat another weapon in its fight against VMware, Microsoft and others, including OpenStack, of which Gluster is a member (more on that further down). The deal is also good for Gluster given the sizeable price Red Hat is paying for the provider of open source, software-based, scale-out storage for unstructured data and also as validation of both open source and software in today’s IT and cloud computing storage.

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MySQL 5.4 improves scalability

Somewhat overshadowed in last week's headlines was news about the forthcoming MySQL 5.4 release, internally known as "Summit." While MySQL Engineering team was somewhat heads-down last year finalizing MySQL 5.1, this new version demonstrates a dramatically shorter release cycle by focusing on just two key issues: performance and scale.

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Oracle wins 'Acquirer of the Year' award at MySQL Conference

It was a standing room only crowd at the MySQL Conference and Expo this morning in Santa Clara. With more than 2,000 attendees, this is the largest crowd the conference has ever drawn, which is saying something given that most conferences are projecting much lower numbers with the economic downturn. Perhaps open source is counter-cyclical after all and will continue to do well in tough times.

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