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Replicating in Google Cloud SQL using Tungsten

While investigating alternatives to migrate to Google Cloud SQL, I encountered a lack of support for external masters. However, it’s possible to overcome this limitation by replicating into Google Cloud SQL using Tungsten replicator.

Cloud SQL is Google’s database-as-a-service solution, similar to RDS for Amazon Web Services. You can get a fully managed database in only a few clicks (or API calls). At the time of writing this, the only supported databases are MySQL and Postgres.

Cloud SQL alternatives

Google offers two different options for MySQL deployments.

1st generation instances:

  • Only MySQL versions 5.5 and 5.6 can provisioned
  • Max memory is limited to 16 Gb
  • Max of 250 Gb storage (up to 500 Gb with Silver or higher support package)
  • MyISAM and InnoDB
  • Asynchronous replication for read replicas

2nd generation instances:

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Our 2013 Database survey is now live

451 Research’s 2013 Database survey is now live at investigating the current use of database technologies, including MySQL, NoSQL and NewSQL, as well as traditional relation and non-relational databases.

The aim of this survey is to identify trends in database usage, as well as changing attitudes to MySQL following its acquisition by Oracle, and the competitive dynamic between MySQL and other databases, including NoSQL and NewSQL technologies.

There are just 15 questions to answer, spread over five pages, and the entire survey should take less than ten minutes to complete.

All individual responses are of course confidential. The results will be published as part of a major research report due during Q2.

The full …

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jOOQ and Google Cloud SQL Example

This is all too simple. Here's how you can create an easy jOOQ / Google Cloud SQL integration example: Sign up with Google App Engine Sign up with Google Cloud SQL Create a Google App Engine project (preferably with Eclipse) Add jOOQ to your project Add your generated schema to your project Done Google Cloud … Continue reading jOOQ and Google Cloud SQL Example →

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