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How Important is the Performance of Your Database

Whether you are a database administrator, database application developer, web developer, system administrator or system architect, if you are working with a database system such as the MySQL Server, you will want to ensure the best possible performance. 

To learn about the great performance you can get from a MySQL Database, visit Dimitri's blog.

If you have experience maintaining a database server, can use MySQL tools and have knowledge of general SQL statements and SQL tuning principles, consider taking the MySQL Performance Tuning course. In this 4-day instructor-led course, you will learn about:

  • What to tune and why
  • Monitoring, benchmarking and stress tools …
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Enhancing pt-kill to Better Protect your Servers

I believe in automation as much as possible, and I'm always working to make the day to day tasks of operations as smooth as possible.  Also I try not to be afraid to take good tools and make them better.

Here in Database Ops at Box, we use pt-kill running as a service to constantly monitor our servers and help protect against long running queries.  But our thresholds are pretty generous, and in some cases it's possible for unforeseen circumstances to cause enough queries to storm the database such that we can have problems before any of them hit the threshold for "busy time."  Ditto for idle connections.

The response is that someone has to be available to manually run another copy of pt-kill with much lower thresholds to clear out these thundering herds.  But what if we could let pt-kill handle both the "normal" mode and still protect us from herds?

That's what we've done by adding a …

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Improve Your DBA Career Prospects with MySQL Database Administrators Training

MySQL DBA skills are highly sought after in the market place. The MySQL for Database Administrators course is a highly popular course created by the MySQL experts to give you hands-on experience with tasks ranging from installing MySQL to investigating different replication scenarios and planning for disaster recovery.

You can take this 5-day instructor-led course as a:

  • Live-Virtual Event: Take this class from your own desk - no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones.
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to take this class. Below is a selection of the events already on the schedule for this course.

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Get MySQL 5.6 Certified at a Much Reduced Price

You have already heard the great news that you can now prove your knowledge of MySQL Server 5.6 with the new MySQL certification exams:

Until December 21th 2013, these exams are beta phase so you get a fully-fledged certification at a much reduced price; for example $50 in the United States or 39 euros in the euro zone.

There is a lot of excitement around these new …

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Join Those Adopting the MySQL 5.6 Database

MySQL Server 5.6 has seen fast adoption - the list of performance improvements and features make a convincing argument all on their own.

Join those adopting the MySQL database by taking the MySQL for Database Administrators training course.

This 5-day course teaches you all the core dba skills including what MySQL Server 5.6 brings you in terms of Replication. You will learn about:

  • Managing the MySQL Binary Log
  • MySQL replication threads and files
  • Using MySQL Utilities for Replication
  • Designing Complex Replication Topologies
  • Multi-Master and Circular Replication
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Flaghip Course of the Authentic MySQL Curriculum

The MySQL for Database Administrators training course is the flagship course of the authentic MySQL curriculum.

To bring this 5-day, instructor-led course to the largest number of students at their convenience, this course is not only available at a wide-selection of locations around the world, but also through two delivery methods where there is no travel required:

  • Training-on-Demand: Take this course from your own desk at your own pace, following lecture material through streaming video and setting your own schedule to perform lab exercises.
  • Live-Virtual Class: Attend a live class from your own desk.

In addition to these no-travel …

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New MySQL Certification Exams

Want to prove your expertise with MySQL? Why not get certified.

Oracle has just announced the release of the new MySQL Certification Path including the:

You can register for these certification exams from today. Learn more about these certifications on the Oracle University blog.

Successful candidates will require a strong MySQL experience. Although …

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MySQL Number One Skill for Linux Careers

MySQL is the number one IT skill demanded for Linux related jobs and continues to grow in importance according to the Linux Careers IT Skills Watch update 2013. So boost your career with the authentic MySQL Curriculum.

During the top selling course, the MySQL for Database Administrator, you will learn to install MySQL products, partition data, check and repair tables, perform backups and configure replication, create secured users and enable SSL security, and much more.

You can take this instructor-led course as a:

  • Live-virtual event: Take this course from your own …
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How to troubleshoot MySQL replication issues?

In MySQL a big portion of the problems you’re facing is different replication delays so there’s no surprise this is one of the most common interview questions on DBA interviews and I still found people having problems with explaining what they would do in a certain situation. This is why I decided to write a bit about the subject.

1. IO

99% of times the reason is IO. The slave cannot keep up with the amount of writes it gets from the binary logs while in parallel it has to return results of queries as well. In spite of the common belief in MySQL it’s much easier to saturate the disk subsystem (even a raid 10 with 8 SAS disk and cache) than the network.

In this situation all you can do is try to remove some pressure from the slaves.

One way to do this is setting innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit  to 2 if it used to be 1. Usually this is enough.

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Becoming an Expert MySQL DBA Across Five Continents

You can take Oracle's MySQL Database Administrator training on five continents. In this 5-day, live, instructor-led course, you learn to install and optimize the MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and performance tuning, and protect MySQL databases.

Below is a selection of the in-class events already on the schedule for the MySQL for Database Administrators course.




 Delivery Language

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