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Incremental MYSQL loads to BigQuery using Matillion

As part of building an enterprise DW for one of our customers we had to sync a bunch of tables from a MYSQL slave to BigQuery at 30 min intervals. Considering the range of other non-relational data sources which will be part of the this load, we chose Matillion as ETL tool. Matillion is easy to setup (just provision the VM and start authoring jobs) and long list of integrations so it made sense.

This post explains building a Matillion job that does the following:

  1. Full Load
  2. Incremental load for tables with larger row count and an ID that can be looked up for new rows since last load.

MYSQL Drivers

If you came from a Google search looking for Matillion — I am assuming you are done with provisioning the instance, setting up default project etc are done, so I am skipping those. While Matillion ships with PostgreSQL drivers, for some reason it doesn’t have MYSQL …

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How to interview an amazon database expert

via GIPHY Amazon releases a new database offering every other day. It sure isn’t easy to keep up. Join 35,000 others and follow Sean Hull on twitter @hullsean. Let’s say you’re hiring a devops & you want to suss out their database knowledge? Or you’re hiring a professional services firm or freelance consultant. Whatever the … Continue reading How to interview an amazon database expert →

Will SQL just die already?

With tons of new No-SQL database offerings everyday, developers & architects have a lot of options. Cassandra, Mongodb, Couchdb, Dynamodb & Firebase to name a few. Join 33,000 others and follow Sean Hull on twitter @hullsean. What’s more in the data warehouse space, you have Hadoop, which can churn through terabytes of data and get … Continue reading Will SQL just die already? →

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