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Hello dear readers and attendees,

This is the post that I will be/ will have been referencing during my presentation to the Seattle Central Community College’s Byte club on Thursday, December 10th at 1500-1630.

I will begin with a bit of an autobio and find out what kind of students we have in attendance. Please feel free to comment if you’d like to keep in touch before or after the presentation. I will discuss some of the bits and pieces of some industry standard platforms which I’ve developed, deployed, maintained, managed, co-operated, administered and replaced. We can discuss some of the patterns that work well in the industry, and some that are a bit harder to tame.

Once we have touched most of the areas of specialization represented at the meeting, I will dive in to an AngularJS demo I am developing in github here:

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MySQL Meet-up 20141208

I had an enjoyable time last night at Twitter with local MySQL DBAs and developers. We had an attendee who has no experience with SQL or programming at all. She is interested in organizing her collection of recipes and had heard a rumor that MySQL was a good tool to use for this task. She indicated that her desktop runs Windows 7. I think I’m going to encourage her to turn her concept in to a community project, as she is not the first person I’ve met who wants to organize recipes!

We were hosted by Rob at Twitter, who used to work with Lisa back before she retired. He’s a member of the site reliability team and keeps the fail whale from rearing its blubbery head.

Pizza was provided by my dear friend and long-time open source buddy Gerry Narvaja with the assistance of the folks in the kitchen at Zeek’s.

We discussed new techniques in the areas of load …

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MySQL related IRC discussion channels

There are many MySQL related IRC discussion channels as the ecosystem itself grows. I join the following. Are there any that I’m missing?

Freenode (

  • #mysql – main channel for all kinds of end user MySQL related discussions (the noisiest of the lot, naturally)
  • #maria – main channel for all kinds of MariaDB related discussions
  • #webscalesql – for all kinds of WebScaleSQL discussions
  • #percona – main channel for all kinds of Percona related discussions
  • #tokutek – main channel for Tokutek discussions (TokuDB or TokuMX)
  • SkySQL-specific channels: #maxscale and #mariadb-mgr


  • #debian-mysql – for all kinds of Debian MySQL related bits (packaging, bugs, etc.)

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Really large NLP corpora

Jeeze people. You’re all noisy. I’m sure it was all done for posterity’s sake.

23M     irclogs/MagNET/#perl.log
29M     irclogs/freenode/#mysql.log
36M     irclogs/freenode/#debian.log
37M     irclogs/foonetic/#xkcd.log
39M     irclogs/OFTC/#debian.log
43M     irclogs/freenode/#jquery.log
44M     irclogs/freenode/#perl.log

$ for file in irclogs/MagNET/#perl.log irclogs/freenode/#mysql.log irclogs/freenode/#debian.log irclogs/foonetic/#xkcd.log irclogs/OFTC/#debian.log irclogs/freenode/#jquery.log irclogs/freenode/#perl.log; do echo -n "$file: " ; head -1 $file ; done
irclogs/MagNET/#perl.log: --- Log opened Thu May 26 08:31:32 2011
irclogs/freenode/#mysql.log: --- Log opened Wed Dec 28 09:03:49 2011
irclogs/freenode/#debian.log: --- Log opened Tue Mar 12 12:52:40 2013
irclogs/foonetic/#xkcd.log: --- Log opened Wed Dec 28 19:33:43 2011
irclogs/OFTC/#debian.log: --- Log opened Tue Jul 12 19:25:48 2011
irclogs/freenode/#jquery.log: --- Log opened Tue Jan 31 …
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Linus on Instantiation and Armadaification

I feel a sense of pride when I think that I was involved in the development and maintenance of what was probably the first piece of software accepted into Debian which then had and still has direct up-stream support from Microsoft. The world is a better place for having Microsoft in it. The first operating system I ever ran on an 08086-based CPU was MS-DOS 2.x. I remember how thrilled I was when we got to see how my friend’s 80286 system ran BBS software that would cause a modem to dial a local system and display the application as if it were running on a local machine. Totally sweet.

When we were living at 6162 NE Middle in the nine-eight 292, we got an 80386 which ran Doom. Yeah, the original one, not the fancy new one with the double barrel shotgun, but it would probably run that one, too. It was also …

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Load balancing SIP across Asterisk with BIG-IP

Topology Participating hosts

* 1x BIG-IP VE
* 1x Debian Squeeze “Provisioning Server” serving DHCP, TFTP & DNS
* 3x Nortel/Avaya 1120E hard phones flashed to SIP1120e04.01.13.00
* 2x Debian Squeeze + digium asterisk packages:

$ grep asterisk /etc/apt/sources.list
deb squeeze main
deb-src squeeze main


*CLI> module reload
*CLI> dundi show peers
*CLI> dundi show mappings
*CLI> dundi lookup 4012@extensions bypass
*CLI> dundi set debug on


*CLI> sip show peers


*CLI> dialplan show RegisteredDevices

Work in progress

Yesterday, I installed a trixbox virtual machine using the …

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IRC is the best support method and Open Source rules

I was working on a server today that was not hooked up to our usual monitoring systems for one reason or another and I needed to generate a database tuning report. Typically I use Matthew Montgomery’s ‘’ script for this since it’s command line based, simple to use, and generates a number of useful items for tuning recommendations. It’s a great starting point before delving into the deeper aspects of MySQL and the OS.

I ran into an issue with it on this server that was running the MySQL 5.0.77-percona-highperf-b13-log x86_64 build. The error was:
./ line 517: 5.000000: syntax error in expression (error token is ".000000")

There were three options to fix this issue

  1. Dive into the code and modify it cowboy style
  2. Use our typical monitoring against the client’s wishes
  3. Contact the developer to get a fix

I hopped on …

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on compiling with –disable-assert

It’s like removing the brakes from your car. yes, it will go faster (slightly less weight) but, dude, you just removed the brakes.

Ah, the heady days of LISC!

Back in the day, I played video games on computers and not much else. My mom had recently bought a 386 for the family. When she was at the computer store, the clerk asked her if she had any kids. When she replied that she had four boys, he gave her a free copy of ID Software's Doom:

One of my friends told me that this "Linx" thing is really great. That it is *much more* efficient than the windows 95 thing our cousin had gotten a beta release of.

I also heard through the grapevine that Doom, the game that got me playing computer games, had been ported to this new operating system. I went to Barnes and Noble and looked through their books on "Linx" but couldn't find anything on the subject. I had done a bit of research on the …

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Description of MaxDB code tree

I had a conversation with Daniel Dittmar, one of the developers on the SAP team today. I am trying to get familiar with the MaxDB codebase, and it's difficult to do without at least a bit of explanation. The inline English documentation is written by native German speakers, so it's often difficult to discern. Having this map will help me quite a bit. I hope it helps some others as well.

Thanks very much to Daniel for putting an evening in to documenting this.

12:56 < cj> DanielD: can you point me to some docs on the maxdb source code?
12:56 < cj> why are the different parts named with such short and
difficult-to-remember names? :)
12:57 < DanielD> partly, because if you work with them day in, day out, you
remember them anyway and they are easier to type
12:57 < cj> :)
12:58 < DanielD> what documentation there is, is either …

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