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Description of MaxDB code tree

I had a conversation with Daniel Dittmar, one of the developers on the SAP team today. I am trying to get familiar with the MaxDB codebase, and it's difficult to do without at least a bit of explanation. The inline English documentation is written by native German speakers, so it's often difficult to discern. Having this map will help me quite a bit. I hope it helps some others as well.

Thanks very much to Daniel for putting an evening in to documenting this.

12:56 < cj> DanielD: can you point me to some docs on the maxdb source code?
12:56 < cj> why are the different parts named with such short and
difficult-to-remember names? :)
12:57 < DanielD> partly, because if you work with them day in, day out, you
remember them anyway and they are easier to type
12:57 < cj> :)
12:58 < DanielD> what documentation there is, is either …

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