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Hello dear readers and attendees,

This is the post that I will be/ will have been referencing during my presentation to the Seattle Central Community College’s Byte club on Thursday, December 10th at 1500-1630.

I will begin with a bit of an autobio and find out what kind of students we have in attendance. Please feel free to comment if you’d like to keep in touch before or after the presentation. I will discuss some of the bits and pieces of some industry standard platforms which I’ve developed, deployed, maintained, managed, co-operated, administered and replaced. We can discuss some of the patterns that work well in the industry, and some that are a bit harder to tame.

Once we have touched most of the areas of specialization represented at the meeting, I will dive in to an AngularJS demo I am developing in github here:

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VBox BeatBox Ze Box, Plain

I am tired of writing about Virtual Box, but they have given me an early birthday present.

Virtual Box 2.0 dropped today.  Now I have my 64 bit guests AND apparently the lockup under OS X was a VBox defect of some sort or other, because it does not occur under 2.0.

Now if only the Windows “AMD64″ installer (ie: for the 64 bit host) would execute I might actually be able to use this thing for something serious.  Either it dislikes Intel CPUs or dislikes 32 bit Vista; VMWare doesn’t care, and neither do I, so VBox loses again.

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