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Call for Papers: "MySQL and Friends" Developer Room at FOSDEM 2011 (Feb. 5th, Brussels, BE)

It's that time of the year again — the nice folks at FOSDEM have granted us a developer room at their upcoming conference (February 5+6 2011 in Brussels, Belgium)!

As usual there were more applications than they were able to accommodate, so we are very grateful for this opportunity for collaboration. Titled "MySQL and Friends", our room next year will be H.2213 with a capacity of 100 seats. It will be at our disposal on Saturday 5th, from 13:00 till 19:00. Like last year, we would like to set up a schedule of talks related to the MySQL server and the various projects that surround it. Each talk will last 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes of Q&A and a 5 minute break for switching speakers, giving us 12 slots in total to fill with …

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MySQL stream at the UKOUG Technology & E-Business Conference on Dec. 1st in Birmingham (UK)

The UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) is an independent non-profit organisation of users of Oracle products in the UK, which organizes over 80 events per year all across the UK and Ireland. They have more that 15.000 members and were established over 25 years ago. Currently, they are in the final stretch of the preparations for their annual Technology & E-Business Conference, which will take place from November, 29th - December, 1st in Birmingham (UK).

For the first time, the conference will host a dedicated stream of presentations related to MySQL, which is scheduled for Wednesday (Dec. 1st). Targeted at database administrators, developers as well as users new to MySQL, there will be presentations from well-known speakers and participants of the MySQL community as …

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MySQL 5.5: InnoDB Performance Improvements on Windows

At MySQL, we know our users want Performance, Scalability, Reliability, and Availability, regardless of the platform the choose to deploy. We have always had excellent benchmarks on Linux, and with MySQL 5.5, we are also working hard on improving performance on Windows.

The original patch of improving Windows performance was developed by MySQL senior developer Vladislav Vaintroub; benchmarks by QA engineer Jonathan Miller. We integrated the patch into MySQL 5.5 release.

The following two charts show the comparison of MySQL 5.5 vs. MySQL 5.1 (plugin) vs. MySQL 5.1 (builtin) using sysbench:

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OpenSQL Camp Europe and FrOSCon: A summary

With OpenSQL Camp and FrOSCon being over for almost a week now, it's time to come up with a short summary. I traveled home on Monday morning and then took Tuesday off, so I had some catching up to do...

As for the past years, FrOSCon rocked again! According to the closing keynote, they had around 1.500 (unique) visitors and I had a great time there. I really enjoyed meeting all the old and new faces of the various Open Source communities. The lineup of speakers was excellent, Jon "maddog" Hall's keynote about "Free and Open Source Software in the Developing World" was quite insightful and inspiring.

Most of the time I was busy with speaking at and …

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OpenSQL Camp Europe: Some last-minute changes to the schedule

In just two days the OpenSQL Camp Europe (hosted by the excellent FrOSCon) will kick off!

We've had a few last-minute changes to the schedule, as some speakers could not make it due to visa or family issues. But we managed to keep all slots filled on both days and I think we've come up with a very nice program! In addition to the two sessions I already had, I've volunteered to take over Giuseppe's talk about Shooting from the Hip. MySQL at the Command Line.

The most up-to-date version of the schedule is on the OpenSQL Camp Wiki, I expect the remaining changes to be reflected on the …

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Seeking talks for the MySQL stream at the UKOUG Conference in Birmingham (2010-11-29/2010-12-01)

Similar to events in the US and Germany, another large Oracle User Group organization is preparing for their annual conference and would like to set up a dedicated track of sessions about MySQL – this time it's the British UKOUG  which organizes the Conference Series Technology & E-Business Suite 2010.

This annual user group event will offer a place to share knowledge and hear the latest information from key personnel about product development. This event is a technical event and not a marketing event and we'd like to encourage you to submit a MySQL-related talk!

Some more information about this conference:

  • Dates: Monday 29th November – Wednesday 1st …
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I’m at OSCON this week. Come say hi and talk Drizzle, Rackspace, cloud, photography, vegan food or brewing.

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OpenSQL Camp Europe: Time to cast your votes!

If you wonder why there hasn't been an update from me for quite a while — I just returned from two months of paternal leave, in which I actually managed to stay away from the PC most of the time. In the meanwhile, I've officially become an Oracle employee and there is a lot of administrative things to take care of... But it feels good to be back!

During my absence, Giuseppe and Felix kicked off the Call for Papers for this year's European OpenSQL Camp, which will again take place in parallel to FrOSCon in St. Augustin (Germany) on August 21st/22nd. We've received a number of …

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Upcoming speaking engagements: Grazer Linuxtage and amoocon

As I already wrote, I will be speaking at the MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara in two weeks and I am excited to be there again. This year's conference is going to be interesting for a number of reasons, but most importantly I think that the schedule looks great! This is going to be a "drinking from the firehose of MySQL knowledge" event. Afterwards, I'll be on parental leave in May and June, so I likely will miss a lot of great conferences – these months are usually quite packed, as our Open Source Events Calendar can confirm. I just received a notice that my talk …

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Experiences at GNUnify presenting Papers on MySQL

GNUnify is one of the major annual FOSS events here in India. Organised by the students of Symbiosis Institute for Computer Science & Research and the Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG), GNUnify is an event of consequence in the Indian FOSS ecosystem. This year, the conefrence took place on Feb 19th and 20th in the wonderful city of Pune.

I submitted two papers on MySQL and fortunately both of them were selected. Thanks to the organising team, who were helpful enough to schedule both …

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