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Cross your Fingers for Tech14, see you at OSCON

So I’ve submitted my talks for the Tech14 UK Oracle User Group conference which is in Liverpool this year. I’m not going to give away the topics, but you can imagine they are going to be about data translation and movement and how to get your various databases talking together.

I can also say, after having seen other submissions for talks this year (as I’m helping to judge), that the conference is shaping up to be very interesting. There’s a good spread of different topics this year, but I know from having talked to the organisers that they are looking for more submissions in the areas of Operating Systems, Engineered Systems and Development (mobile and cloud).

If you’ve got a paper, presentation, or idea for one that you think would be useful, …

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Once again, a split in events

Percona Live London 2012 happens December 3-4 2012. Naturally Oracle has decided to back UKOUG in Birmingham with interesting talks as well, happening December 3-5 2012. This is akin to the recent San Francisco/New York split for MySQL Connect & Percona Live NYC 2012.

Lucky for us, Birmingham’s “MySQL day” seems to be December 5 2012, and by estimates, it takes about 1.5 hours for one to attend both events and see 3 days of MySQL related content.

That aside, I’m hoping this doesn’t happen in 2013. Splitting the community is never a good idea.

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Meeting the MySQL Team at UKOUG (ICC Birmingham, December 3-5 | 2012)

If you're planning to attend UKOUG in Birmingham on Dec 3-5, here's your guide to know more about Oracle's MySQL.

There's a MySQL stream on Monday 5th and we've a great list of sessions, including:

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What's coming up?

In my last post, I provided a short review of what I have been working on in the past few months since I joined the Oracle Linux team. Now it's time for a summary of upcoming events! Looking forward, I already have a few more things lined up:

I'll attend and speak at the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 conference in San Francisco in October. I have a joint session with Chris Mason titled Overview: New Features in Oracle Linux 6 where we'll cover the latest developments. I have another joint presentation with my colleague Rob Young from the MySQL product …

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This Wednesday: Free MySQL talks at the UKOUG Conference in Birmingham (UK)

Hello from Birmingham, UK! I'm here to attend and speak at the UKOUG Technology & E-Business Suite 2010 conference (what a name!) We actually have two packed tracks of MySQL Sessions this Wednesday, including a keynote by Richard Mason (Vice President of MySQL Sales and Consulting at Oracle) about Oracle's strategy and plans for MySQL as well as highly technical sessions about MySQL High Availability, Scalability and Performance tuning from experts in the field. Ronald Bradford, Oracle Ace Director and long-time MySQL community advocate will also be there, speaking about …

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Pythian at UKOUG Technology and E-Business Suite Conference 2010

Hello Birmingham!

It’s past Sunday midnight and I’m stuck in my room in the last couple hours finishing my slides for my masterclass tomorrow. Turns out that I’m presenting the very first session of the conference at 9am. I wish there is a keynote instead so that I could grab one more hour of sleep (it’s going to be deep into the night back home in Canada). Strange that the keynote was moved to Wednesday — I hope UKOUG has really good reason for that!

My two hours masterclass will start at the same time as Tom Kyte’s a-la keynote session — what a competition. On the other hand, there is no other sessions in server technology so I expect that folks without interest of database development will automatically end up in my session. I’m in Hall 5 – quite large room. Is it the second biggest room after the Hall 1?

I will need to work hard to keep the audience… maybe I shouldn’t plan for any breaks to make …

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Back from Lisbon, off to Nuremberg

Yesterday afternoon I returned from the SAPO CodeBits 2010 conference, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Just like the previous year, CodeBits has been a great conference to be at and I am grateful for having been selected for participation. Thursday, the first conference day was quite a busy one for me — I gave two presentations in a row:

Afterwards, I also participated in a panel discussion about " …

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Speaking at the UK Oracle User Group conference - Birmingham
Back to the conference circuit after some rest.
On December 1st I will be speaking under my new affiliation at Continuent in the MySQL track at the UKOUG conference. My topic is MySQL - Features for the enterprise and it will basically cover the main features of MySQL 5.5.
This conference is the largest Oracle related event in Europe, and it is organized by users for other users. This year for the first time the conference hosts a MySQL dedicated track.
It is a sort of epidemic. Most of the …
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MySQL streams at upcoming Oracle User Group Conferences in the UK and Germany

November is going to be a busy month for MySQL, conference-wise. There will be two fairly big events, organized by the independent Oracle User Groups in Germany (DOAG) and the UK (UKOUG).

On November 16th-18th, the DOAG Conference & Exhibition 2010 will take place in Nuremberg, Germany. This conference, which has been around for more than 20 years usually attracts a rather large audience -- more than 2000 visitors participated in the 2009 event and were able to listen to more than 300 individual sessions. For the first time, there will be a dedicated stream of presentations related to MySQL, which will be delivered by both Oracle employees as well as members of the MySQL community. You …

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MySQL stream at the UKOUG Technology & E-Business Conference on Dec. 1st in Birmingham (UK)

The UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) is an independent non-profit organisation of users of Oracle products in the UK, which organizes over 80 events per year all across the UK and Ireland. They have more that 15.000 members and were established over 25 years ago. Currently, they are in the final stretch of the preparations for their annual Technology & E-Business Conference, which will take place from November, 29th - December, 1st in Birmingham (UK).

For the first time, the conference will host a dedicated stream of presentations related to MySQL, which is scheduled for Wednesday (Dec. 1st). Targeted at database administrators, developers as well as users new to MySQL, there will be presentations from well-known speakers and participants of the MySQL community as …

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