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In Search of Transparency at FOSDEM

FOSDEM is for sure one of the most respected free and open source software-focused conferences in Europe, which is loved by many, myself included. It is from the point of love I am raising concerns about transparency, which seems to be lacking in regard to some processes at FOSDEM.For many years, as long as I […]

Vitess at FOSDEM 2023

Some of the Vitess maintainers traveled to Brussels, Belgium to attend and speak at pre-FOSDEM MySQL Days and at FOSDEM. pre-FOSDEM MySQL Days # When: Feb 2-3 Who: Deepthi Sigireddi, Harshit Gangal, Shlomi Noach What: VTOrc - How Vitess achieves consensus using MySQL Replication by Deepthi Highlights # There were a lot of questions about how Vitess handles various failure scenarios. We had good conversations with both the MySQL team and MySQL/Vitess community users.

FOSDEM 2023 MySQL & Friends Devroom – schedule

Hello MySQL enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce the schedule for the MySQL & Friends devroom at FOSDEM 2023. This year’s devroom will feature a diverse lineup of talks and presentations focused on MySQL.

The program is still in draft form as we await confirmation of accepted speakers.

We encourage you to mark your calendars and join us for what promises to be an engaging and informative event.

In addition, don’t miss the chance to extend your stay in Belgium and participate to the preFOSDEM MySQL Days that will take place on 2nd and 3rd February 2023. Registration here.

Sunday, Feb 5th

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FOSDEM 2023 MySQL Devroom – extra info

Hi all,

As you know the CfP for the devroom has been open and you may have noticed that we have only half a day that we also need to share.

Therefore, we will have only 4 sessions and they should look like this:

We didn’t decide yet which of the two colors will be for which project.

Due to the very low number of sessions, we will not attempt to compose a selection committee.

Managing a committee to find the candidates, collect their decisions, communicate and especially ask for votes (and yes often these are very busy people) is a time consuming process.

For the committee, reviewing the proposed sessions is a lengthy procedure and agreeing on 16 sessions is already very complicated so only for 4… …

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pre-FOSDEM MySQL Days 2023

Hello dear MySQL Community !

As you may already know FOSDEM 2023 is again going to be held in-person. FOSDEM will take place February 4th and 5th 2023.

We have also decided to put our pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day on track for a fifth edition.

As for the last edition, the event will be spread over 2 days.

These 2 extra days related to the world’s most popular open source database will take place just before FOSDEM, the 2nd and 3rd February at the usual location in Brussels.

Please don’t forget to register as soon as possible as you may already know, the seats are limited !

Register on eventbrite:

And, please don’t forget, that if you have register for the event and you cannot make it, please free back your ticket …

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FOSDEM 2022 MySQL devroom schedule updated !


Due to a complete misunderstanding about the available slots, FOSDEM’s organization had to remove 2 talks from the previous planned agenda.

However, we didn’t want to announce to previously accepted speakers that their talks were cancelled ! Therefore, we decided, with FOSDEM’s approval, to extend the FOSDEM 2022 MySQL Devroom, opening our room on Saturday afternoon.

Two talks were then moved to Saturday and the two backup talks were immediately added to the schedule !

More work for us and our speakers but more pleasure for all the MySQL fans !

Don’t miss FOSDEM MySQL Devroom’s 2022 edition, free online conference.

Here is the new updated schedule (the official one …

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FOSDEM 2022 MySQL devroom schedule

The schedule of the MySQL Devroom 2022 is now published: here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a talk. As usual we received more submissions than available slots.

Title Speaker Start
Encrypting binary (and relay) logs in MySQL Matthias C 9:00
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FOSDEM 2022 – MySQL DevRoom Call for Papers

We received today the notification for FOSDEM’s organization that the MySQL DevRoom is accepted for the 2022’s edition !

The MySQL DevRoom will take place on February 6th, 2022. It’s a Sunday. Like previous edition, FOSDEM will be an online event.

Due to the very short deadlines, this year an external committee cannot be created to validate, sort and vote for the proposed talks.

We will propose the best agenda respecting the ideas and precepts that have made our MySQL DevRoom one of the most popular room of FOSDEM for so many years.

The MySQL Developer room focuses on MySQL and its Ecosystem.

The call for papers for the MySQL DevRoom is now officially open !

Same rules as last year:

  • For obvious reasons, this year the event will not take place …
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Hi all, just some words to let you know that FOSDEM’22 will take place February 5th and 6th. Like last year, this 2022 edition will be an online edition.

As MySQL, we have submitted our candidature for a devroom/track. We are waiting for the approval list.

As soon as we know FOSDEM’s decision, the eventual Call-For-Papers will be opened.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, enjoy MySQL !

FOSDEM 2021 MySQL Devroom Schedule

The FOSDEM 2021 MySQL Devroom Schedule is now online.

Thank you again to all who submitted a talk and thank you the to Committee for having build such agenda.

It seems that once again, MySQL Operations and Architecture are very popular.

As you probably know already, this event will be totally online this year.

I would like to thanks the people who were able to jump after some cancellations… virtual events are not the most popular for speakers.

The MySQL Devroom will take place Sunday February 7th form 10AM to 6PM CEST.

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