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OSCON moves to San Jose - or - I will miss Portland

I have had the privilege to go to the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 4 of the past 5 years.  During that time, it has been held in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  Well, the OSCON 2009 web site is up and they are moving it to San Jose, CA.  I have never been to the San Jose Convention Center.  The pictures look nice.  I have only been to San Jose at all to get off a plane and go to the Santa Clara Convention Center.  I hope San Jose has more to offer than Santa …

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A video of online backup

Robin just wrote a new article, titled A Quick Look at MySQL 6.0’s New Backup, and I thought, that maybe you’d like to also see this in presentation/video format…

At OSCON, Giuseppe actually gave a quick talk at the Sun booth, about our online backup. He also showed how to use it. All examples there, were done with the test-db sample database.

(MySQL Online Backup in Practice, video if the above doesn’t appear)

OSCon 2008 Video Matrix

As part of a project of Technocation, Inc I took a whole bunch of videos at OSCon 2008. The conference was about a month ago, and about 2 weeks ago I’d finished processing and uploading all the videos, but it was only today where I had the 5-6 hours I needed to finish posting all the video, and making this matrix of video.

The video may not be the quality that the O’Reilly folks took and put up on blip tv’s OSCon site, but all the videos here are freely downloadable or playable in your browser.


Open Source: What You Own

My parents instilled upon me many values that I keep with me today. My twin brother and I are the youngest of four children, coming from a lower-middle class background. We children had the inevitable fights over material possessions, screeching “Mine! Mine!”

My father’s response to this was to look at us and say “These toys are mine; I bought those toys with money I worked for. What’s yours is what you make with your bodies.” While the sentiment is arguably harsh, crude and bordering on vulgar, I cannot argue that he had a certain point.

If you do not truly own something, you will be left squabbling like a child when your perceived ownership is threatened. When you assumed you owned something and the truth comes to light, you will be massively insecure and have a sense of injustice.

A few points from OSCon are haunting me and getting me …

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Monty speaks about Maria

Michael Widenius, commonly referred to as Monty, gave a very interesting talk on Maria at OSCON 2008. He not only had a talk in the main session, that was well attended, titled Architecture of Maria, the New Transactional Storage Engine for MySQL (slides are available in ODP there), he also gave one at the Sun booth, where we were running our own little “unconference”.

For those reading this in a feed reader, there’s a 23 minute video of Monty telling us more about Maria, a bit about its motivations, architecture, and where the team is at now. If you’re interested in grabbing the code, check out the …

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OSCON in pictures

There was a huge Sun booth at OSCON 2008. During opening hours, there were always sessions at the booth, with well known open source presenters.

After hours, you had the choice between socializing on your own or go to the organized events or go to the BoFs, like this one, where Monty presented what he called "community services" in the shape of black vodka mixed to mint candies.

The event was, of course, the Sun Party, where many strange things happened.

Jay challenged Ronald to a sumo wrestling match, only to …

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On the death of a monopolist

So it seems MySQL got on the radar of the monopolist, but the quotes that came from that event are more interesting .

Over at Oscon2008 Oscon people started realizing that the old monopolist definitely isn't the one to be afraid of.. there's new ones out there..

I already got quoted in a local magazine on the fact that new startups are more looking to Google than to redmond, but it also seems that Apple is the new kid in town to envy.

However, when looking at the Linux desktop I think we shouldn't be trying to imitate anybody .. we should be trying to head the pack, just as we have already done with Vitualization and other technologies.

Julian Cash at OSCON 2008

Julian Cash is well known, among other things, for being the photographer of the open source communities, as you can see from his photo stream, or this picture of his newest book.

For more books, you can look at The human creativity project.
At OSCON 2008, participants could attach one or more ribbons to their badge, to state their affiliation with a project or an idea. When the sought ribbon was not available, there were blank ones that users could fill with their favorite topics.
As you can see here, I made free use of the ribbons. Julian Cash, instead, stated his affiliation with Perl quite strongly.

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Does open source need to be ?organic??

Sparse notes from the talk, I noticed Sheeri recording some video, so sitting through that at some stage might make sense. There were no slides, this was a panel discussion. Suggested reading: Organic vs. Non-organic Open Source.

Does Open Source need to be “Organic”?
Brian Aker, Rob Lanphier, Stephen O’Grady, Theodore Ts’o

Taking code, and slapping a certain license on it, doesn’t a successful software project make.

Blurring the distinction, by marketing. Not doing any work to get external contributions.

Open sourcing a product one plans on “genociding”, its really bad.

“Corporate sociopathic Druckerism” — Brian Aker

“As long as the source code is …

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OSCON 2008 - MySQL Proxy - from architecture to implementation

The presentation about MySQL Proxy at OSCON 2008 is over.

Here are the slides.

Thanks to my co-presenter Ronald Bradford and to all the participants. If you have more questions about the session, please use this blog's comments.

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