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OSCon 2008 Video Matrix

As part of a project of Technocation, Inc I took a whole bunch of videos at OSCon 2008. The conference was about a month ago, and about 2 weeks ago I’d finished processing and uploading all the videos, but it was only today where I had the 5-6 hours I needed to finish posting all the video, and making this matrix of video.

The video may not be the quality that the O’Reilly folks took and put up on blip tv’s OSCon site, but all the videos here are freely downloadable or playable in your browser.


MySQL involvement in OSCON opening keynote

Before I get to post my OSCON reflection I see I didn’t post this (which I reference).

At OSCON opening keynotes Tim O’Reilly Interviews Monty Widenius & Brian Aker. This provided some interesting answers in a Q & A session. Here is some of the discussion.

TO: So 6 months in. How is it with Sun?
BA: Really rewarding environment. My first question was? You are going to send me free H/W. No H/W has been delivered yet, or access to the masses, still hoping. Sun is a very engineering driven company.
MW. Thanks God we didn’t go public. Starting to do closed sourced components, going public this would have continued.

TO: Sun saved MySQL from public market/ insulated from market.
MW: 6 months in, Sun still trying to figure out what they bought. Sun has made a commitment to open source throughout the …

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MySQL Proxy lua scripts from presentation

The following Lua scripts are the examples are from my MySQL Proxy @ OSCON 08 presentation.


MySQL Proxy Analyze Query.

Requires MySQL Proxy Logging Module.

What is released is the Version for MySQL 5.0. A generic version for all MySQL versions is not yet released.


This script is part of the standard MySQL Proxy examples.

Other Scripts

Additional Lua scripts from MySQL forge are available here.

MySQL Proxy @ OSCON 08

Today I presented with Giuseppe Maxia of Sun Microsystems Inc at OSCON 08 on “MySQL Proxy: From Architecture to Implementation”. I was surprised to find that MySQL has a strong showing with a number of presentations this week.

Our talk covered the basics of MySQL Proxy, what’s coming in future features, and a number of examples of how I have used Proxy in consulting engagements to improve the information retrieval particularly for identifying performance problems.

Download Presentations Slides

The fast paced open source ecosystem

This morning at OSCON 08, Tim O’Reilly’s opening keynote Open Source on the O’Reilly Radar included a slide on Drizzle, giving this new project maximum exposure to the Open Source community.

Drizzle was only officially announced yesterday in Drizzle, Clouds, “What If?” by primary architect Brian Aker. Things move fast. There has been a number of comments from people yesterday including Mark Attwood, Monty Widenus,Monty Taylor, …

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An East Coast option

Within the present MySQL ecosystem, there are limited options for dedicated MySQL Consulting in the US. Outside of the official Sun/MySQL Consulting, Percona and Proven Scaling both based in Silicon valley are the only options generally known and accepted by the MySQL Community.

There is now an east coast option based in New York, and that is Ronald Bradford. Providing expert MySQL Consulting in Architecture, Performance, Scalability, Migration and Knowledge Transfer.

With two decades working in the IT industry, Ronald is well qualified in MySQL having previously provided consulting services for MySQL Inc combining 9 years experience with the product. His consulting experience is not limited to MySQL, having …

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Speaking at OSCON

I’ve been accepted to speak at the upcoming 2008 OSCON Conference in Portland Oregon July 21-25 2008, where I’ll be speaking with Giuseppe Maxia on MySQL Proxy. I haven’t seen a schedule yet, so I’m interested if there are any other presenters on MySQL topics!

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