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Webinar Thursday, March 22, 2018: Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 with ProxySQL for Your MySQL High Availability and Clustering Needs

Please join Percona’s Ramesh Sivaraman (QA Engineer) and Krunal Bauskar (Software Engineer, Percona XtraDB Cluster Lead) as they present Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 with ProxySQL for Your MySQL High Availability and Clustering Needs on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 8:30 am PDT (UTC-7) / 11:30 am EDT (UTC-4).

Percona has developed Percona XtraDB Cluster (based on Galera Cluster) and integrated it with ProxySQL to address MySQL high availability and …

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MaxScale 0.7.0 Overview and Highlights

MaxScale 0.7.0 was recently released (it is the 4th alpha, with the beta on the near horizon), and is available for download here.

The release contains a number of new enhancements as well as 8 bugs fixes.


  1. Galera Support: Enhanced support for Galera cluster to allow Galera to be used as a High Available Cluster with no write contention between the nodes. MaxScale will control access to a Galera Cluster such that one node is designated as the master node to which all write operations will be sent. Read operations will be sent to any of the remaining nodes that are part of the cluster. Should the currently elected master node fail MaxScale will automatically promote one of the remaining nodes to become the new master node.
  2. Multiple Slave Connections: The Read/Write …
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MaxScale 0.6.0 Overview and Highlights

MaxScale 0.6.0 was recently released (it is the 3rd alpha, with the beta on the near horizon), and is available for download here.

The particular release only contains 2 great additions and 2 important fixes (and note development continues with the 1.0 (GA) features, but these have not been put into this alpha version).

Important Additions:

  1. A feature-complete read/write splitting module, i.e. read and write operations are now balanced in a smarter way to master or slave servers.
  2. New client-based features, such as a version string that provides compatibility with the major connectors, the ability to connect through the root user and the use of the Unix socket when MaxScale is co-located with a client application on the same server.

Important Bug Fixes:

  1. The new parameter …
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Third party solutions for master-master replication in MySQL

Two of the more popular solutions are  MySQL Master HA and Percona Replication Manager.

MySQL Master HA

MHA is based on a set of Perl scripts that monitors for replication and server health. When a failover scenario will happen, it can do automatic failover to a slave OR from a selection of slaves you have configured to make as the new master. The good thing about this is, after the initial failover, there will be no succeeding attempts to fail back, this is to protect your data and consistency of the cluster. You can also configure to only have manual failover for scheduled maintenance and the like. Between PRM and MHA, MHA is really easier to manage.

Percona Replication Manager

PRM is based on …

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DNSaaS application MySQL HA solution with Percona XtraDB Cluster (Galera)

I haven't written in a while. Some of the reason is that life has been incredibly busy with two young children. The other reason is that I've been busy at work with my team developing HP Cloud DNS, a service that runs in the cloud, as do the various other applications within the Platform as a Service group that I am part of. After a period of rapid development and deployment, Cloud DNS recently went into private beta . The ability to build an cloud application such as this was primarily that I have a great team (Kiall Mac Innes, Simon McCartney and a great product manger Josh Barry) as well as having chosen the right tools and software solutions. For the deployment side of things, Chef, despite frustrations that I have had before getting my mind around it, was a solution that I knew would make it so we could deploy anywhere, as well as being what HPCS uses for their deployments for …

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MySQL®-Vorträge ab morgen bei der DOAG 2012 Konferenz + Ausstellung

Codership, SkySQL und weitere Top-Experten rund um das Thema ‘MySQL Datenbanken” in Nürnberg versammelt

Unser Kollege Ralf Gebhardt ist dieses Jahr mit einem Vortrag zum Thema ‘Hochverfügbarkeitslösungen für die MySQL Datenbank’ auf der DOAG Konferenz zu hören und zu sehen. Weitere Interessante Themen sind z.B. ein Vortrag von Coderships Seppo Jaakola zu ‘Galera Cluster - synchronous multi-master replication for MySQL’.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch beim MySQL-Stream der DOAG 2012 Konferenz!

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MySQL cloud database deployments via online configurator - free AWS trial

SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite now comes with 4 nodes system on AWS Plus: AWS tips & tricks, updated administration console, new video tour & more

As with all new open source software products, updates are a continuous process and we’ve been busy since the launch of the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suitelast September! Here is a snapshot of the latest developments with our Cloud Data Suite, a collection of software components that provides a highly available database solution in a cloud environment, based on MySQL & MariaDB, deployable in the Amazon Cloud, i.e. AWS.

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MySQL HA reloaded by Ivan Zoratti

MySQL HA reloaded – old tricks and cool new tools to guarantee high availability to your MySQL Servers by Ivan Zoratti of SkySQL. This talk is a little longer, so check out: HA Reloaded – many ways to provide High Availability. The slides are already online.

Questions to ask: which level of high availability do I need? Do I require no loss of data? Do I need failover or is switchover enough? Can I provide a reasonable service when a component is down? Remember, five nine’s high availability also means a lot of infrastructure costs.

Other things to clarify: availability vs scalability. HA costs. HA for your entire architecture, not just for your database servers. Review your SLAs.

The best high availability solution …

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HA Reloaded – Many ways to provide High Availability

High Availability is one of the hottest topics for MySQL DBAs. As a matter of fact, when we (SkySQL) are called by users and customers, the top two questions for our PS team are:

  1. How can I make my MySQL database scalable?
  2. How can I make my MySQL database highly available

Since MySQL is the most used online database, these two questions are totally appropriate. Although the two concepts walk together, they should not be confused.

We refer to scalability when we define that a system must sustain a specific workload, measured in different ways – response time, latency, transactions or operations per second to name few, or a combination of them. So, we define the level of scalability we want to achieve and we design a system that can scale to that level.

We refer to high availability when we define that a system must be available, within …

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Multi-master and read slaves using Severalnines

This blog post shows how you can use the Severalnines Configurator for MySQL Replication to deploy a Multi-master replication setup, and install ClusterControl.
You can also watch videos showing what is described below or read an even more detailed tutorial.

When the deployment is finished you have a set of tools to manage and monitor replication, as well as to add new slaves, and to perform failover.
You can choose:

  • The number of slaves you wish to connect to the …
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