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Setting up Multi-master and read slaves using Severalnines

Read the detailed replication tutorial instead.

This tutorial shows how you can use the Severalnines Configurator for MySQL Replication to deploy a Multi-master replication setup, and install ClusterControl.

When the deployment is finished you have a set of tools to manage and monitor replication, as well as to add new slaves, and to perform failover.
You can choose:

  • if you wish also setup bi-directional replication between the masters
  • the number of …
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3-Steps to Deploying Mission Critical Web & Telecoms Services

There are multiple architectures that can be used to achieve highly available database services, each differentiated by the levels of uptime they offer.  These architectures can be grouped into three main categories:
- Data Replication
- Clustered & Virtualized Systems
- Shared-Nothing, Geographically-Replicated Clusters

As illustrated in the figure below, each of these architectures offers progressively higher levels of uptime, which must be balanced against potentially greater levels of cost and complexity each incurs. 

Simply deploying a high availability architecture is not a guarantee of actually delivering HA.  In fact, a poorly implemented and maintained shared-nothing cluster could easily deliver lower levels of availability than a simple data replication solution.


To reduce risk and accelerate the evaluation process, …

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High Availability & Clustering at MySQL Sunday

UPDATE: New room assignments for the MySQL Cluster and Replication Enhancements sessions

With the MySQL Sunday event at Oracle Open World rapidly approaching, and registrations to the event 10x higher than originally forecast, I thought it would be a good time to highlight sessions that are specifically addressing MySQL high availability, including MySQL Cluster .

You can see details and logistics of all of the sessions here

MySQL Cluster
Andrew Morgan and I will be presenting the latest enhancements in the world of …

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Linux Open Administration Days 2010

So about 4 monts ago there was the crazy idea to start a new FOSS event in Belgium targeted at sysadmins.

What started out as an event for local people to meet local people with some local speakers actually ended up being a small local event with some top international speakers on onfiguration mananagement and system administration mixed with a bunch of good local ones !

I had the honour to open the conference with an extremely short version of the Devops talk I gave earlier last year.. extremely short as I knew that over the course of the weekend the topic would reoccur a lot.

We had the first european talk on Chef, by Joshua Timberman, and we had Puppet talks amongst by Dan Bode from Puppetlabs and CFengine talks , devops was a frequently dropped word,

We had a book raffle where …

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HA MySQL, write scaling using Cluster to non-cluster replication

There are various setups and solutions to solve the problem of having redundant mysql masters and scaling writes on them. MySQL Cluster can be an alternative. Here is why and how:

  • No need to worry about DRBD failover and recovery times
  • No need to worry about potential data loss when failover from active master to standby master (has all binlog really been replicated over from the failed master?)
  • Writes go to any mysql server connected to the Cluster - thus writes are easy to scale
    The data nodes will then send the committed writes to every mysql server with --log-bin enabled.
  • MySQL Cluster can handle a lot of writes (but the slaves can become the bottleneck)
  • Data nodes can be added online (MySQL Cluster 7.0) - …
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MySQL HA – Let’s take a look at Sequoia

MySQL HA: 1. Desirable – most of the time, 2. Needed – often enough, 3. Available – there are some good options out there. Typical solutions consist of: Heartbeat with DRBD on Linux. Although HB was introduced to Linux, it can be used on Solaris, FreeBSD and others without the DRBD but with other solutions. Sun Cluster, Veritas (commercial), MySQL Proxy (still in [...]

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