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Sequoia backs MongoDB with $6.5M investment

Some exciting news coming from 10Gen, the company behind MongoDB. It announced today that Seqouia is investing $6.5M in it's high performance, document-oriented (BSON), key-value based NoSQL solution that supports automatic sharding and dynamic queries. Foursquare, Disqus, Etsy, Sourceforge, eVite, EventBrite and New York Times are all users of 10Gen. The features this young NoSQL …

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MySQL HA – Let’s take a look at Sequoia

MySQL HA: 1. Desirable – most of the time, 2. Needed – often enough, 3. Available – there are some good options out there. Typical solutions consist of: Heartbeat with DRBD on Linux. Although HB was introduced to Linux, it can be used on Solaris, FreeBSD and others without the DRBD but with other solutions. Sun Cluster, Veritas (commercial), MySQL Proxy (still in [...]

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