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Using Magento 2’s MySQL queue for order post-processing

I’ve been away from writing blog posts — the last one was more than two years ago. I decided to write one on this topic, however; I found out that implementing a queue was harder than it should be (in my opinion). Although Magento’s shenanigans don’t really surprise me anymore, the complexity of getting a simple queue up and running caught me (and my estimate) by surprise. There’s a few other blog posts on this topic already, but I found they don’t quite get into the nitty gritty that you potentially can get stuck on.

You might be the first person to mention simple and async in one sentence.

— Fooman (@foomanNZ) July 8, 2019

That said, today I’m going to write about how to create a queue that does additional order processing using Magento 2 and MySQL only — without RabbitMQ.

Why …

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Building a realtime Feed with RabbitMQ Node.js AMQP and mySQL

Being a backend programmer, I rarely code in JavaScript. Today I code a lot of cross browser JavaScript with the fantastic lib jquery and its various extensions. Front end programming is hard to get correct since IE sucks but that's another Blog post that is out of scope. I certainly have more of an appreciation for the people that focus in this area. I can finally say I am really well rounded in doing CSS, JavaScript, Server tuning, DBA, PHP, C etc since I work the entire stack. Now for the setup and disclaimer. This post is not meant to provide a How-To but to explain the approach. If you would like a How To let me know on what.

With Node.js the gap between the discipline of Front-End programming and Backend Programming is narrowing. To code in Node you need to know JavaScript. Node is great at handing off data and pumping data to the requester in an event based model that is fantastically fast and small. I love node, …

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CAOS Theory Podcast 2010.04.16

Topics for this podcast:

*The latest in VC funding for open source
*VMware’s SpringSource buys cloud messenger Rabbit
*Open source monitoring vendors’ key cloud partnershps
*Oracle moves ahead, back on MySQL, OpenSolaris

iTunes or direct download (25:38, 7MB)

451 CAOS Links 2010.03.05

Elliot offers $2bn for Novell. OSI refutes IIPA’s view on open source. And more.

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# Novell confirmed a $2bn purchase offer from Elliot Associates. Interesting perspectives on Elliot’s offer for Novell from Linuxquestions, Andy Updegrove, and Matt Asay.

# The OSI categorically rejected the …

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451 CAOS Links 2009.09.29

Winning and losing with open source. Paranoid Android. And more.

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Winning and losing
Matt Asay stirred things up with his declaration that free software has lost and open source has won. Responding to Matt Asay, Glyn Moody argued that without free software, open source would lose its meaning, while Mark Stone explained that free versus open source is not black and white - it’s more complex than that.

Matt Asay later declared open source …

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451 CAOS Links 2009.03.17

Cloudera debuts Hadoop support with $5m in funding. The financial value of open source. More patent problems for Red Hat. Government open source projects on both sides of the pond. Symbian’s release plan. And more.

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Cloudera makes it official
We previously reported the launch of Cloudera a new vendor set up to provide support for Apache Hadoop and related projects back in October. The company made its official debut in not-so polite open source society with the launch of its distribution for Hadoop and …

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451 CAOS Links - 2008.10.28

Actuate and Black Duck report on third quarter performance. Red Hat welcomes Microsoft to AMQP. Canonial launches Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition. How to pronounce my surname. And more.

Press releases
Actuate Reports Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results

Black Duck Software Continues Phenomenal Growth in Q3 Black Duck

Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition enables mobile, flexible computing for a changing digital world Canonical

Microsoft Joins Working Group for Open Standards Messaging Software Microsoft

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