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Using Magento 2’s MySQL queue for order post-processing

I’ve been away from writing blog posts — the last one was more than two years ago. I decided to write one on this topic, however; I found out that implementing a queue was harder than it should be (in my opinion). Although Magento’s shenanigans don’t really surprise me anymore, the complexity of getting a simple queue up and running caught me (and my estimate) by surprise. There’s a few other blog posts on this topic already, but I found they don’t quite get into the nitty gritty that you potentially can get stuck on.

You might be the first person to mention simple and async in one sentence.

— Fooman (@foomanNZ) July 8, 2019

That said, today I’m going to write about how to create a queue that does additional order processing using Magento 2 and MySQL only — without RabbitMQ.

Why …

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