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New MySQL Online Training

Oracle University recently unveiled a new online training offering – the MySQL Learning Subscription.  The combination of freely-accessible and compelling paid content makes this an exciting development to me, and should prove valuable to the community and customer base alike.  This post will briefly explore this new MySQL educational resource.


The subscription content is organized into topical “channels”.  Current top-level channels are:

  • Getting Started
  • Development
  • Administration
  • Security

These channels have sub-channels as well – for example, the Getting Started channel includes Getting Started With MySQL New Features and MySQL For Beginners, …

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Saving $1,100 Simply by Clicking Faster – Collaborate 13 IOUG Forum Discounts exp. 3/6/2013

Take 50% Off COLLABORATE 13 Now Through Wednesday But you’ve got to act fast! If you’re not already one of the many joining the IOUG at COLLABORATE 13 – IOUG Forum, sign up today for your chance at attending for … Continue reading →

IOUG Podcast 18-APR-2012 MySQL Confs / MySQL 5.6 Released / Real World Perf Tour

For the week of April 18th, 2012: Oracle Announces It’s First Sponsored MySQL Conference A New Development Milestone Release of MySQL 5.6 is now available IOUG’s Real World Performance Tour Returns to California this Month IOUG’s Plug-In to Vegas! adds … Continue reading →

Can’t Travel to Collaborate 12? Plug-in Virtually Instead! (revised schedule)

  Plug-in to Vegas The program focuses on key topics such as high availability, virtualization, security, business intelligence, Exadata, Cloud Computing and internals.  Recently added, we switched around the schedule to include the Thursday Deep Dive, Avoiding Downtime through the Maximum … Continue reading →

Ninja tricks in top!

One of our senior MySQL DBAs, Mike Hamrick, wasn’t feeling well this week and so stayed home from the office.  Instead of actually resting, produced this video about reading top output!  I leave it to you all to watch and learn from our local tool tip pro.

And, feel better Mike!

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  1. Introducing the Bluegecko MySQL Training AMI
  2. OurSQL Episode 32: Backup tools you already have [Backup series #2]
  3. Ignite MySQL at the MySQL Conference and Expo
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Report from Oracle Openworld

Openworld 2010, despite the supposedly lagging economy, had record attendance again this year.  No doubt this was the result of Oracle acquiring something like fourteen companies since last year, including Sun in 2009.  The crowds were thick, divided about evenly between geeks in badly-fitting vendor t-shirts and slick sales-side hustlers with dress pants and shiny shoes.  I landed somewhere in the middle of the two (badly-fitting dress shirt, comfortable jeans and loafers), proudly sporting a long dangling codpiece of ribbons from my attendee badge:

My OOW2010 Codpiece

Oracle made a number of important announcements this year at OpenWorld, including a the Exalogic machine, and support for Amazon EC2, which I blogged about …

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Learnings from the Philippines

Learned a few things during my trip to the Philippines this time. Another country that amazes me. For the first time in history, Philippines attracted more foreign direct investments (FDI) than Malaysia, in 2010 (see: Malaysia’s FDI plunge).


There are a lot of people here using prepaid phones as opposed to postpaid phones. This is because the requirements of getting a postpaid account is quite tough (you need bank documents, etc. before they give you an account).

Many people carry more than one phone (or have more than one SIM). Smartphones face an uphill battle – they cost too much and there is generally no operator subsidy because everyone prefers prepaid accounts. It makes economic sense to have more than one SIM, as you’ll end up saving money (operators like to offer free text, calls, …

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Four short links: 16 September 2010
  1. jsTerm -- ANSI-capable telnet terminal built in HTML5 with Javascript, Websocket, and Node.js. (via waxpancake on Twitter)
  2. MySQL EXPLAINer -- visualize the output of the MySQL EXPLAIN command. (via eonarts on Twitter)
  3. Google Code University -- updated with new classes, including C++ and Android app development.
  4. Cloudtop Applications (Anil Dash) -- Anil calling "trend" on multiplatform native apps with cloud storage. Another layer in the Web 2.0 story Tim's …
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Introducing the Bluegecko MySQL Training AMI

I created the Bluegecko MySQL training AMI as a MySQL sandbox that folks could use to learn things about MySQL. I wanted the AMI to have MySQL 5.0, and a large collection of tools — for both tinkering and visualizing what is happening inside MySQL and on the system in general.

I chose to host the AMI on a small instance since they’re cheap to operate, which means you can fire up 3-4 of them to try out a replication scheme without feeling guilty. It runs CentOS 5.4 and MySQL 5.0.77 from the CentOS repository.

One of the goals I had for the training AMI was for it to be easy to visually inspect what is going on inside of MySQL and the system at large. To that end I’ve installed Cacti, a graphing and visualization tool, and equipped it with templates that allow you to visualize …

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MySQL University: InnoDB File Formats and Source Code Structure

This Thursday (October 1st, 14:00 UTC), Calvin Sun will give a session on InnoDB Internals: InnoDB File Formats and Source Code Structure. The InnoDB storage engine provides transactions, row-level locking, and automatic crash recovery. Its on-disk files play a pivotal role for those key features. This presentation describes how on-disk files are structured, how compressed tables are organized, and how long variable-length columns are stored. As we develop new features, it is inevitable for file format changes. We will explain how the new file format management works in the InnoDB Plugin.This talk also covers InnoDB source code structure.

For MySQL University sessions, point your browser …

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